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  1. I'm about 6 hours into Headlander and am really enjoying it. The head shield is really sweet. And that you can be a dog.
  2. Thanks chaps. I'll give it a go with ZeroBrane and see how I get on
  3. Hi, Does anyone know how to use an IDE (like Zerobrane or LDT) to modify/inspect the SB source code ? I've started messing about with the SB code as I've a few ideas I want to try. However investigating the code via print statements to moai_log_Space.txt seems onerous. I'd especially love a way to inspect variables (particularly tables). The best way to do this would be through an IDE, or failing that, via a background console where I could dump the values and see them in real time. Any help/advice would be appreciated (either through the forum or via PM) Thanks
  4. My guess would be one of the Amnesia Fortnight prototypes (Steed, Autonomous, Dear Leader ...) I'd love to see a Psychonauts 2 or Full Throttle remastered. Or some levels for Brutal Legend (whispers:: or some extra content for SBDF-9 would be excellent too )
  5. Perhaps some nicknames could be based on some attributes / history of the character : e.g. => "Bull" - Caberjack who has over killed n cadence => "RimShot" - Caberjack who has performed > n glancing blows => "NoShow" - Hunter who spends > n time invisible => "FlubberFlinger" - Alchemist who misses the target > n times etc
  6. Yes - you can see it's size on the pre-battle scene with the heroes standing around the rim. The scene i think needs improvement is the other one, the side on view, with the small channel of water coming towards the camera. If there was a destrier/war horse drinking from the channel or someone with their hand on the chalice looking up, it would be obvious how big it is and add to the awesomeness Just a thought
  7. I love how the game is coming on, but I've one small point. The view of the big Chalice in the keep does not make it look big. You could be looking at a normal size chalice close up. Could you add something (like someone leaning against it) to the scene to give a sense of scale ?
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