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  1. I agree, there needs to be a buffer that you can build up. I found this especially annoying in the final battle...
  2. I program for a living and in terms of amount of work it would take it should be trivial. The hardest part would be deciding which items are small and which are large. There are only three inputs that matter for it to work. The armor equipped, whether or not the character has the extra item skill, and the first item the user selected. The first slot always allows you to pick from large and small items. If the armor is Tier 2 or 3 and the first item selected is small then you add an extra small slot. If the armor is Tier 3 then you add an extra small slot. If the character has the extra item skill add an extra large or small slot (current functionality) You could even add some text to small item names so it's clear you get an extra slot when picking the first item. Something like "Health Potion (+1 item)"
  3. I know that item choice comes down to personal preference and play style and I didn't really mean for this to be a discussion on which items were best for how you play. This was really meant to address encouraging more variety in load outs than anything else. For those of you who have played through the game a few times, do you feel like you always use the same few items or do you mix it up? I, for example, feel pretty confident that I will always use the same armors from here on out (unless maybe they are nerfed or changed). It sounds like most people like Veil armor on the Hunter so do you think having the ability to have an extra item slot might encourage you to us the Advanced armor instead on some occasions? I definitely think I would be much more tempted to make the switch than I am now.
  4. After beating the game yesterday I've been thinking a bit about research strategy for my next play through and realized that there are really only 3 items I care about researching (Health Potions, Ultralixir, and Wunderpants) and that I would go straight for my favorite armors (Veil, Adv Alchemist, and Bone) and maybe pick up some of the weapons when I have some spare cycles. I know you guys want people to experiment with different combinations of items, armor, and weapons but I feel that in the current state of the game the health potions are just far too important to give up for anything except Wunderpants on you front line characters when fighting Wrinklers and lots of Lapses. So, I got to thinking about how you guys could encourage more diverse item usage and here are my thoughts: Item Sizes and Slots: My first thought on items is, that's easy, just lets us carry more items, but then I thought some more and I think that you could make it more interesting by breaking the items up into different sizes (small and large) and have the armor upgrades open up new slots to make them more attractive. For the number of slots I'm thinking: Tier 1 - Base Armor - 1 small item or 1 large item Tier 2 - Refined Armor and Cadence Armor - 2 small items or 1 large item Tier 3 - Advanced Armor - 3 small items or 1 large item and 1 small item In addition the Alchemist extra item skill would still give you an additional large or small item slot. I can't say I've used enough of the items to know what would be small and what would be large but the best example would be Health Potions (small) and Ultralixirs (large). This would still make the basic health potions relevant in the late game and give you more reasons to try out other items yet still forces a tough decision on what is the best loadout. Weapons: Ultimately, the Relic weapons are far superior to all of the weapons you can research, and while I think that should be the case, it is a bit disappointing because there are some really cool looking and useful weapons that you can research. You currently can't get a relic from the weapons you can research but it would be nice if you could. To balance base weapon relics with research weapon relics I think I would cap research weapons at level 5 and make it so the research weapons only increase in damage per level and do not get a crit chance bonus (or have a much smaller crit chance)
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