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  1. Ahah, it was a good idea indeed.
  2. Who dares to awake me from my slumber? Gravedigging awakes the dead. What did I miss since january?
  3. I would like to have a Free-Text field (the lenght doesnt matter) on every Hero, that would show up near the name, and to be able to sort by that "Tag" (Null/Empty first, then A-Z). I would write Z-Reveler, Z-Infertile on every disfunctionnal hero, so I dont "see" them again when I'm browsing through the list.
  4. If you're trying to level-up your characters evenly, you may be less likely to get a relic then. That is usually what I do, so I guess I will get less relic from this version onwards.
  5. What difficulty are you playing, and how do you like it?
  6. And lose them when you level-down because of a lapse?
  7. I believe the ability to spend skill points mid-battle is going to stay, since it is pretty important to the design they've had from the beginning -- e.g. you have an old character who manages to level up during his last battle, and you want to unlock the last new element you can, since you know he won't make it to the next battle due to his age, etc. Or your characters get to level 10 in the last battle.
  8. Same bug as this? http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/16670/
  9. In the previous version ( , I've tried an Iron+Hard game with either 5 hunters, or 4 hunters and 1 alchemist, and it was hard to keep the hunters alive. *Currently, when you kill like 2/3 of the enemies, the last 1/3 becomes more aggressive and start chasing your heroes around. Even with stealth, they run near your position, and sometimes reveal your hidden hunters. I haven't tried the last version (0.96), but I'm generally against anything that would nerf the hunters...
  10. For equality : we should allow the Cradles to do the same, no?
  11. In normal difficulty, I wouldn't care. In Hard, if I had, let's say, one hunter on the team, I'd probably use "Honed hearing", so the Hunter would be a "support character". Since I tried to use only hunters, I really need every point of damage available. In Hard, the second shot of "Follow-up" is way way lower than the first shot, since the armor is applied after the 50%. So the first shot is like 25, and the second shot 7. With Put it down, the second shot is sometimes more like 15-20 : more likely to get a kill in one action. Time-savers : in normal battles, I use many, many turns to kill cadence. In the final battle, you don't have that kind of time. It probably helped a lot.
  12. Hi Silvio. Thanks for taking time to answer. This last game might just be my last try at the game. According to steam, the game ran 140 hours on my computer, now I feel like I'll start something else. Maybe making my own games, I don't know. From my gamer backgound, I think Massive Chalice is a very interesting game, but generally easy : I need to give myself challenges to complete for most of the games I've made. Here's a quick history of my games : 1) I stopped playing as soon as I built my 3rd keep, and understood I should build one keep of each class. 2) Game with 2 friends, all well trained in Xcom and Tactics games. We had a lot of fun watching the bloodlines evolve, giving Nicknames to our characters, so we recognize them (Nicknaming the characters would be a really useful feature by the way). We never had the chance to finish it, and new features appeared, so we might make this again, when the game is fully ready. 3) My first completed game. I called the Alchemists "Mascots" because I thought they were useless. 4) Alchemist-only : I thought alchemists would fail, but they shined, to my surprise. 5-Hybrids) All Caberjacks : I decided to create 5 keeps, one keep of each "Caberjack" class, so I would be able to compare them. Caberjacks are the strongest class, and Enforcer was useless. 6-IRON+HARD) No Caberjacks. I wanted to avoid the Enforcer class at all cost, and try all the Hybrids I didn't see yet. I also wanted to play Hunter-Only, but I had to use one alchemist in the last battle. Overall, the HARD difficulty was not that hard, but playing without Caberjacks was very tough. I think I would've lost the last battle without my level 10 alchemist (feels like he did half the job there). The hunter's lack of FirePower made me struggle the entire game, until I got my first Hi-level relics, and then it seemed "ok". Hunters are so fragile, they hardly survive one hit (it felt like playing the original xcom). In fact, it was frustrating to play. First on the list are the random events. They should be disabled in IRON mode, they are so random. Once I thought I would lose because of random events. I think most research items are designed for Caberjacks. Alchemists have two interesting sets of armour, and Potions/SteadyHander. I would think a "strategy game" to have more than one strategy, but a Hunter NEEDS a level 10 Relic + SteadyHander + VeilArmour, else they are not worth it. There is a long list of items to research, but none that can be used by a Hunter : - Potions? They get hit twice, they die. Might as well use SteadyHander so they miss less and don't get hit. - Vitalibands : I don't want to get hit. - Drain life? They get hit once, they die, so they won't drain life. - Skipping stone? Teleport in the middle of enemy territory? Death. - Age and rage : increase damage? They need dex. - Bonebarb bow? If a level 10 Relic does "decent" damage, I don't even think about a "normal weapon". - Shotgun bow : close-range = death. Also, no critical hits. - Armor that does not allow to Hide = Death. In the last phase of a battle, High-agression enemies rushes to your positions (a little less if you're hiding). Ranged enemies kill you when they see you. - Dodge socks : Need to research Hunter armour first, and we don't have time for that. - Explosive Core : Like I really need to suicide a hunter, or to lose time at research. Skills for Hunters - Level 4 : "Put them down" is mandatory. I don't remember what is the other choice. - Level 6 : Blinding shot is a weaker form of Caberjack's Stun. In Normal difficulty, I would never use it, but in HARD, it is mandatory to use against Bulwarks (if you don't use Caberjacks). Still, it's better than nothing (Flarrow). - Level 8 : Dead eye is mandatory. Shoot'n'scoot does not allow to "shoot and hide" effectively, because accuracy ranges in the 70% most of the game (so it's not reliable). - Level 10 : Useful in the last battle. I could kill a seed in one shot! Skills for Bazookers - Level 2 : Explosions! When I had these guys with the Brainy Trait, I could deal some damage. But then my Alchemist bloodline went near-extinct. No more Bazookers. - Level 4 : I really need "Put them down", too bad for 2 items. - Level 6 : "Shoot items" doesnt work with Steady Handers, so the other skill gets it (can't remember what it was). - Level 8 : Poo-Shot doesn't help hunters not getting killed. In fact, the ability text suggested it would help the cadence hide in bushes so they can reach my hunters more easily, and kill them : not a very good level 8 ability. Also, Dexterity plays a HUGE role for hunters' damage. Just before the last battle, I replaced a Older level10 Hunter with a young level 8 because of his Dexterity Boosts (Age & Traits & Personnality). The best thing from using only Hunters, was that I needed to research only few items, and I finished researching the useful stuff by year 290 (including the Advanced Alchemist Armour although I never used it). Having lost a Sagewright early in the game, research was very limited. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Video - Last 2 battles : a) : Skyline is fuzzyb) Boom and zoom ( ) : If I use a free throw for a first action, the ZOOM offers a very wide movement range, but only a short move is allowed. c) In the last battle, you may notice Random damages appearing over the enemies (See Lapse : ) : -> I observed (in previous battles) that when I damage an enemy that I don't see, the damage pop-up will appear the first time I see this enemy, later. -> Maybe new enemies use the same ID as dead enemies, so we see weird messages popping-up. d) Ancestors coming back ( ) : So weird. The chalice narrators says it's a bad thing that my hero died, but nothing about an ancestor that reappear by magic out of nowhere.=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= +) I would've liked to use more the Region bonuses, but since they are random, they would not always fit with the thematic I use for the game. I suggest being able to choose the region bonuses.
  13. Just finished the game. Survived with 4 hunters and 1 alchemist. Uploading last 2 battles.
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