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  1. Will there be DLC for this?

    Sigh, I am glad sack boy got released though
  2. Any updates on this. I really like the game is all .
  3. I love candy corn mode

    It is worth it. If you just wanna plow through the game you can probably get it done in 4 hurs and 30 min and that is including all the side quests.
  4. I love candy corn mode

    yeah the part with the boss fight. I was wondering why he had a special metre when the fight started . Another nice small touch/secret that wasn't spoiled by a trophy or someother was using diplomacy with the creepy treat card seller (forgot his name =p). Hope the game sells well enough to warrant a third, as a trilogy sounds nice . Or better yet psychonauts 2.
  5. Early on it can be hard but once you get counter it really starts to get fun. Also the very end was a nice touch.