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  1. 1. Hadn't noticed the border size change, I'll look for that now! 2. Yeah that would be nice, though I'd be happy with a forum/blog post about it. 3. This might be better once I get a few more generations in then. I had almost only hunter's too start so I had to do a couple rounds of recruiting to get more classes so my average unit age was higher. 4. Definitely RE: The second bug What might be happening is when I hover over the parts that are supposed to be black and white it covers the whole screen instead. thanks for your response!
  2. Yes that's a good point I think to look at the bloodlines as the character instead of the heroes. Better family histories would definately help to flesh those out. More traits sounds good too, though so far I have found they don't get inherited very often.
  3. First I just want to say this is an amazingly complete and polished beta and a ton of fun. I would totally accept this as a 1.0 but am really glad to hear that more work will be going into it! I have the following constructive criticism after a few hours of play: 1. When moving heroes the destination square changes between white and yellow, it's a bit too subtle and can be really hard to see are certain terrains. 2. I think there needs to be a little more information in game about how breeding works. For example I didn't realize that children take their regents class until I built my 3rd keep. As a side note if anyone has a link to some complete info on this I would appreciate it! 3. I felt that time moved too fast. My main issue with this is that my heroes only get too fight a couple of battles before they die or I need them to become regents, standards, etc. This could probably be adjusted via an X-Com style second wave option that lengthens the game. 4. Due to above I felt it pretty hard to get attached to any of the heroes as they were pretty expendable. To be honest I don't remember the names of most of them. This desire might be due too taking the game in too much of and X-COM light though. Couple Bugs: - I often see seeds without their torso - when scrolling around maps my view often shifts between colour and black and white. This can change alternate rapidly and be pretty jarring sometimes.
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