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  1. I was playing for a bit and wasn't exactly having a great time but I was going to keep playing for a bit but then the camera glitched out... it seemed to be anchored to a spot about 2/3rds of a screen away from my last character tile. So I wasn't able to get a good idea of where his abilities would play out (blastcapper). So now I am done with my replay.
  2. Steams says I've spent 75 hours playing it. But I'm looking over the achivements and I dunno. I'm pretty sure I met most of those and have played for more than that because of how many achievements I think I should have earned. So I mean. Clearly it's not awful or anything...
  3. I just did a keep defense. The lack of a forfeit option mid game. Cradles not indicating if they are going to lob an attack (I remember trying to drive home this point, that cradles if they are going to launch a bomb need to have red bulbs so that you can properly manage the threat assessment)... and level design which flies in the face of game balance - careful and slow discovery of enemies. Granted I did start the game in the higher difficulty but I'm bored / disgruntled after about two hours. Not sure I can agree it was worth the money. Although I did enjoy testing and comparing game design principles with staff and other forum members.
  4. I have to say I tried playing this again and ... I don't know. I'm completely indifferent to it. Sure it's mostly got a tactical experience and sure it mostly has a strategy layer but mostly it just doesn't add up to an experience worth my time. I was struck by one thing though. That music is perfect. It's almost hypnotic. Well done there. I could easily understand zoning out and just playing this while it was in early access over and over.
  5. My biggest disappoint was that I couldn't recycle my characters / grandfather in the bloodlines I had to the next reply. It's all cyclical anyhow, so why can't the finishing bloodline(s) be used when I start a new game. A gradually increasing difficulty, even on the new game would be appreciated. New Game + + + for example... so brutal + + + would be like ... the penultimate insanity and MAYBE then there could be a new ending but you'd have to earn that so hard.
  6. 1. Not sure why you felt the need to comment ... that I should take a break when the above comment I made says that I've been taking a break. 2. Just to be clear ... I don't think Massive Chalice is a bad game. It's a bit constricting, but I've played it too much to really enjoy it further. I feel pretty comfortable admitting that I'm not encountering anything new from Massive Chalice anymore. Yes, technically each fight may have a unique situation, but on the whole, I hadn't adapted new tactical strategies or found many viable alternatives to my research path. The brutal difficulty felt like gambling, and that's fine, but the other difficulties didn't provide enough challenge anymore, and so I'm kind out of options for a gameplay experience that I want. I hope you enjoy it, and don't get burnt out or balk at the RNG shutting your 100+ year game down without warning.
  7. Eh. Doing the beta testing was pretty draining. I... played through an Ironman mode of X-COM-EW after taking my break and then took a break from the serious tactical and tried out Shadowrun Dragonfarts... Dragonflight? I dunno. I've moved on to Heroes of the Storm for my current tactical experience. Got pretty burnt out on turn by turn RNG testing.
  8. I've completed that run. In Beta a few weeks before released. I actually realized I was going to try again just to get the achievement and then I came to my senses and uninstalled Massive Chalice.
  9. The problem is lower level Heroes are pretty ineffective. So you can't even hold back the enemies. I actually tended not to bother with the final fight in my last play through series I wad doing during testing.
  10. In a way though... that's the hurdle Massive Chalice has a tactics game. In some ways I liked how it took me back to the original X-com. Where over time, you'd realize that what character A should do is carry high accuracy weapons and character B should only carry Grenades, armor, and a pistol. Because character B is, in effect, a baseball star that X-com recruited for his arm.
  11. It's a better review than most. I'd disagree with the 5 stars but ... I'm a pretty critical person.
  12. Cool. You had good feedback / recommendations for other players.
  13. That score wasn't part of the original Destructoid article being linked to here, and other reviews such as that 5/10 one have been linked to... so perhaps tone done the conspiracy theories a bit? Never. The dihydronal monooxitate is real. Wait. I f*d that joke up. I will say. I wish they were organized by rank. But that's just massively ocd.
  14. For those of us who are PC only. Why is this good? Is Gold a measure of standard? Or a promotional mechanic Xbox uses to get more money?
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