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  1. In my point of view, I would hope to see SB gameplay goes beyond by having the tough to implement elements, such as the Z base levels, planetary exploration, time portal etc. While it may brake the game in so many ways, I would hope to see the plan or rough idea for potential modders later on. In that way I suppose a wider range of exploration (potentially a story mode rather than open sandbox) can be done. In comparison to Massive Chalice, we are sort of immortal ruler too in SB, but in space. Makes me thinking of offsprings.
  2. Maybe some from my side: 'the bush-wacker' for killing all the exploding bushes in every single stage 100%. 'the human shield' for being killed from collateral damage of only a single strike. A question though, will there be any animals? Seems weird such a big map without any. Ok maybe bees..?
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