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  1. Aha, yeah our info@ inbox is rarely checked these days, sorry! Next time you need us the best methods are either twitter, or support@doublefine.com, or you can bug me here! We have not yet gathered any info for that reward or the credits, or any reward other than the tshirts and posters!
  2. Sorry you haven't heard from us! - where were you sending mails to?
  3. Heya! The Cave was initially published by SEGA but the rights to the game recently reverted to us and so we are going through the motions of taking control of the game. Unfortunately this has meant that all the console versions of the game were all taken offline. To get them back online we are going to need to resubmit them to the stores, and in some cases this is no longer possible, meaning The Cave may be gone forever from those platforms. We'll try to get them back, but i'm afraid we can't promise much at the moment! The good news is that we are now the rights holders of the game and can do other things with it from now on!
  4. Psychonauts 2 Update #7 - The Team Greetings Psychobackers! We’re back with another glimpse inside the Psychonauts 2 development machine, where between the whirring cogs and high-tech circuitry we can spy a game being put together brick by brick. In this life-changing update: Level teams, Scott C paintings, other rewards, plus: sign up for a chance to come camping with us! Psychonauts 2 is now squarely in the midsts of development, with lots of progress being made in all sorts of exciting directions, but progress that is very hard to show a lot of without spoilers being rained down upon you. That’s why in this update, instead of focusing directly on the game’s progress we’ve decided to take a look at the team itself, specifically at one of our level teams and the work they do. We have four level teams in total, each one comprised of a designer, an artist, a world builder, and a shared programmer. Check out our update video below to learn more and meet Will, Ben and Emily, the core of one of our level teams. Who wants to come camping with us? The highest possible reward tier available on our campaign included a trip to "Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp" with the Psychonauts 2 team. We know lots you would have loved to support us so generously if you had the means, and many of you stretched your budgets to help us get this project off the ground. We wish we could take every single one of our backers with us on this trip, but alas there is no campground large enough, and besides then we’d have no money left to make a game with! However, we've worked out that we could bring a handful of extra folks with us than we are, and so we'd like to offer a couple of places on our camping trip to backers from other tiers. To be eligible you simply need to be: able to get to Santa Cruz, California on the August 11-12 weekend by your own means already a backer be over 18 OR be able to bring a parent/guardian with you. If that sounds like you, then simply enter your name and email address(please use the same one as your fig account!) into the hat using the form below. We’ll pull names completely at random to pick our lucky winners. Get your submissions in by April 26th! Click here to be teleported to the entry form Rewards Update Shirts! Those who backed at a high enough level for backer shirts should have received a mail asking which color you’d prefer -- green or purple. If you haven't seen that, then please get in touch with Fan Gamer asap as those are about to hit the printing press. If we don’t hear from you, then you’ll get a green one. These are now no longer available to upgrade to, sorry folks. The Whispering Rock shirts will be ordered soon too! We had to get the actual garments specially made as no one stocks the precise color combination ringer shirts that we need, and that slowed down the production of these a bit more than we’d have liked. More news on those soon! Art Prints Three art prints have now been completed by their respective artists, and Fan Gamer are currently working with each of them to produce high quality prints. We’ve already shared two of them with you, and now we’re excited to show you the third! Our best buddy Scott C flew over from New York a month or so ago to work amongst us in the Double Fine studio and create this ridiculously great painting. It features the full Psychonauts Team, all in their new outfits, with a bonus new never-seen-before Psychonaut who you can learn more about in the update video above. One lucky backer will receive the original of this, once we are happy with the prints. It’s not too late to change your pledge to get a print of the above, along with the other ones too, simply contact Fig Support if you’d like to do so. You can watch a timelapse of Scott painting this whole thing below, it’s pretty mesmerizing! Other Rewards There are various other things that are close to being ready but still need some final tweaking on the designs before we make them. This includes the viewmaster reels, messenger backpack, luggage tags, Lili Plush and lapel pin. Hopefully we’ll be able to show you some of those in the next update! Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin is out now for VIVE and Oculus! Today is the 13th anniversary of Psychonauts, and we've lined up a special Birthday surprise! We're very happy to announce that our PlayStation VR adventure, Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin, is now also available for VIVE and Oculus! It's available right now from Steam and the Oculus store, with a 20% discount.
  5. I can post them here too!
  6. Spaff

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  7. Hi Sadly no plans exist right now to make another Cave game, and besides we'd really need Ron to make it! Maybe one day that'll happen?
  8. I thought we had more Yo-yos but we don't! We should make some more, maybe for our 20th anniversary in a few years time We've been putting some of our older merch on sale recently, its worth checking the shop every now and again. We're typically adding a new sale item every thursday, and keeping things on sale until they are gone!
  9. The tickets are indeed up: https://drafthouse.com/sf/show/day-of-the-devs-at-the-new-mission I think it might be sold out though noooo! Sorry the drafthouse put them up without telling us and it turned into a crazy scramble! We have a party after the event itself in the bar though - come along to that!
  10. Hi there! This is an issue we are aware of but I'm afraid we have yet been able to schedule time for anyone to fix it, and so no fix is coming in the near future. There is no work around either, you'll have to load to a previous save, and if you don't have one then.. eek! You could reach out to our support team (support@doubelfine.com) they might have a save file they could send to you Sorry about this!
  11. Hi there! Last summer we had as little idea that there would be a cut off point for the game as you did. This new ios version is a special one that insists all apps run in 64 bit. The Cave is a 32 bit application, and so will no longer work once you upgrade. This sadly is out of our hands, as we don't own the publishing rights to the game. Even if we did though, updating these games is costly and time consuming to us, and so we have to choose wisely. I think it helps to think of the new version of iOS is like a new console hardware generation, it's like moving from PS3 to PS4. When that happens we typically don't move all our old games to the new hardware. We're trying our best to bring as many over as we can, but some of them are harder than others, or just don't make sense to devote time and money to. Please see here: http://www.doublefine.com/news/comments/some_of_our_games_will_no_longer_work_in_ios_11/ Where did you send us an email by the way? I couldn't see anything in our support queue!
  12. Please join us for this special all-night streaming event and help us raise money to heal kids! On Nov 4th the bravest and mightiest among us will be staying up all night, playing games for 24 hours straight to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals in the Bay Area, and we’d love you to sponsor us! As it turns out it’s actually 25 hours, because daylight savings will kick in right in the middle of the night! We’ll be streaming the entire time from our studio in San Francisco, and invite you to watch us as we slowly deteriorate into jibbering wrecks as the sleep deprivation takes hold. We’re going to line up a whole series of interesting, weird, and silly games to play throughout the day and night, including a run-down of some of the unreleased indie titles that will be playable at Day of the Devs, and some of the crazier peripheral based games that we seem to have accumulated here. We also hope to have a couple of special guests pop by! So please watch our hijinks on Nov 4th, but more importantly please donate to Extra Life by sponsoring us, and help us to help the children of the Bay Area (and also Iowa!) Saturday Nov 4th, 9am www.twitch.tv/doublefine Sponsor us here! Schedule 9am - A Wholesome, Nutritious, Balanced Breakfast 10:30am - Saturday Morning Cartoons 12pm - Day of the Devs: Multiplayer 1pm - Day of the Devs: Games from the Bundle 2pm - Cancer Awareness Hour 3pm - Psychonauts with the Next Generation 4pm - QWERTY 5pm - The Schafering 6pm - Get the cool shoe shine 7pm - Multiplayer Mayhem 10pm - Egyptology 101 11pm - Quarter Munchers Midnight - Arcade Evolution 1am - Rhythm of the Night 2am - Time Warp 2am (again) - Lost in Time and Space 3am - The Horror, The Horror! 4am - Tuck and Vic’s Bogus Journey 5am - I can SIIIIIINNNNNNGGGG! 6am - Sunday Morning Fever 7am - Sunday Mornin’ Throwin’ down 8am - Light at the End of the Tunnel 9am - Sleepy time
  13. There's a new Psychonauts 2 project update over here: https://www.fig.co/campaigns/psychonauts-2?update=502#updates Feel free to skip straight to the video, there's some extra info in the text though
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