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  1. Sorry if this is old news, but I just found this and thought it was pretty awesome. http://thomaszenteno.blogspot.com.au/2012/04/psychonauts-tribute.html An artist named Thomas Zenteno has designed more levels for Psychonauts, and they look absolutely amazing.
  2. Oh god, as if Milla's Children wasn't depressing enough already, poor Milla :c Annddd, it's not surprising that there's clips of Milla and Sasha making out, it's pretty obvious they like eachother, shippers will go crazy after hearing this, though.
  3. I love this thread, now that the game is out it's like "Haha, jokes on you, OP, the game is f***ing awesome."
  4. There's already a thread for ths in the Psychonauts board. It's not a hoax, but it's not an announcement either, it was just an offer from Notch, he and Tim are meeting up at the GDC to talk about it apparently.
  5. Mebeh you shuold wait then and get your Saxaphone(thxmilkman), you can get alot more use out of a sax than a Psycho-portal.
  6. If you buy the supplies you can't afford a saxophone? What are you making it out of, gold? ; I made one out of cardboard, it was pretty much free, if you wanna make it out of wood you could just use plywood and some cheap hinges or something, it shouldn't cost you more than $25, if you get the right stuff it'll be way cheaper than that, too.
  7. This.. looks... AWSOME!!! Omigawd, I'm so excited It looks great. Who's hoping for Coach Oleander to make a cameo? It's totally his kind of thing.
  8. Awww, it looks cute, alot of the scenery reminds me alot of Psychonauts. I might get this for my nephew, he can play it on my Xbox, even though he's only here at Christmas. I'm tempted to get it for myself, honestly.
  9. A sequel, maybe, HINT HINT, NUDGE NUDGE. Butsrsly I doubt they'll release any Psychonauts stuff for a while, I think they're too busy working on their new games, but I would love to buy those cards.
  10. I probably won't buy this but I know tons of kids who will love it, good to see DoubleFine is broadening their horizons.. again.
  11. Meat Circus was my favorite level, and it wasn't hard at all, maybe it was hard BACK THEN because it was new, I 'unno.
  12. Double Fine Presents: Stacking, or Tim Schafer Presents: Stacking. I LIKE PRESENTS.
  13. Siaarn


    Ez, you do not know the true meaning of video games.
  14. Name ONE! Katamari Damacy, that's a weird as shit name. ..don'tkillme
  15. I like the name, simple names are in this decade. "Wii", anyone?
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