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  1. Framerate issues on the WiiU version

    First, thanks for the latest patch. It clears up the sound glitches. Framerate and lag seem better too when I played today. Did the off-tv get pulled from this patch or is it coming in another future patch? Thanks again!
  2. Framerate issues on the WiiU version

    Thank you very much for the update!! So excited!!!
  3. Framerate issues on the WiiU version

    The first post on twitter of a patch coming was almost a month ago. So if it is not a rumor, do we have any ETA on when it will be live? Trying to play a game where damage is determined based on timing, when the timing can't be consistent due to the frame rate, is well, just disappointing for a series that I really enjoy.
  4. Framerate issues on the WiiU version

    Extremely happy to hear about the patch! Off-TV play is a major benefit of purchasing for the Wii U. And with the framerate fix incoming, I will wait to play until the patch is out to have the best experience (but I did purchase on release day to support DF and WiiU development). Is there any chance we can know if the patch has been submitted?