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  1. I find myself running 1-2 Hunters at all times. With Veil Armor, Bone Barb bows. I also went for 'Put them down' ability. They become almost what they were before the nerf, slightly less damage overall. (Follow-up)
  2. I managed to get the Might of the Walrus Event, and sent my Hero to go get the old man. The Old man comes back right, tells me this. Then it also says 'Died at 51' So is he supposed to die when he comes to you? I wouldn't expect him to just die there. So he's added to my Retinue. However, he is just labeled as Deceased. It says he has Heart Disease. I was just curious if this is intentional.
  3. My second run through MASSIVE CHALICE gave me an odd % of infertile people at start. Over half of my unit's were Infertile, and more often then naught, they had the better traits and personalities. From what i see, Infertile are not a bad thing to have. More insentive to 'Sacrefice' them in battle, make them a Sagewright. (1 Intuition is better then none). But i had to keep shelling out 5 years at a time to recruit new hero's just to keep my run stable. (didnt make it past 100 years that run).
  4. A Random Event after aquireing the Timefist Caber weapon. 'An Unusual Caberjack Brawl' or 'Two Caberjacks, One Collision' or 'Timefist Collision' 1. Two Caberjacks get drunk and go into a duel, however, the cabers collide and they dissapear for a long amount of time. when they come back they would have status's like 'Time-Sickness' , 'Timefisted' 'Saw Things' & 'Cadance Attuned' (Maybe increased effect with Cadence weapons or more damage on twitchers) EDIT: Also add in that if a hero gets teleported to the past, it can give a trait to most people in the bloodline. or somthing. Cool if past could change the future.
  5. I've been following the teamstream's, and i found out about the release date, and it is sooner then i thought. I was wondering if you could donate more, to possibly get into the next tier. Say, i paid the Slacker Backer Tier of $20, but if i donated more, would i be able to get myself into the early release date time? If not, i will be looking forward to the game, it looks really good.
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