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  1. for "Tonight marks my seventh successive loss with this game" Your probably a better player and more experienced then me as you have tried many aspects of the game. Where I just used 5 hunters, 3 houses inland and 4 training camps, and only developed research for hunters. I won the final battle with 5 level 10s hunters with relics. I missed out on true tactics and strategy, this game has to offer.! I am stating over random team iron man and it is tough. A complete wipe out after 65 yrs. This is a great game !
  2. Perhaps the option to start the final battle early (even if the chalice isn't fully charged yet). This would give you 300 yrs if you need it but let you final battle at say 200 and 250 years, Two programmable events, might be easier to program than a start when ever option. IMHO
  3. Dazzle


    Just went to the steam forum on MC.for the first time. I t was unsettling to see all the negativity directed at MC because of DF9 and even broken age. Hang in there guys this is on great game. I posted on steam the following. I've played over 300 hours of Massive Chalice in alpha and beta testing. On my 8th play through now and i am amazed at the verity of tactics and strategies, one can try out. 5 hunters with relics was the strongest end game, but the developers know about that. and a tougher hunter focused enemy ( I think , and one could question that ) is on the way. Take a chance, buy the game and be part of a top turn based strategy/ tactics game with something new. Player controlled 300 year dynasties
  4. Regarding awarding of relics. I have had this experience with 2 run toughs to final battle 1st the hero must be a (nicknamed hero) see other posts on that process. 2nd he must die in battle or not in battle doesn't matter 3rd I think he must go up one lv after being nicknamed. not sure on this one but have had recent nicknamed hero die in battle who did not go up an addition level; and no relic awarded. 4th a nicknamed Standard can be awarded a relic at death. 5th a nicknamed inducted into sagewrights. has NO relic awarded at death. 6th a nicknamed with a relic will not be awarded a new relic at death 7th you can carry 2 relics ( if you want to) don't know if the will both be passed down at death. never tried it! 8th if you have a hero with a relic and you inducted him into the sagewrights you will get to get to pass the relic down then and not have to wait for hero to die. If anyone finds the above wrong plz post reply.
  5. random event marriage counseling, Oh this one can be disastrous (and this time it was) spoiler alert * This was my best hunter regent and his young ( bountiful bride of 1yr). I chose talk to them and ..... well it went badly. they both got unromantic personalities from my talk. Now as thy both have it and , and are having a few babies (for the sake of the nation) in spite of there unromantic state. Result: the great trait babies also have it and it took 3 generations to weed it out of the family Oh that hurt and as there was no choice to just ignore them This was a new Regent and bride with a relic! It does make the game FUN, just wonder Brad, if the couple is random, or if the event purposely picked my new Regent with no babies yet
  6. Max: I enjoy the random events ! They add to the strategy of the game with 3 choices, and real consequence ,provided the results are based on circumstances and choice (not random), I like the LASH the best. You ask for ideas so here goes. a catastrophic event ONLY after 150 yrs and more than 50 heroes. A case of the BLACK plague has been reported in one of your outer regions. 1) you can take this very seriously and quarantine that region. (result of this choice) A 33% chance A) it goes away ,B) breaks out and effects the adjacent areas resulting a loss of 1/3 of your heroes, C) quarantine contains it and that region is lost! 2) You reassure the people its not a problem and secretly send your best alchemist to investigate. ( result 50% chance A) it gets worse spreads and you lose 1/3 of your heroes; B) 25% chance alchemist reports back its worse than you thought region is lost: C) alchemist secretly destroys all evidence of black plague , but it returns 25ys later and wipes out 1/3 of you heroes. 3) You take this seriously and stop all research at sagewrights guilds and make this there top priority, but don't quarantine the region. result 50% A) lose prior research and region but find a cure; B )25% chance you find a cure and only lose 1/10 of your heroes; C) 25% chance you find a cure and lose 1/4 of your heroes This event clears out excess heroes, and puts a thematic catastrophe in the game! Your events add a lot to the game WTG Max
  7. Three post final battle thoughts; (Well in addition really great job guys !) 1) I had a post patch' tweaked out hunter hitting for 240+ on first shot ( lv 10 / w lv 10 relic , Dead eye , cock one up, ultralixir, advanced hunter armor, (longevity boost and armor boost from Nation research) He didn't die and with kill after kill - the cock one up added over 200% to his hitting power. Not complaining but don't think that's what you want. suggestion make nation research harder to do and put a limit on lv 10 cock one up 2)Spent a lot of time searching for Relic equipped hero. Suggest special mark 3) once you have over 75 heroes but not before trigger a plague to whip out a 1/3 GREAT GAME !! thanks
  8. Dazzle

    Play Tips

    If you want to see more of the starting team of five on new game start; get info on each hero (Z) and if they have siblings they show up and can be inspected also. Even though they are not part of the staring five. This might be a bug, as I think the intent is for the reaming members to be a mystery until you complete your first battle. Completed first final battle great ending. no spoilers here. As the game tells you, the choices you make in the last 25 yrs are important. Looking forward to difficulty and hard core being activated for testing. This was a very enjoyable adventure thank you Double Fine for letting me be a small part of an AWSOME game!
  9. Faviort random event ? The Lash by far the most interesting, I have tried 3 times the furthest I got was the 9th lash and died. I will try again. Like to know what you get if you survive the Lash ?
  10. by the yr 200 you have way to may kids and heroes. this makes the special event far less important than in the early years. IMHO why not have a Plague or high child death rate event and kill off 1/3 of your people, I know sounds cruel , but it would make the special events more important if that was one of the results ( in later yrs of course ) what do you think?
  11. Dazzle

    Play Tips

    In Hindsight, Wish I had put my keeps around the Chalice, and the Crucibles and the Guilds on the outside edges: BUT OH NO! I had to go for the outside bonuses first. now in yr 250 I cant defend my outside keeps fast enough and they fall off the earth. with my Regent , and my lv 10 relic on him and his kids. But to make things even worse there is no place to build a new keep for his Hero brother, as I already use up all the land. OH well MY Bad. Next time (in iron mode) I'll have 5 keeps built around the Chalice for my 5 families, As they say in the swamp "I my have been born yesterday, but I didn't live all day for nothing!"
  12. I 'am there now; yes yr 300 and max lv 10 for hero's and relics. All I can tell you is get RDY i's tough !!!
  13. Dazzle

    Play Tips

    First keep battle yr 158
  14. Dazzle

    Play Tips

    Equip and skill up your Regents and Partner even though they don't seem to fight; cause they do! In Keep battles and its too late then to do it. As they say in the South, "When your knee deep in alligators, its a little late to drain the swamp"
  15. Dazzle

    Play Tips

    On the deploy screen (before a battle) you can add a Hero then click Replace. Now on the zoomed in view left click Current Hero (right side of screen) and this brings up info and makes it easy to compare with Choose a Hero info on the left. Be sure to fully equip your Heroes before you Deploy, as you can't change equipment in battle. Well at least not yet! Best Strategy/Tactics Game yet!! WTG Double Fine !!!
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