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  1. When You Die

    it would be better to be able to differentiate from the actual players imho.
  2. One more AF prototype, wow. Best AF ever! All the best to your team ?
  3. Day 8 Update

    Looking good! ?
  4. Kiln (Derek Brand)

    I secretly hope it has a slight relation to Massive Chalice lore. ?
  5. Untapped Potential Mechanics in Kiln

    Interesting view.
  6. The only survivor of my votes, I am glad your pitch won. All the best to your team Asif. ☺
  7. WOW! This game is so much goofy fun!

    Finished this game with my family member, it was absolutely fun. Replayed a bit just to get more achievements, but it was great.
  8. Full Throttle Remastered Wish List Features

    Oh, I rewatch the play throughs, none of the headlights are on. How on earth are they driving.. Please implement headlights on those vehicles
  9. Full Throttle Remastered Wish List Features

    Maybe Mark Hamill on some commentaries
  10. Funded!

  11. Broken Age artbook

    Yeay artbooks!