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  1. Yeah I have a hunter who has that and it’s really nice. And I completely understand the reason why they have it the way it is but I would also like to be rewarded for positioning myself where i can shoot without having to move. When you do this you place yourself in a situation of vulnerability or you have predicted the movement of an opponent. I fell like you should be rewarded for it. Maybe give hunter and alchemists a free action call "aim" get a small boost to your hit chance or crit chance.
  2. Once of the things that is bothering me while playing the game is the fact that i can move and attack and not attack and then move. I understand that they do not want to make it easy to kite but i also fell like its inconsistent and not very well spelled out. what if you got a bonus to your attack for attacking first and not moving such as a higher chance to his (ranged) higher chance to crit or maybe deal more damage (melee) i feel like you should not be "punished" for not moving then attacking. Also the other thing that's rather frustrating is moving my hunter in to a spot that can see an opponent but not being able to hit it. when I move an alchemist I can tell when he will be in range to throw a flask but I can't tell if my ranger is in range or not. i also fell like your chance to hit should change depending on how close you are to your target (it might already do that I just haven't paid attention)
  3. In lower left hand corner of the window could we have a skill point indicator on the non selected heroes? knowing if I can level up my hero or not really changes the way I play that set of turns. whether I have a new ability (like charge) can really effect the way set up my heroes. It's really easy to forget that I can level a hero expensively if they leveled during the cadences turn. or if I am trying to come up with a way to keep heroes alive.
  4. I plan on streaming it every night this week so please stop by again!
  5. Thanks Brad for joining us today it was really nice to talk to you!
  6. http://www.twitch.tv/guiltyfury Come watch me play some massive chalice and make fun of how bad I am!
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