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  1. Armor, weapons, and items are free in this game, so there's no penalty to equipping them on every character. The only time you can set someone's equipment is the screen immediately before a battle, but you can cycle through every single hero and set up their equipment, but not send them into battle. Through this technique, you can effectively set the equipment for your regents and standards, as long as you identify them ahead of time and set up their equipment in a pre-battle setup screen some time prior to their 'retirement'. This can be a huge leg up for keep and crucible defense missions. The downside is that it is a ton of clicking for a lot of hypothetical assignments - the safest thing to do is to equip every single hero with the best equipment available every time you enter the equip screen that precedes battle. But this is very wasteful and annoying to the player. There's a lot of ways to fix this, including completely un-equiping regents and standards, making those defense missions harder and removing the incentive to use the workaround. On the flipside, allowing us to pick the equipment for regents and standards before those missions take place would remove the burden from the player, but make those missions easier.
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