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  1. I have same problem with same hardware. By the way, how to save my game progress?
  2. I would like the voice acting sound files to be better. I would like to play DOTT:SE on my Android device, because my pc is yeah old version of Window. I hope the wacky fonts stays (not sure if this is any easier for others to read) . I would like an art browser just like Grim Fandango, possibly with annotation below the art (haven't played GF yet) .
  3. I enjoyed the idea of this series. But what I am noticing right now, is DF responds to posts on forum, which I hope will continue to do so. This means a world to me. Thank you for your attention guys.
  4. This is kind of nice. Thanks for keeping it.
  5. It's Juan Pablo I guess. Btw, JPL will be in one of Devs Play.
  6. Seeing Mario Maker on world premiere makes me having mixed feelings. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mario_Maker How I wish DF could be the one pitching to Nintendo. Maybe this is one of the reason why public pitching is risky.
  7. While they are it, I hope Full Throttle will be in the special edition list too ☺
  8. It's Thanksgiving sale for most items on Steam I guess. If we didn't like sales, we can always buy full price.
  9. Right now we are missing community manager to handle the gap between DF and community. I can't afford to see more bullets shooted back to DF just because of this.
  10. Can you say 'silent majority' ? I hope that was the case, but yeah it sure feels bad wading thru non productive posts on Steam, just to read those insanely rad modding ideas. One rotten food will always be smelly and stand out, compared to the other good foods on the whole table.
  11. Nice guide with do and don'ts for beginners. Thumbs up!
  12. I agree that someone must take over Chris Remo's role. I think he has done quite well during his time.
  13. In my mind, it is important to get the 'fun' stuffs implemented, since 1.05 is somehow balanced. Maybe discussions for fun factor rating, based on planned development list (maybe a new idea altogether?). What I can see happening right now is nobody is sharing their base because they are busy surviving, and most of whatever I build is focusing on the survival. I remembered the early days where we share the ecstatic part of the base, the unique shape of your base, funny moments etc. I sincerely hope JP will be the advisor to guide how exactly the proposed development plan. Some of fun stuff to mod: -Delay the ending death for a little bit far later? Maybe a handicap mode to have no threat at all. -Sandbox mode (maybe campaigns?) new game option, like Minecraft -Naming your spacebase -'Visiting your friends base' (for example like the game 'Clash of Clans' you can share with friends) -Planetfall because the planet is right behind you? More user experience. -Circle room and flood fill building tool. It it nice to have a beautiful and unique spacebase design -Multiple level base. Again for same reason. -Holodeck. This sounds very interesting and fun. I would like to see maybe Hack'n'slash's Alice and Bob versus Mog Chothra invasion, or maybe just a talking Massive Chalice having a pool party, to make an appearance, and we have fun accidents from there. -Time travel. This may need some JP input, how he originally planned to make it happen. Is it change of tilesets and clothing only, or is it back to Amnesia Fortnight version of Spacebase, I am not so sure. I think maybe mod should be about delaying death, and adding more fun stuff.
  14. Thank you for the update ☺
  15. Click the launch button at left hand side at the bottom of the spacebasedf9 page and wait. The way that SEED unit hurls upward into a planet, now that's 'planetfall' to me. Nicely done ☺
  16. I see.. I request Double Fine to alter the LUA_PATH (in the .exe?) to check Scripts/Mods (not sure the proper folder) folder first and Scripts folder second. Hopefully sooner, yeay. ☺
  17. Anyone tested is this doable: ** "mods" subdir where user-created scripts patch base game lua files at runtime If yes, then we can develop our own mods, without being overwritten by any patch updates.
  18. This: •Disaster Menu can be enabled with a secret key combination and used to unleash disasters on your base.
  19. Oh, it's this thread ☺, welcome to the hack'n'slashers too. Hope to see you guys here.
  20. Thanks for continuing to 1.0 (yeay!! ), and will there be more communication post 1.0? I didn't see steam workshop for spacebase though (as someone pointed out previously), so modding must be coordinated somehow. Looking forward to take part.
  21. I just came back from watching an animation called 'Book of Life', it has a theme about the day of the dead. It was super fantastic. The textures of wooden dolls and the animated bones are very pleasing to the eye. My wish is for Grim Fandango to have a similar textures or something better.
  22. While I also hope for some kind of more refined structure of Manny's face, I am not sure which one was it. All these are from Peter Chan's drawings.
  23. I agree with the more towards sci-fi settings, rather than realistic (but frustrating most of the time) which also makes me agree for the tech tree existence is valid request.
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