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  1. it would be better to be able to differentiate from the actual players imho.
  2. One more AF prototype, wow. Best AF ever! All the best to your team ?
  3. I secretly hope it has a slight relation to Massive Chalice lore. ?
  4. The only survivor of my votes, I am glad your pitch won. All the best to your team Asif. ☺
  5. Finished this game with my family member, it was absolutely fun. Replayed a bit just to get more achievements, but it was great.
  6. Oh, I rewatch the play throughs, none of the headlights are on. How on earth are they driving.. Please implement headlights on those vehicles
  7. Will be going to the cinema tomorrow. Not sure what to expect (better than 123?), although I already read spoiler reviews. I hope I'll survive the experience.
  8. I also hoped the Gone Jackals tracks will still be there. I don't mind if this remaster will be adding new puzzles, longer and completed version (as originally planned maybe) since there is no sequel anyways.
  9. For me the most significant change is the region restrictions removal. Now I can pretend I am one of those imported army from friendly countries. Yeay!
  10. I appreciate the documentation of analysis and it is in points form, which is quite easy to read. I wonder is Costume Quest for android is having same analysis. It is very very slow. Good write up Oliver.
  11. I need to reinstall back, this update is good news for me. :-)
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