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  1. The Future of Spacebase DF-9?

    Gotcha so the whole 10k a month per employee is only for Broken age workers? And how much was being given per month to the workers on Spacebase df 9?
  2. The Future of Spacebase DF-9?

    Twenty three people were or had worked on Spacebase DF9. Were or had worked on game.
  3. The Future of Spacebase DF-9?

    A Team was working on SBDF 9 for a year. Game did not receive enough funds from early access "long term" to support it's development and could not fund the team. They have announced no one is working on the game. Supposedly / figuratively each employee is paid 10 grand a month. So lets take a look at the team shall we? Project Lead JP LeBreton Senior Producer Gabe Miller Lead Programmer Matt Franklin Lead Artist Jeremy Mitchell Graphics Programmer Ben Burbank Programming Kee Chi Patrick Conner Nathan Martz Ben Peck Character Modeler Jeremy Natividad Interface Design Jake Rodkin Animators Elliott Roberts Ray Crook Chris Lam Materials Kristen Russell Additional Art Derek Brand Razmig Mavlian Geoff Soulis Frederik Storm Sound Designers Brian Correia Camden Stoddard Music Chris Remo Lead Tester Tony Lo Twenty three people were or had worked on Spacebase DF9. And they were expecting early access to fund its development for around five years is how the story went. How is this financially feasible with that size of a team? Looking at this now I am beside myself. As a contractor myself and knowing my budgets and limits I'm to make calls as to how many people I can staff and how much material I need so on and so on. I even have to make the call to hire in people that can fill multiple roles so as to avoid over staffing (Bloating). And what did a 23 crew team bring within a year? A skeleton game, six updates and minor bug patches. Also mind you the game still contains bugs ( http://spacebase.amloessb.com/ This is a bug list that was left unfinished.) and crashes. Do I also need to direct your attention to Linux and Mac owners, they have it the worse. There are one man / part time game developers out there that have created games that far surpass what this 23 crew team did. That's the big question if you really want to get down and gritty. Who really worked on this full time and why was the output so lacking?
  4. no one putting out fires

    AI tends to look at the nearest object. Fire < AI's foot Extinguisher Fire AI> Extinguisher Builders tend to fart around make sure they do not have other builds in que. If it was just two builds as you say try and save/exit and reload. Make sure you even have builders, and that they like the job.
  5. So, is the game bug-free now?

    There are graphical errors and object errors still. A save / exit and reload usually puts things back on track. These are game breaking as you will have instances where you cannot build due to a glitched stacked objects (sporks/personal items/tec cubes/corpses/dropped matter) that was removed yet remains and requires a save exit reboot. This again is with an unmodified game. As it stands if you keep the game vanilla you will run into another problem and that is the raiders / bad events that come default upon hitting the ceiling of 50 crew. Once you hit 50 crew all good comm events go out the window and you even get a nasty compound event every hour. This in turn makes this not a sandbox but a kill switch for any player. Sure it's a challenge but you'll soon run into the object error along with brigs still being buggy along with cuffing / capturing raiders. Also the air recyclers still do not work as intended but rely off frame rate (faster computers tend to be more forgiving, slower computers people have issues with O2 gens). Then there are the derelicts of past builds that will bug out your security when trying to explore them. Then there is the issue of having ten or more security and using the beacon with over five security, que the Benny Hill music. And turrets that are claimed and yet still shoot your crew, once again save exit reload corrects it for some reason. Edit - You should ask the poor Mac/linux players how things are going on there platform sadly. I've placed 73 hours into this game. Most of it was bug / crash testing as that was the only thing promised to be handled after they pulled the plug on development. However they have announced awhile back that no one is even working on bugs. So yeah I quit posting bugs as it would seem there not going to bother finishing that as well. Back to OP's question, game bug-free now? No
  6. Exit Steam Relaunch Steam Look in inventory Look in gift section ----- It is in there. You had to have bought hack n slash or Spacebase df 9 before spacebase df 9 1.0 release to get one or the other. Both if you bought the two. If you were gifted the games, no dice. If you bought games after debacle release, no dice. Humble bundle buyers I have no idea how you go about getting your copies. Maybe email DF.
  7. Morale and violence spiral

    Plenty of benches in workout rooms. Gardens with up kept crops for eating. Pubs with plenty of bartenders to cook meals and serve drinks. Toss a few food replicators in here. Single bedrooms keep crew from seeing / sleeping near their enemies. Shelves in bedroom, I normally make bedrooms + shelves, crew goes in and places their items on shelf, I then assign them to that room. I have yet to see two crew use the same shelf. Plants help with happiness and o2 levels. Monitors help as well, just don't go over board placing a ton a few here and there is fine. Plant+Rug+Shelf+Dresser+Bed. However you will have idiots placing their items on that extra shelf / dresser. Doctors to do check ups around the base. Crew doing work and assigned to jobs they like. Idle crew get angry. Avoid bad events. Learn to ctrl+s and ctrl+l Items on ground, leave them there for a few turns and if no one picks it up after awhile tear it down. If it doesn't tear down a save / exit / relaunch usually clears it up. Residents tend to pick junk up, makes them happy oddly enough. Bad events do go away from moral history over time. Just try and avoid back to back events as you'll never get clear of the spiral staircase of depression. Make sure to have researched every illness as they crop up. There are some nasty moral sickness and killer ones as well. I've never bothered with derelicts that I know are death traps. And have never had a moral hit for the crew inside dying as I ignore them. I'm pretty sure the moral hit is line of sight. I've had people outside gunned down by airlock raiders and no one inside knew. The doctor was the only one being hit with moral as he had to haul the corpse to the refinery. If you can submit a bug on the entire base being hit with undiscovered crew deaths effecting moral do so please. List of things to test, make a chaos base and check moral hits across the entire board. Pretty sure it's LOS.
  8. First guide on steam

    Thank you for the thumbs up. Much appreciated. DF knows about the map selection effects. They have recently corrected the threat level as stellar density was always working. Comm events and derelicts are just random and have not been adjusted to represent what you pick back on map select. It would be nice as I hate when I get forceful invites into my base when I really do not want crew at that moment. Derelicts don't bother me so much, I have heard from friends. That if you have most the map built out and have pockets of space around your base derelicts appear and pretty much take over the area they spawn into. After awhile they despawn and you are left with a giant hole of where your base use to be. I've not been able to recreate that bug, but there is one where if a crew is inside the derelict or around it and it despawns the crew go with it lol. I fully support this bug as a dangerous side of derelicts if not claimed fast enough and how they float in and then float out.
  9. First guide on steam

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=345510155 Created another chapter.
  10. The 50-population attacks are separate from the megafleet attack? Huh, didn't realize that.That does sound pretty bad. Fortunately for us it will be one of the easiest things imaginable to fix with a mod, huh.. wasn't Caesar working on one for that purpose? It's a simple fix to bootconfig.lua . But a new player would not know about it.
  11. I assume you mean the pirate fleet, but that's the hurdle I was talking about. Just about any Roguelike (and I'm comparing spacebase to one because, by default, when things go bad you have to start over fresh) has some uber boss or super hard level where the difficulty really jumps up. Like, I mentioned Dungeons of Dredmor before: in case you haven't played that, the game more or less escalates in difficulty at an even rate, floor by floor (except for the occasional nasty surprise..) but then you get to (what used to be) the final boss on floor ten and he can pretty much kill you in a single shot. However, people have beaten him and they even released an expansion that adds additional levels BELOW that one.. So that game, and Spacebase too, become not just "can you survive and grow for four hours" but "can you do it SO well that you're ready for anything". I did manage to beat the pirate fleet once, the only problem was that at the end my base was completely wrecked and my crew were all so depressed that they refused to fix any of the reactors or oxygen recyclers... And then a couple more random boarding ships showed up at random and finished the survivors off before they could recouperate. :[ But I chalk that up to having BARELY scraped through the main wave of the invasion. Edit: It would be equally nice to play with no threat of a mass raider invasion, just regular attacks (escalating in size or not) ... Or alternately, no real threats EXCEPT for the eventual invasion, so you have plenty of time to prepare without setbacks. Or even just a casual mode where raiders hardly ever attack at all and you can just build for the fun of it... But all of that is simple enough to do in mods, and I believe people are already working on at least a couple iterations of that. All I was saying before is, "The default design with the brutal invasion event makes sense to me, especially if you compare it to this other genre of games (and Double Fine IS known for blending genres)" When you hit 50 crew the events will all go bad. No new crew events no friendly events, just all bad events. You even get an event that sends two breach vessels and six airlock invaders every 15 minutes. I know what the megafleet is and can handle it fine. I'm talking about the bootconfig file and the pop_cap 50 code line. That is not roguelike. How would a normal new player feel if they got up to that kill switch before the megafleet which is triggered at four hours? I'll tell you what a new player would feel. I thought it was just being buggy by sending me on a marathon of bad events nonstop. Having to convert raiders to new crew because I kept taking losses. On top of that I had a very nasty moral drop from the bad events back to back to back. Was not fun, was not roguelike. I thought the game was broken as the recent patch said that the longer you play the harder it gets. This is not true as all they did was put that pop cap code in to auto kill you out. That is not roguelike nor a scaled difficulty. Just bad events back to back to back. Do you understand that now?
  12. I don't blame people for wanting to use quicksave/quickload, but for me personally the game feels more meaningful when a major calamity or poor planning means starting over. Lot like a rogue-like, in that way.. challenging yourself to get farther than you did the last time, with the plateau of a major hurdle at the end. (I never could beat Dungeon of Dredmor...) I'd be fine with that if there wasn't a default kill switch in the code to auto fail you. But who knows about that unless they research forums about that soft cap hmm?
  13. Difficulty Level?

    It sounds like you are hitting the ceiling for crew which is default 50. Once you hit that you get nothing but bad events back to back. Here read up on this for better understanding. http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/15562/
  14. 1. Death by asphyxiation. a6 2. Death by asphyxiation, did not have tecs assigned and things broke down. a6 3. Death by starvation. a6 4. Death by breached raiders. a6 5. Death by raiders. a6 6. Death by raiders. a6 7. Death by raiders. a6 8. Death by meteor blowing a hole in main room with crew in front of only airlock. a6 Started to save scum, no more deaths or restarts. The wiki is heavily outdated, and I had to go off youtube videos just to get a general idea of the mechanics of the game. So in my first two hours from buying into the early access 6 build (50% steam sale), I had to become an autodidact just for this game. Really wish they had put in a save menu, oh well.
  15. Spacebase DF-9 Release

    On the contrary, full disclosure and knowing a lot earlier things were going the way of the pear would have made me a -lot- more supportive, I've stood by developers who have been in tough times and even done my bit by promoting their games, spreading the word. A little honesty goes a long way. Still, feel free to believe what you like, in case you didn't see what I'm doing with the free copy of the game I got as a result of owning hack and slash, that should give you an idea of where I stand overall. It's funny how people claim the Steam thread is overreacting and crazy when this forum is the exact opposite with massive butt kissing. It's like two extremes of terrible. It's really like nobody has any shame whatsoever. Whether it's fist waving at double fine or massive worship of a business that only sees people in this forum as a dollar sign and not a person, but you're fooled into that, just like most people are for any business really. That's why the concept of "Brand Loyalty" exists and corporate dudes in suits kinda laugh at people like in this forum just as people laugh at the really angry people on the Steam forums. Yin Yang