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  1. The videos currently on steam are just the youtube ones, but the 2pp team are busy re-colouring them and mastering them for their HD release. When they are done we'll send out links to them and also replace the ones on steam.
  2. Wow sorry i did not notice that this thread had a ton of unanswered questions, all i can offer up is that E3 and fig updates collided and made my life way, way too busy. That's on me, and I apologise! Good news - We are still hoping to get friend keys out to you all, 3 extra ones each. E3 might make that slower than we'd like to happen but it should happen... soon. The steam key issue was the worst, so sorry. - In years gone by Steam let us distribute these prototypes in a way that technically breaks their regulations, but they turned a blind eye for us. This year, mainly as the bundle was due to go live on there afterwards, and because we have new contacts there, they did not want us to do this the way we always have until the bundle was also live on steam. We didn't learn this until after we sent those keys out however, and getting the bundle live on steam required us to also have the documentary finished, which took some time due to the other issues that 2pp ran up against. That is all sorted out now, thankfully. Many apologies for the momentum of this year's AF, it was not how we planned it to go down at all. Sometimes plans don't go well and we just have to roll with those punches. Giving out extra keys is never something that was promised anywhere, so will be a bonus - i said we'd be working on it, and when i made the post above it looked like we weren't going to do it due to all manner of factors, but I'm happy to say that we are going to do this now! Look out for a mail from Humble. I'm going to be at E3 then away for 2 weeks after that, but if you have more issues or questions in this time please nudge @Vic Romero Thanks, guys, also sorry! And yes, do tag me to get me to appear faster!
  3. There's a new Fig update, right over here: In it you'll find out all about moving from pre production to full production, and you'll get to see Raz's new outfit!
  4. Hey guys! We're going to get as many people at Double Fine to play Kiln online tomorrow, Friday June 2nd, at Noon PST. We'll also stream the fun, with project lead @Derek Brand joining us to judge your pottery making and pot battling skills! We'll be streaming here: If you don't already have the Amnesia Fortnight prototypes you can grab them from Steam here: See you on the Battlefield!
  5. We will be adding a big pile of games to soon, including the AF bundles!
  6. some things take time to sort out, sorry! The other AF bundles are heading to steam also, they need preparing, it takes time! Sorry, no other keys for friends at this point, you have the DRM free version though, so thats alt least one spare, right?
  7. Headline says it all really! Kiln multiplayer now works, so get on and play! You can send your friends to the AF Bundle on Steam, with the 4 DF prototypes and the full series, which is currently just the youtube version but will be replaced by the recolored, edited and higher res versions when 2pp get done with them!
  8. Replying to say that this issue is now RESOLVED! Kiln is also now playable in multiplayer! If you want more friends to join the fun, you can point them to this steam page where they can buy the AF prototype bundle
  9. Making something open source is actually quite a lot of work to set up and support, and we'd also need to get a new license from Disney for most of them which would be complicated. Because of that we're not really able to go open source easily, even if we wanted to. We've actually stopped developing games for Android entirely now because it's impossible to support all the different handsets with such a small team, working from one game to the next in the way we do. The sales from that platform never made up for the cost of supporting it, which is a real shame, but that's how the cookie crumbles i guess. Putting energy into making the games open source would in all likelihood not help us to sell many more copies, at least not enough to make it worthwhile. We did recently post a fix for Grim Fandango Android to fix some of its compatibility issues, but nothing else is planned for that or any other android title at the moment! Sorry!
  10. Fix is still underway.... Hopefully won't be too much longer now! it's important to note that if you have a Mali GPU in your device, then this will always be broken for you even after the fix is deployed, as it's below our mimimim spec. If you'd rather seek a refund that wait for the patch, please reach out to thanks!
  11. We're hopeful that this will be possible yeah!
  12. Used keys will function eventually, but we're working with steam to make that sooner rather than later. Sorry about this, it's a frustrating problem that we're trying to resolve as soon as we can, bleargh.
  13. Hi guys. As some of you have probably noticed, the steam keys for the AF bundle are currently borked. This is due to them being configured in a nonstandard way, and we're working with Valve to resolve the issue, hopefully we'll have some news on this soon. Please do not use your steam code if you have yet to do so! You may still play the games using the DRM free versions in the mean time, so at least there's that! OK - i'll update you as soon as we have some news! Sorry about this!! This is now resolved! Steam keys will work as normal and anyone who used them previously should see the games appear in their steam Libraries! This also means that Kiln is finally playable online! If you want more friends to join the fun, you can point them to this steam page where they can buy the AF prototype bundle
  14. Valuable or not, i think it's just the polite thing to do? We're sorry for the delay on episodes, and that you didn't see our forum threads or tweets, we don't really have many more options of communication open to us, other than mailing you directly which seems like overkill... Also though, whilst this AF has been raging on we've also been launching Full Throttle, which took up a large amount of our time, resources and brainpower, otherwise we might have talked more about it and prepared newsletters etc. Plus, I don't think even 2pp really knew just how behind we were going to end up with this. It's a real bummer that the momentum and transparency of the event was lost due to the missing episodes, but they are all still on their way. Episodes seemed like the easiest thing to do, as streaming really took a toll on the team before. We're reviewing episode 5 right now, so that should appear some time today! We have a much bigger pile of prototypes going into the bundle than previous years, hopefully that helps to make up for it. sorry, and also thanks! Join us later today for our stream, although I'll appreciate it if you consider that a spoiler and want to wait for the episodes before watching it!