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  1. After extensive research, we've determined that kissing robots without protection is dangerous for your physical well-being and for their computational well-being. Maybe if there were pigeons involved the outcome would be different.
  2. You're most definitely the head of the human resources department and it's your official title (although whether it'd be Human or Robot resources is still up in the air). Here are some of the original names: Robot Resources Human-Robot Resources Human(?) Resources Factory Robot Life Also, "Boaty McBoatface" You have very limited influence over the factory and it's more that you're able to make suggestions and management will agree to go with it most of the time (but some managers might veto some options, such as the 'no music' rule mentioned previously). You do not have control over what the factory makes, the factory layout, or anything along those lines.
  3. So I had a few thoughts for the world outside the factory, but I never really settled on a lore for the outside world. Here were some early thoughts: 1) Humans are actually really well-treated and do nothing but leisure all day, but without function or purpose many humans get really depressed and robots try to do even more things for them, which doesn't make the remaining humans any more fulfilled. Losing the game would show you being sent off to a nice beach full of really unhappy people. 2) Robots can't really distinguish between humans and robots (so the robots in the factory think you're just another robot) but that makes life for humans really hard because they have to live in a world controlled by and, at this point, best suited to robots. Stuff like having to take a subway back home but with about 2cm of personal space, that sort of thing. 3) Robots don't even realize that there are any humans around. You're surviving off of the waste product of robot society. I feel that we really wanted a "Robot Overlords" scenario for the pitch, then you'd be a robot manager overseeing a factory full of humans, making parts for and servicing robots, with humans being unable to escape. So I didn't really think of it that much along those terms. I also didn't want to have the robots be mean or evil towards humans. If anything, the robots wouldn't quite understand how humans work, but they wouldn't try to kill all humans or just enjoy torturing them. You're right in that I'm not trying to make something too dreary. And also that you wouldn't really see the world outside the factory, except in game over screens. And even then, I really wanted to have coda about what happened to the robots you counseled after you were fired/left. Like "Unit 07 finally smashed through the wall", "The T-9800 was promoted to manager; no one told them, and the factory posted record profits".
  4. Hm. So out of those three I've only played "Papers, Please", can't play Republia Times (Flash Player issues), and I'm having to go with the Steam video/images for Westport Independent. This is not meant to be nearly as somber, serious, or tension-filled as Papers, Please. There's a similarity in that you're trying to find out more about the individual you're dealing with at the moment but yes, you'd be using dialogue through most of it (with some visual clues such as the robot's animations, choice on how to present themselves that sort of thing). I also wanted the time mechanic to be more action-based instead of realtime. In PP, time is constantly ticking away so you're always fighting against that. In DHGJ I wanted time to only progress as a result of your actions, so you could read at your own pace. There's also a similarity in that you're finding the information in what you're given. In PP, it's in every little detail; in DHGJ it's would be by checking out the keywords. From what I saw of Westport Independent, it seems that it's more similar to Lunar Gazette than DHGJ. I'd say the one-on-one session gameplay is closer to that of Ace Attorney (but not as conftrontational) or a robot dating sim.
  5. Can you go deeper into what sort of actions the teammates at the sidelines can perform? And also, once you're eliminated in the main fight, do you still stick around on the sidelines to help any remaining 'active' fighters?
  6. Also, just FYI, these robots would not be humanoid, cyborg-looking, T-800 sort of robots. They're factory robots, like welding arms, but not strictly linked to reality (the tasks they perform is stuff like 'reticulating splines', 'texelating pixels', 'crumbing sproggs', etc). Here are some quick designs for robots, sorry for the programmer art.
  7. The only thing that is guaranteed unique on a robot is their serial number, which might still be VERY similar to another robot's. Other than that, robots can share the same chassis, coloring, similar personalities, etc. Their serial numbers wouldn't be hidden for most of the gameplay. The game won't show a fake number because 'you' are confused. Any confusion will be on the part of actual you, @maxbz, not the virtual you, Dr. Human. Getting confused about which robot you're speaking to is part of the difficulty in being the human in the factory and most of them will get upset if you get mistake them for a different robot. So, VISUALLY, robots can be nearly identical but they can have 'flair', such as bows, googly eyes, buttons, ties, glasses, but that's up to the robots personalities, which would be randomized according to a set of rules per level. At their core, each robot is best suited to a particular function. A hammer is good at dealing with nails. A calculator is good with numbers. A printer will print. Personality-wise, right now the things that can be different between robots would be: Taste in music Tolerance of other robots' music Friendship/enmity towards a different robot (wanting to be close/far away from another robot) Little Endian vs Big Endian Desire to work vs desire to not be working Liking high volume vs low volume workstations Wanting to be called by a particular name instead of their serial number Hating cats Being comfortable at a station vs getting unhappier as time progresses if they don't get reassigned, regardless of what they're doing Open Source vs Closed Source Of course, how they feel toward you, which might make conversation flow faster/easier
  8. How would you become aware of the paper's impact? Would you get like a morning report of news to sift through? And would there be rival newspapers (Mars News, The New Earth Post)?
  9. Hello my once and future friends. I'm Silvio, this is my first AF pitch, AMA!
  10. The documentary should be in your humble bundle library already. Apparently there was an issue earlier, but it should be fixed now.
  11. That is good to know. Also for Geriatric brigade do you need a full vanguard of 60+ heroes? Similarly for 3 bloodlines to survive to the end do they have to be enkeeped or just present in the final vanguard? You just need old heroes in your active party (5 of them, 60+ years old). Not your whole retinue. For 3 bloodlines, it doesn't matter if they were in keeps. I mean, good luck trying to keep the bloodline alive without placing them in keeps. All that you need is to have 3 people in your last battle that share a family name (3 different families) with people in your starting 5 heroes.
  12. .7% of people have completed the IRON CHALICE (any difficulty iron run). Additionally, given how Geriatric Brigade isn't really that hard, but only 0.2% of people have completed it, I don't think it's a matter of the achievements being bugged. I think it's just really really hard
  13. Various forms of Crowd Control. How enemies will go to your last known location, so you can bait them. Friendly fire, and what attacks you can use on your own forces that don't have friendly fire. Sight vs attack ranges Spending skill points mid-battle
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