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  1. Ouch, this a great WiiU feature.
  2. Now that you mention it, I vaguely recall working this out on my own. However, once I realized the icons adjacent to each monster name indicated their "type" (i.e. Tech, Monster, Magic), and so did each player character, I stopped noticing the colour of the damage text as I no longer relied on it to inform me of that combat detail. Yeah, same here. As I stated when I wrote originally I had just started, now I've finished. I think it dawned on me in the French Quarter. I give the game high marked overall. I loved the story and the use of...oh never mind I don't want to ruin it for someone else with a spoiler. I'll just say I enjoyed the story more than the first one.
  3. Of course Double Fine has nothing to gain by releasing this game after Halloween, but I question what caused them to cut it so close. Hopefully this is a lesson learned for future releases. Although, many games aren't tied so tightly to a particular holiday. That said, loving CQ2 so far.
  4. So far the only exclusives mentioned for any consoles that I've seen is Sackboy. I wonder if the WiiU tablet is put to use for the map and inventory selection. That could actually improve the experience...
  5. Nice thoughts. While I haven't finished the game and I don't have the full perspective I would say there are a couple of things that feel different or off: 1. When you attack and get the timing right it shows 'green' to indicate that you earned more damage. Then when you counter an attack correctly and take less damage it's 'red.' To me, each correct timing action should be green. When I see the red during the counter attacks it makes me think I messed up. 2. An easier way to switch the cards. If there's going to be cool downs, that means I will be mixing up using the cards more. Maybe a button push that brings up a wheel where you can quickly select a card (like you do when changing costumes). Flipping through the Y menu is a tad cumbersome. 3. I like that you can use candy to heal, but I am not a fan of the fountains. I feel like it's needlessly extending the length of the game. That said, I am very happy so far. My kids and I are having a blast reading the candy corn sayings. Where's a candy corn plushie, DF?
  6. According to my online Xbox account I have purchased CQ2 for my XB1. Hopefully it's downloaded when I get home from work. The kids will be excited.
  7. Double Fine's official Twitter account just stated it was live on the PSN now. confirmed, here's the link https://store.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/#!/en-us/games/costume-quest-2/cid=UP1012-NPUB31549_00-COSTUMEQUEST0000 let's see if the 360 one really comes out tomorrow, haven't seen any official word yet though I have both the XB1 and the PS4 but I would rather play it on the XB1 due to the controller. I've waited this long, I might as well wait until tomorrow...
  8. Double Fine's official Twitter account just stated it was live on the PSN now.
  9. Microsoft hasn't yet set a date for the Xbox versions. It won't be out on the 28th (Microsoft releases games on XBLA on different days than Sony does with PSN), but hopefully it will be around the same timeframe. yeah cause there's not much time left, let's hope to learn something tomorrow and get the xbox version within the 30th max I am stunned this game is releasing on the consoles only three days before Halloween. Maybe even 1/2 days before on the Xbox consoles (heck maybe after?). It's one thing for a game like Sunset Overdrive (it's not, just an example) being pushed back, but a game with a holiday themed gimmick? Crazy... Time to account for a longer console certification process in future releases?
  10. Ouch. I hope this was a matter of unforeseen bugs rather than someone dropping the ball, because cutting it close on a themed game like Costume Quest 2 seems very risky. I am sure the guys are more frustrated than us but I am honestly stunned this hasn't released yet. As a small business owner with deadlines of my own this type of delay would have me stressed and very frustrated.
  11. If it gets certified on a Friday, it could likely be released the following Tuesday--game releases on PSN and XBL seem to follow the retail schedule, where stuff typically gets released on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I hope that's not true as that would make hitting a Halloween release completely dependent on whatever this week's cut off date is to hit Tuesday October 28th. Maybe they are readying some killer Thanksgiving DLC
  12. I guess my follow up question is (because I am not in the industry): once CQ2 is certified for the consoles how quickly can it be released? Say it gets certified on Friday, will people be able to play by Saturday or is there another waiting period?
  13. It's not Halloween yet; there's still time! Yes, I understand that but you would have to think being able to push CQ2 since 10-6 would have generated more sales than randomly one day saying 'hey, you can buy CQ2 now on the consoles' just a few days before Halloween. Plus the reviews on game sites are done now. The buzz has to be waning. And that, as a huge fan of the first game, is disappointing to me. I even bought the book for my kids to try and make the wait more bearable.
  14. I hope this doesn't negatively affect the game's sales too much. Hopefully, I am in the minority with wanting to play it on my console and that most of DF's sales come from Steam. First game was so great and I am ready for the sequel.
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