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  1. Progression Ending Bug!

    Just got the new patch today and I'm able to continue now, thanks for the swift patching!
  2. Progression Ending Bug!

    Thanks for the response! I'm not in a huge enough rush to send any extra work over to you guys. Hopefully the steam patch that has the fix will repair the corrupted save, if not I'll be sure to send the file then! I'm surprised we're one of just a few that somehow wasn't tempted enough to immediately steal a scientifically assembled hot dog costume! I looked around online for any reports of this bug and the only one I found before posting here was one obscure one on the game's steam community page, which then later posted that they just gave up and started the whole game over!
  3. Progression Ending Bug!

    ' Hey there Double Fine! First of all I want to say that I love your games. Recently while playing Costume Quest 2 for the first time as a little Halloween present to myself, I reached a game stopping bug for me, seemingly with no way to progress beyond this point! Where the bug occurred was in the science lab on the dental compound where you clear the room of two enemy groups before grabbing the hot dog costume in the stasis tank. What I believe triggered the glitch was that I cleared the room of the two groups there and then left to go do some other things. So I left the building completely before even grabbing the hot dog costume, because I figured it might trigger a scene or a fight or something. But when I came back, I was unable to do anything at all to get that costume from it's tank. What I believe happened was that there was an oversight in the script where it only recognized that the room was clear of enemies after initially defeating them and leaving the building reset or shut down the script, while the two enemy groups were saved as gone so I have no way to re-trigger the event to get the costume I need to go get the clock and kick the dentist's butt! I would love~ to be able to continue without having to do the whole game over again just to make the script trigger properly, so a look over and bug fix on that section of the game would be greatly appreciated!