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  1. One thing I'm having trouble following with the strategy is, how many different bloodlines do you end up as regents in keeps? It looks like you end up with most of your keeps belonging to the same bloodline (though I could be missing something). Obviously adoption creates enough genetic space that you can probably marry within the same family, but don't you end up with a bunch of heroes from only one class? Granted, you could probably beat the game easily with a uniform party of level 10 heroes, but it's nice to have some variety.

  2. I can say this much: I played three games on 0.85 and never felt the "year 50 crunch" that other people ran into. My first game on 0.86 saw me faceplant on year 51. Slower keep building meant I was slower to get new trainees which meant I had fewer fresh heroes ready to go. I was also interspersing more recruit hero actions because by the time my second, third, and fourth keeps were going up, whatever heroes I had at the start had already aged into low fertility and I only had so many newly-come-of-age trainees to go around. I had barely even started item research when I crashed and burned on a Bulwark/Lapse attack. And this was with putting my first keep on the (nerfed) building time reduction region.

    I think this version might push me into actually getting and using Health Vials. In 0.85 I easily did without by prioritizing Steady Handers (to put down enemies more reliably) and Reinforced Armor (which makes a huge difference against Bulwarks). Without those, my heroes were feeling the pain much more than I'm used to, and you just aren't going to get them in a hurry with the slower research and the necessity of getting several keeps up.

    My gut feeling is that the slower overall research is going to make the end game feel better. The early game, however, is going to be more touch and go, especially if you can't get your hands on plenty of bountiful heroes to kick start your bloodlines.

  3. Hmm, I'm kind of with ApexHawk in that it doesn't feel right to deny Hunters Stealth as a class ability. The ability to scout and/or ambush enemies feels pretty central to their class identity. What if, and I'm just spitballing here, but what if Shoot n' Scoot was their level 2 ability? There seems to be a consensus that Shoot and Scoot isn't that impressive and is hard to justify vs. a lot of choices, so what if we make hit and run tactics part of the core Hunter package? It gives Hunters some interesting tactical options for either scouting or offense, but isn't so good that it's going to allow them to kite melee Cadence.

    So my hypothetical tree would look something like this:

    Class: Stealth

    Level 2: Shoot n' Scoot

    Level 4: Honed Hearing/Put it Down

    Level 6: Hobbling Shot/Follow up Shot

    Level 8: Dead Eye/Chalk One Up

    Level 10: Flarrow

    I like putting Hobbling Shot opposite Follow up Shot because I think it creates a clear dichotomy in what you are building your Hunter for. Likewise, to me Dead Eye and Chalk One Up feel evenly matched and provide an opportunity to decide whether you want your Hunter to hit harder or hit safer, so to speak. I'll admit that Flarrow feels kind of weird as a capstone, but it does provide a sort of "I own the battlefield" flavor to the Hunter.

  4. I think moving Charge down to level 2 is a good idea. Right now low-level Caberjacks are really hurting for good mobility options, and those are compounded if Asthma and Slowness is tainting your gene pool. It'll be interesting to see how you rearrange the skills. If you just straight up swapped Charge and Prime Target in the tree as it stands, I think I'd still lean toward Prime Target over Stun Slam, but it'd be a lot closer of a consideration. On the other hand, if you could have Charge, Knockback, and Stun Slam on the same Caberjack as they currently stand, you could potentially chain stuns indefinitely off a single character.

  5. In case anyone's wondering, the decision to make regencies permanent was made because of the alternative causing a lot of unneeded micro-managemend in trying to maximize the kids.

    Personally, I think it could make a return as a very costly research project.

    Alternately, a costly research project to demolish a building so you can do something else with the plot might be nice. For those times when a bad result on a random event nukes your only Caberjack keep, for example. Might be a pain to figure out what to do with the people currently in the building you want to demolish, though (particularly trainees).

  6. Hmm, if creating a relic is based off kill XP (or experience earned in general) and gaining a nickname is based purely off the number of kills, then it might be possible to get a nickname from killing a lot of Seeds while still not having enough experience to make a relic. And conversely, in the late game kill XP is high enough that you could probably cross the threshold on relatively few kills while not having enough kills to earn a nickname.

  7. Based on all the anecdotal feedback, it seems like most are picking Charge vs Stun Slam. Hm...
    That doesn't surprise me. Charge is a huge bonus to the Caberjack's mobility (especially once you realize there doesn't have to be an enemy at the end to use it), which is pretty important for getting the class into the action, while Stun Slam is a marginal skill that has a longer cooldown, making it harder to chain stuns. It doesn't help that you can already stun multiple enemies at a time by using Knockdown, Charge, or Ramcap Cabers to knock enemies into one another. I could maybe see Stun Slam being interesting on a Caberjack that uses a Skipping Stone, but that means that you aren't using Wunderpants and you've got a -1 movement penalty.

  8. One idea that occurred to me recently (and maybe this is something for the "expansion pile") as I was playing yet another game where I ended up with way more relics than I needed, was that relics that provide benefits when held by a Regent/Partner might be interesting. Maybe a relic that has an associated personality trait that's a bit more likely to be passed on to offspring, or one that skews the odds on the genetic lottery a bit in your favor, making negative genetic traits a bit rarer and positive ones more common.

    As far as what generates a relic, I know getting a nickname guarantees it, but I've gotten relics from heroes without nicknames, so that can't be the only criterion. Maybe there's a certain threshold of earned experience? That would explain why extra relics start showing up out of nowhere late in the game.

  9. After two more playthroughs, here's where I'm at: Caberjacks are a lot better than I gave them credit for; in fact, Ramcap Cabers might be too good, since they essentially crit whenever you can knock an enemy into something (and splash damage whenever that "something" is another enemy) and stun on top of that. Caberjacks definitely make the final battle less tedious than a Hunter-heavy party; they might even make it too easy, since a single Caberjack can take out a big chunk of a Cadence wave as soon as it appears.

    When I build 3 Sagewright's Guilds, research goes way too fast. When I build 3 Crucibles, hero experience ramps up too quickly. Both feel a lot better at 2, but there are 10 building spots and I don't see myself ever building 6 keeps.

    Bloodline management is a bit tricky right now. I ended up playing in windowed mode and keeping a sticky note open at the side, because it was the only way I could keep track of who had relics and which heroes where going into what posts when they finally opened up. Fertility is a bit feast or famine depending on your strategy. If you pick fresh-faced youngsters for your regents and partners, you'll be swimming in heroes and have more than you can possibly use, and your regents will be faceless breeding stock that you won't recognize when they show up during the final battle. If you have a hero participate in a couple of battles to get experience before being assigned as a regent, they'll probably be in their late-30's at the youngest, their fertility will have fallen off, and you'll find yourself recruiting new heroes on a regular basis just to keep stocked. In my third game, one of my bloodlines just quietly died out because I installed a middle-aged regent with a theoretically productive spouse, and they simply did not produce an heir before the regent died. Considering heroes can die from old age as early as 48, this isn't too surprising.

    I have discovered that you can change hero loadouts before a keep attack, but this requires you to click on the capital (something I didn't even realize you could do after the Cadence attack notification had popped up at first), click Heroes->Regency/Standard to find whoever's in the territory being attacked, fix their setup, then back out to the map and click on the territory being attacked, whereupon you'll go back to the chalice screen to outfit your five man team. That's a bit counter-intuitive, and involves way more clicks than it needs to.

  10. Alchemists are for dealing with densely packed groups of enemies (Caberjacks aren't great at that until Kill Rush and Hunters have to kill one enemy at a time). They're also great against Bulwarks, as The Acid Solution and Bees in a Bottle both bypass Shell Defense. Free Throw makes them good at dishing out a lot of damage (even without relics) at short notice, whether that's softening up a bunch of enemies or piling it on one guy. Also, the fact that they can lob flasks over LoS-blocking obstacles is amazing on certain maps, especially in conjunction with stealthy Hunters scouting. My Alchemists can often soften up or destroy enemies before they're even aware of my heroes, and that combos great with just lobbing a single flask and letting the acid finish them.

  11. 1. "Sort by: relic" already in the game
    True, but if you're trying to keep tabs on where all of your relics are, there's currently no place to find an unfiltered list of all of your heroes to sort by relic. You have to go into the chalice screen, sort your active heroes by relic, then click through Regency, Standards, and Trainees to see all the people who could possibly have a relic, and on each tab you have to pull open the individual hero information tabs to check for relics because nothing shows you where the relic-carrying heroes end and the relic-less heroes begin on the sorted list.

  12. I find Hunters to be really good in the early game, as Follow Up + Put Them Down can take care of most enemies you encounter. Later game, I find they shift to a scouting/support role as Cadence get stronger and can't be put down so easily. I still find them useful for stealthing around, using Flarrow, and finishing off enemies, while Caberjacks and Alchemists get strong enough to drop enemies themselves.

  13. I'm going to disagree on a couple of points. First, I never use health potions, and I've never missed them. When not up against Lapses and Wrinklers, I give my Caberjacks Haste Hooch or Dodging Stockings, and everyone else gets Steady Handers (unless they're high level and Tranquil, in which case I might swap for Dodging Stockings). While leveling up I'll sometimes use Experience Scarves, but it's a tough choice between getting those early and getting Veil Armor.

    I do think that opening up the number of items heroes can use is a good idea, though, because one item per hero pushes you to focus on a few key must-haves, at which point you ignore everything else because your must have is all you have room for. Right now I barely touch item research for most of the game until I've done everything else and I'm just trying to keep my Sagewrights busy. They could always take a page from XCOM: Enemy Within and make an extra item a mid game research project, with Alchemists getting an extra use out of limited use items.

    On the subject of Relics, I feel like there's a good trade off for Caberjacks and Alchemists. Ramcap Cabers are amazing, because any time you can knock an enemy into something else they basically do double damage and that enemy is stunned (as well as any enemies you knocked that enemy into). Being able to knock back and stun more or less at will is amazing, and definitely compensates you for the lack of criticals that you could be getting from a relic. Similarly, Anarchy Slingers increase the AoE of Alchemists' flasks, which is very useful, especially late game when the Cadence tends to swarm. The other area where I feel relics outshine the researched options is for Hunters, because both of the alternate Hunter weapons have their own disadvantages (Bone Barb Bows have decreased damage, Blunderbows have decreased range and knock your Hunter back), which make relics seem like an all around better choice.

  14. I've gotten in the habit of clicking on every hero that comes of age in the timeline and equipping and unlocking skills for them if there's any possibility that they might be assigned as a regent or standard later. That's a lot of clicking. I think allowing the player to equip standards/regents would be a good idea. More often than not, the keep defense missions seem to place your heroes on the other side of the map from whoever's in the building under attack, and it's hard enough keeping them alive in that situation late game without having them in bog standard equipment.

  15. If someone has an heirloom it should say so along with their stats. Also I feel like I may have skimmed a tool tip at some point; do sagewrights and banners not leave any heirlooms they have to their house? I made one of my older heroes a banner right before her death and I think the heirloom weapon she had disappeared.
    Tracking relics is a bit of a pain right now. On some screens it will list them at the bottom of the info screen, but not all.

    If a hero with a relic is made a standard or a regent/partner, they will hold on to their relic until they die, at which point you should be able to pick a new bearer from the same family. If you make them a sagewright, they will pass on the relic immediately instead of waiting for their death (because of this, towards the end of the game I will keep a couple of vacancies open in the guilds in case I need to reassign a relic at the last minute). This also applies to generating new relics; a hero who is capable of making a new relic on their death will wait until they die if you make them a regent/partner/standard, but will make it immediately if you make them a sagewright. Sometimes when a sagewright dies the message that pops up will make it sound like you need to pick a new bearer for their relic, but you won't because they already passed it on when they became a sagewright in the first place.

  16. I think the big problem right now is that once your heroes are popping out at level 10 and you've done all the research you want to do, there's nothing to do but sit on your hands and wait for the end. It might be nice if there was some way to actively speed up the end of the game once you're at a good place; maybe a combination of research and sending max level heroes out to gather Cadence essence?

    Also, there's currently kind of a weird point I encounter around year 220-230 where I've got a fresh crop of great heroes who aren't going to last until the final battle and may not have the chance to jump in Crucibles or Regencies to pass on their awesomeness in time for the heroes who will be around for the final fight. But that would probably happen regardless of how long the game takes.

  17. I'm also of the opinion that the current situation of predictable classes is a good one, especially when I consider your point #2. At this point, it's really not feasible to cleanse your bloodlines of all negative traits; those undesirable genes will keep turning up like a bad penny. And then there would be the frustration of finally hitting the jackpot on the set of traits you were hoping for and having it end up on the wrong class (imagine a Caberjack regent finally giving birth to a child with Bear Strength, Hearty, and Quick, and having it turn out to be a Hunter).

  18. 1) There isn't "cover" per se, but tall terrain features (like big rocks or undamaged shatter eggs) will block line of sight. This can be useful when a unit triggers dangerous ranged enemies or you need to safely get someone closer. There's an eye symbol that pops up next to the Cadence if you hover the cursor over a square that you can see them from, which can help give you an idea of whether or not they can see you. There's no half cover.

    2) If you want to be able to respond, your best bet is not to sprint or to do so cautiously. If you half move and spot enemies, you can always see if there's a tall object within range to hide behind, tall grass to be "obscured" in, or just run back away from the enemy and hope they have to spend their turn chasing instead of attacking.

    3) As far as I can tell, the only strategic difference between territories are the bonuses you can get from having buildings in the outer ring. That said, different territories have different maps and terrain when you fight in them, so if you know, for example, that you hate having to pick your way around Shatter Eggs in the southwest region (its name escapes me at the moment), then you can put something you're more willing to lose there.

    4) Inheritance is a lot of guess work, and I suspect that's intentional to keep people from "solving" the breeding problem. In particular, I think traits like Lone Wolf and Pack Hunter could use a bit more detail so that you know what the conditions are to trigger the effect. If all else fails, most of the traits are reflected in the stat numbers for the hero, so you can compare those directly.

    5) There are a lot of things that could use better descriptions. Off the top of my head, I couldn't tell whether "Haste Hooch" was a passive or consumable item until I researched it, and it was only after researching the Sponge Stone that I found out that it decreases max HP.

  19. On a similar note, giving the player a few different symbols that they can attach to the heroes to keep them straight would be nice. Then as heroes come of age you could put a symbol next to their name to remind yourself to put them on active duty, or prep them for regency/standard positions, or ship them off to the Sagewright's at the next vacancy, etc.

    The nicknames that the characters get help a little with this, but that only comes up if they're actually on active duty and getting sufficient kills.

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