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  1. Making something open source is actually quite a lot of work to set up and support, and we'd also need to get a new license from Disney for most of them which would be complicated. Because of that we're not really able to go open source easily, even if we wanted to. We've actually stopped developing games for Android entirely now because it's impossible to support all the different handsets with such a small team, working from one game to the next in the way we do. The sales from that platform never made up for the cost of supporting it, which is a real shame, but that's how the cookie crumbles i guess. Putting energy into making the games open source would in all likelihood not help us to sell many more copies, at least not enough to make it worthwhile. We did recently post a fix for Grim Fandango Android to fix some of its compatibility issues, but nothing else is planned for that or any other android title at the moment! Sorry!
  2. Fix is still underway.... Hopefully won't be too much longer now! it's important to note that if you have a Mali GPU in your device, then this will always be broken for you even after the fix is deployed, as it's below our mimimim spec. If you'd rather seek a refund that wait for the patch, please reach out to thanks!
  3. We're hopeful that this will be possible yeah!
  4. Used keys will function eventually, but we're working with steam to make that sooner rather than later. Sorry about this, it's a frustrating problem that we're trying to resolve as soon as we can, bleargh.
  5. Hi guys. As some of you have probably noticed, the steam keys for the AF bundle are currently borked. This is due to them being configured in a nonstandard way, and we're working with Valve to resolve the issue, hopefully we'll have some news on this soon. Please do not use your steam code if you have yet to do so! You may still play the games using the DRM free versions in the mean time, so at least there's that! OK - i'll update you as soon as we have some news! Sorry about this!!
  6. Valuable or not, i think it's just the polite thing to do? We're sorry for the delay on episodes, and that you didn't see our forum threads or tweets, we don't really have many more options of communication open to us, other than mailing you directly which seems like overkill... Also though, whilst this AF has been raging on we've also been launching Full Throttle, which took up a large amount of our time, resources and brainpower, otherwise we might have talked more about it and prepared newsletters etc. Plus, I don't think even 2pp really knew just how behind we were going to end up with this. It's a real bummer that the momentum and transparency of the event was lost due to the missing episodes, but they are all still on their way. Episodes seemed like the easiest thing to do, as streaming really took a toll on the team before. We're reviewing episode 5 right now, so that should appear some time today! We have a much bigger pile of prototypes going into the bundle than previous years, hopefully that helps to make up for it. sorry, and also thanks! Join us later today for our stream, although I'll appreciate it if you consider that a spoiler and want to wait for the episodes before watching it!
  7. I'm not sure what we can make happen here but i'll go talk to some peoples!
  8. PS4: Steam: Humble: GOG: Mac and Linux versions coming soon(ish) along with ios edition.
  9. Day 1 is here, sorry for the delay on this one! Hopefully we should be daily from now on again.
  10. We're up! This is the link to the full playlist:
  11. until
    For the uninitiated, Amnesia Fortnight is an internal game jam in which the Double Fine development teams drop what they’re doing and work on prototypes for new games. It was originally designed as a break away from traditionally long development cycles to make something different for a while, but in later years provided prototypes for games such as Costume Quest, Hack n’ Slash and Stacking. Everyone at Double Fine has the opportunity to pitch a game, and via a Humble Bundle that gives access to older prototypes, YOU can vote on the ones you want to see us make! (You have until April 7th to vote!) Two projects will be chosen by you, one by the folks here at Double Fine, and one by Tim. The actual games making begins on April 12th, and the entire thing will be captured by the 2 Player Productions team who will upload a documentary episode every day so you can watch along at home, and get a glimpse into the process of making games The video above gives you a quick glance at all the potential projects, but to see them all you’ll need to head on over to Humble and check them all out! To vote you’ll need to spend at least $1, but sending more unlocks extra bonus content. This year we will also be supporting Special Effect, a UK based charity that helps people with disabilities to enjoy video games.
  12. 720p versions will be available via youtube for everyone, i'm not sure if we'll put those up for download or not - if we usually do then we will here too i imagine!
  13. I'm not sure we're going to put together a blu ray of this or not yet, it's so much work and the 2pp guys are snowed under as it is! Potentially though....
  14. I did not! Lame i know, but i'm so ubsy launching games at the moment i barely have time to think. Maybe next time! I'm super happy to support everyone else though!