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  1. That would be a cool addition. Hopefully they can do some free dlc down the line. Aesthetically the hammers are cool but with the damage and the accuracy of the sages they might as well fight with their tomes.
  2. Hello. Some might remember me a while ago complaining about the enemy layout the last time I had to defend my Sagewright Guild. I've come to terms that there are many a hard enemy roaming your guild hall but I have a problem with the Sagewrights in general. I understand that being Sagewrights that they aren't supposed to be heavy hitters but all and all they seem pretty useless. Which I could live with if it wasn't for how easy it is to run them into trouble. For instance, I've been playing Ironman mode to prevent me from cheating and eventually my guild was attacked. Starting off I had to move my sages. So I moved them to the left only to encounter a twitch, a lapse, and 2 ruptures. And because the enemies share vision it only took one turn before the enemies to the right were upon them. It wasn't long until they were annihilated. Is it fair? I'm not sure. Once again maybe I am a novice among experts but I feel the game punishes you pretty harshly for taking a wrong turn with your sages. I don't want them to be able to stun hit, or go stealth or anything to make them overpowered but maybe make a change to give maybe one extra turn of time? Maybe start the sages in a deep hallway or give them a room to sit behind that enemies have to break a door down. I might be the only one on this but I just think that unless you get lucky and manage to find a corner for your sages to hide in that they are set up to die.
  3. How am I supposed to win this? As you can see from the ages and levels I am not very far into the game. I was playing Iron Man mode (to prevent myself from cheating), and I was proud of myself for not being lazy and putting much thought into my planning and strategies. Next thing I know, however; is that my guild is being attacked and I must defend. Now, I remember these invasion being a bit harder than normal Cadence missions so I came to the realization that I might lose some or all my sages in this and probably some of my vanguard as well. I kept my sages in the corner to buy some time until my team could move in to save them when I came across this cluster of enemies. I understand that I am far from a tactical genius when it comes to turn based games these days but I can't imagine anyone pulling this off in iron man at this early in the game. Since I felt it was a lost cause I rushed my 5 in to try to take out as many as I could but the cradles bombed my alchemists (who were low on bombs from the early cradles and bulwarks), the bulwarks lined up their passing shots to clear out my blastcabber, and when I did manage to take out two of the cradles here came 3 more seeds. I remember this being a problem I had early on in the beta but I thought that it would be a simple issue resolved later on, only to find out after coming back to the game many updates later I still come across unbalanced enemy layouts. Am I alone on this? Maybe I didn't plan well enough but I find it there could have been little I could have done except for maybe spend my early years researching all armor and weapons boosts but then I would be short on heroes.
  4. That's the fun of these games though. I remember how many times I had to restart x com because I made the wrong choices reality on. To me, your gripes sound like inexperience. You'll feel great one you figure out the right formula :-)
  5. It doesnt matter. Im just being selfish. I backed the game because I like it but I paid the extra because I would put a unique touch in the game that's visible to everyone in a way. By letting people customize a bloodline in the game cheapens my reward a bit in my eyes. But I realize it's just a selfish idea. In the end my bloodline is still in the game so it doesn't hurry anyone
  6. I'm sorry for being selfish but I would rather just keep it to us original backers. Maybe limit the creativity or just slow default banners for those creating their bloodline in game. However; I suppose with how many bloodlines in the game already it wouldn't change much if a player just edited/created a bloodline in game
  7. I doubt family banners will be altered since I believe all of them were created by backers who paid to get their bloodline banner and banner into the game
  8. Good idea. Maybe add a chronicle you can reference to so you can set the battles and who lived and who perished
  9. Yeah I went with my bloodline but for the regent I usually look for quick (the movement range trait) for hunter or bear strength for caber
  10. I like it. It would be something simple to add a much needed touch of personality. Don't get me wrong,I love the game but it needs a but more flare
  11. So a while a go a couple of members have brought up the idea awarding badges to certain heroes similar to the way x-com enemy within did. While I did like this idea initially it would seem kind of pointless as most of the heroes will be dead after enough time passes, thus losing the medal. So I had a thought on this: why not make an event every 20 or so years in the game where the chalice hosts a grand tournament amongst the current houses. Maybe the player would pick one member from each house and have them battle it out in a computer controlled event based on the stats and other random variables. And the winner gets to become the grand house of land, getting bonus stats for the bloodline and extra bonus for the champion. And maybe some other bonus points for second place. And of course there could be certain events where someone might die, get a negative or positive stat bonus or maybe a catastrophe happens and the tourney gets cancelled. I was thinking that this would be a nice viable way to provide some uniqueness amongst the bloodlines while keeping it a bit up to chance. Also, as i type this maybe the player shouldn't pick the participants and the chalice picks from a range depending on age and experience. Or every member of the house gets to participate. Let me know what you all think.
  12. So after reading http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2014/10/29/massive-chalice-beta-review/ , it made me think about the game a bit more and what could be improved. I, for one, am having a blast with the beta and where the game is right now but I can see from the points they wrote about how maybe casual gaming fans might be turned off by some of the things with the game. Granted I know its a private beta so there is plenty of room to grow but here are some things that might improve on some of their points. Make arranged marriages more dynamic: I am sure you guys don't want MASSIVE CHALICE to become a dating sim but maybe find some ways to make the players think a bit more about who marries who. One way I thought up was to perhaps make a trait or personality penalty for marrying people outside of a age range. So if I marry a 40 year old hunter to a 15 year old there might be a big penalty for such a age discrepancy in a forced marriage. Dynamic traits: You might see the use of dynamic used a lot, my internal thesaurus isn't working at the moment. So although there are some pretty good traits that make you consider certain heroes for regents and such, later on as long as their levels are high they don't seem to be very detrimental. So maybe some traits that really penalize that hero. Such as: Finess: Gives the hero a base critical hit chance of (maybe) 5% Clumsy: Hero has a hard time hitting, giving a greater chance for glancing blows Cynical: Inherently pessimistic and negative. Brings down stats of other heroes when in a group. Just some thoughts. As I stated before I'm really excited where the game is heading. Keep up the good work!
  13. Hmmm, I didn't think to look in there. Thank you so much
  14. I was hoping someone could tell me if there is a way to choose your bloodline when starting the game. I didn't see any option so I kept during new games in hope my bloodline would be sorry of the starting 5. I remember brad stating early on they would make a option to do so but I could understand if that would make three game feel less organic. Thank you
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