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  1. Was just browsing my old posts, and noticed I hadn't thanked anyone for including an idea I had an influence on. So, Zombie Spam.
  2. They also removed the ability of Seeds to form Cradles in the release patch, which feels like a downgrade, but is actually a very nice and practical improvement because it was really weird for Seeds to voluntarily make themselves much less dangerous. On an unrelated note, after months of cursing at my laptop for poor performance, which ultimately sapped my exitement for the game, I messed around with my 3d-setting yesterday, and suddenly all of my games run smoothly with 2x Anti-Aliasing. So I may actually complete a release build game after all!
  3. Hybrid classes, and skill tree tweaks in general. It's more about the wait, and the anticipation, and the discovery in trying out new things.
  4. A rather handsome gentleman writes: The Expansion Pile: Boss Monsters Need I say more? New enemy types are, to me, the most important Big thing to improve the game. Visual customation: Adam K writes: This is one of the things that people are going to have differing opinions about. Some people care about customization, some people don't, it isn't really integral to the experience. Scenarios: yonder writes: I think different map types and game types could be an interesting addition if the game were to be considered for an expansion. Kind of "civ" style, with new events and new, well, scenarios to deal with. Different Combat Objectives and Conditions? http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/15929/#368548 Nuff said. Everything there is good. currently, all mission types boil down to "defeat all enemies". Ways to deepen investment in and out of combat Kestrel Pi writes: Some heavy editing there. go to http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/15846/ to get a more complete picture of the ideas thrown around. House Prestige More combat features: These suggestions are pretty dispersed in various threads, and mostly it's "Overwatch. Overwatch. nye nye nyeeee" but here's an example that stands out: Chilihead writes: And finally, A yarn I wrote up yons ago: The Expansion Pile: Antagonists, do we have any?
  5. [suggestion] Family Tree / Timeline view and story generation geoffpaulsen writes: A family tree view is the single small thing that I would most like to see added to the game. The current system of cycling through generations is nice, but it's very limited, very confusing, and doesn't really do the scope of the story you're putting together justice. I don’t care about my characters, maybe these will help change that? A lot of people have commented on this subject. I'm going to cherrypick some things froma post by Ofidian: Some of the ideas here are a bit on the "could be a game of it's own" side, but more flavourtext would definately go a long way. On a different thread, Carbus writes: Titles to Mighty Heroes Hall of Heroes The Chalice Tournament tragichero83 writes: NEW CADENCE Skathe0656 writes: KestrelPi writes:
  6. So, back when I was more active on this forum, I coined the term "expansion pile", to describe ideas that definately weren't going to be making it to 1.0. Mostly just to be clever, but also to deflate any unfounded hype. But later I figured that just mentioning "the pile" on a post would be a neat-o way to tag all new ideas for the game, in case anyone would ever be interested. With the game finally out, and the possible continuation seeming not-so-likely, I figured I'd nevertheless look up some of the greatest hits of the pile, to introduce some ideas people have been throwing around. Let's face it, we're going to see a lot of people throwing around their ideas in the next few weeks, so it's good to at least categorize the points already made. (I'll be doing some editing, cherry picking the ideas I deem "the Best" just search up "Expansion pile" if you want a more complete list.)
  7. To reiterate my steamy remark: Boy That Is Phat. Also, adding to that that the battle themes have been lengthened, to make for less awkward pauses mid-mission. ...at least that's what it sounded like.
  8. Congratulations! I like this game and I like this site. Not much else to say, really.
  9. It's one of those things that's lost it's purpose. It was put in to reign in hunters before, but now that hunters have been nerfed all around, it would be much nicer to be able to cap seeds without them constantly dancing out of harm's way. Would make hard mode more manageable too.
  10. Whoah, I'm late to the party. I've only taken a cursory glance at 0.96, I'll get started right away. From what I remember of 0.93 difficulty, the biggest problem I had with the hard mode was that every enemy took some serious crowd control to down, requiring each Bulwark, and cradle to be tightly stunned by a whole team of caberjacks, and that my playthrough capitulated into being unable to hit Advanced Seeds because of an underleveld squad. Hoping I'll do better this time... From what I've heard, my advanced Twitcher suggestion has backfired horribly. (Maybe give them an altered "Stand ground, so that they can't be moved, but can be stunned by knocking something int them?) Ok, enough whining, back to playing. I'll start on Hard, and if it gets too tough I'll say so and switch to normal.
  11. Checking back once again. Boy are there a lot of notes. Advanced Twitchers... I'm sorry, everyone. Yay for no resistance! I still haven't actually beaten the game on hard, but this'll give me another reason to try
  12. Stand ground for SOME enemy. I've suggested Twitchers multiple times. The main asset would be having to manage your knocbacks and stuns differently, when there is one enemy in a group that just won't budge. It would also make them more threathening, and more "Hulky". I would also like the devs to take another look at the "Form Cradle" ability of Advanced seeds, since it currently makes the seeds less threatherning, instead of more. Ruptures don't need a huge change, but since they're becoming corruption kettles, maybe the explosion animation should becmoe more.... SPLASHING. Yeah, I like Honed hearing, or even mor flavourfully "Sniffer" on Wrinklers. Something to combat stealth abuse, which also makes Wrinklers more priority targets.
  13. On one hand, tougher enemies and encounters force you to think about each and every encounter, and managing the strategy layer becomes a bit more nailbiting. I was surprised to find that a playthrough I thought was lost in the first few decades actually managed to drag on all the way to the third century, sometimes with less than 4 active heroes for each mission. So that was pretty good. But on the other hand, the game becomes all about managing the incoming damage, and the way to do that is to either exploit enemies who are stuck behind a wall on the pale sea stage, shooting them as they pace back and forth in front of you, or just by stunlocking the enemies every turn and whittling them down praying to RNGeesus that you don't miss. Some flaws also become more pronounced, like the advanced seeds turning into cradles. This actually makes fighting them easier, since I was so behind in my playthrough that my hit-% against them was in the 30% and 40% with lvl4-5 caberjacks. Because I had no alchemists, I had no way to really combat the advanced seeds. Cradles and basic seeds from them were actually a blessing, because I could bump them into the advanced ones to at least stun them and deal some damage, but that only took me so far.
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