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  1. Oh man, I've got too many games vying for my attention right now. Bunch of VR stuff, plus Fallout 4 (which I'm playing with hacked VR support), plus I just got gifted a copy of Night in the Woods, pluuuuus Yooka Laylee just came out. Too many games!
  2. I'm a couple hours into Yooka Laylee and so far I'm VERY happy with how it turned out. It seems to be incredibly faithful as a spiritual successor to Banjo Kazooey, the overall game feel seems excellent, they don't hold out on giving you the kind of powers/abilities that make games like this fun, it looks and sounds gorgeous (with the exception of the character "voices" which... are definitely faithful to Banjo Kazooey's shtick, but I had forgotten how annoying that could be, lol), essentially it seems to me that Playtonic has delivered 100% what they promised in their kickstarter. (As of world one) I think the only thing I could really nitpick is a lack of enemy variety. Hopefully that will improve in later worlds. If not, I still doubt I could rate this any lower than a 4/5. - So it seems to me that the negative reviews mainly fall into one of several categories: People who have never played a game like Banjo Kazooey, who find the basic gameplay concepts or design choices baffling in comparison to modern games, and probably would have realized they wouldn't like the game if they had done even the slightest amount of research before buying it.. People who loved Banjo Kazooey but have an unrealistic memory of what the old games were like, and who have set impossible standards for the spiritual successor to live up to.. you know, those "The games I played as a child were infinitely better than all modern games" types, who don't know how to take their nostalgia goggles off and give 'em a good polish now and then.. And people who simply hate enjoying things, or the very concept of happiness. Y'know, like that Jim Sterling fella. But hey, maybe the game suddenly gets terrible after the first level. Who knows. If I spot any glaring flaws later on, I'll let you guys know.
  3. Not my art, but my friend Adri Tibbs (who just recently got into Grim Fandango) drew this amazing Glottis, and since they don't have a forum account I offered to share it on their behalf. Original tweet here: https://twitter.com/AdriMakesArt/status/779975614073888768/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc^tfw If you like this, I'm sure Adri will appreciate you dropping by twitter and leaving them a like and or comment, or checking out their other work. (P.S. does the forum support direct tweet embedding? I tried but couldn't get it to work.)
  4. This is a room pretty early in the game; when you enter, the left and right-side doorways get locked off with laser-grids, and it seems like the only way to deactivate them is to get the omega gem scan to succeed? I assumed that meant I had to pull a robot head off of someone and put it under the scanner.. but I've tried it with the two Shepherds there and it just keeps giving the same "Omega gem not detected" response. There are some civilian robots in the background, but I can't interact with them in any way, whether in head mode or on a shepherd body. Nothing else in the room can be interacted with either, and the only other exit is a hatch to a short passageway blocked off by a continuous laser-beam, which is impassable to me because I haven't gotten the requisite upgrade yet.. Did I completely overlook something here, or is the game bugged out and not triggering the puzzle solution I'm trying? (carrying shepherd heads under the scanner) (Also, hey everyone, it's been a while ) Edit: Oh, d'oh, I totally missed the blue light I could dock onto at the top of the room. nvm, this thread can be deleted.
  5. The way I see it.. Overwatch is just TF2 with a MOBA-sized character roster and MOBA-style active skills on the characters (in place of any kind of weapon selection)... and because of Blizzard's massive advertising budget and rabid fan-base, this is the popular game that all the plays-whatever-is-popular teenagers and hardcore gamers are going to swear by. Battleborn is 1/2 first-person-MOBA and 1/2 Borderlands. Not all at once, though, but different modes of the game. Nobody ever talks about the Borderlands part, which is the only part I'm interested in (I couldn't possibly care less about either game otherwise. No offense to them, just not my thing). I'd actually really like to get it just to play that, but I'm not sure the price-tag will be worth it if I'm ONLY playing that section of the game, since there are only so many missions available (or planned for the future). I missed out on a 40% sale on Steam but I'll almost definitely get Battleborn the next time a similar or better sale comes around.
  6. I have a Rift and the VorpX software, so... as soon as I figure out how to set up new game profiles with it, I'll try this out and let you know how it goes. Anyone know if Iron Brigade uses any particular game engine, or did they build it from scratch?
  7. A neat thing about VorpX is that it also includes a nice Virtual Cinema mode, where the game is just played like normal on a screen in front of you... but the screen itself, and the entire room around it, exists in virtual reality. (And if you want to play a game in stereoscopic 3D but NOT in full VR, that's possible in the virtual cinema as well). How cool would it be to play the majority of something like Brutal Legend in the normal Virtual Cinema mode, but then be able to cut to full VR view when you're just standing somewhere peaceful and want to take in the view as if you were actually standing there? A lot of 3rd-person games do have a "first-person look-around" button, after all. That may or may not already be possible in VorpX, I'm not entirely sure.. Back to the more general topic, though, when I see people saying that VR-Injection isn't worth it, that's like hearing someone say "If I can't eat a 5-star steak then I should just have value-brand hotdogs for dinner instead". In my case, I know that games and experiences made specifically for VR are going to be better and smoother than VR-injected existing games, BUT there will always be traditional games in my collection, and given the option of playing them in stereoscopic 3D, with an ultra-large field of view, and possibly incorporating head-tracking in some way? Well, I think that's always worth a try! (unless of course the nausea is a concern for you) Coincidentally, I'm the kind of person who keeps the '3D switch' on my 3DS permanently at the maximum setting; It's never bothered me in the slightest and I've always felt that any game rendered in 3D just looks better when viewed in 3D... I mean, stereoscopic 3D is how we view the world around us every day, so viewing our media in that depth just seems like a logical progression to me.
  8. Haha, for sure. It's worth mentioning however that every person's susceptibility to VR Sickness is different; Some people get nauseous even from games and experiences specifically designed to be comfortable (as in actual made-for-VR games). Other people seem almost completely immune to it. IIRC, traditional first or third person games up-converted to VR tend to have like a 50% rate of nausea. Obviously that's a pretty large number of people to be left out, but those not bothered tend to be very interested in VR-injecting everything they can think of. Once I get my Rift and try this out, I'll definitely let you guys know... and if I end up making any videos or something like that, I'll be sure to put up a disclaimer about the nausea risk, lol.
  9. I think it fits the character a lot better than the other one, since it's so playful and tongue-in-cheek, and in far better taste than just.. striking a 'sexy pose' for no reason.
  10. So we already know that Double Fine is working on a VR game for the PSVR: Psychonauts and the Rhombus of Ruin (or just Psychonauts 1.5 as I like to call it) but why stop there? With the miracle of VR INJECTION TECHNOLOGY (IE the VorpX software) existing, non-VR games can be granted stereoscopic 3D, stretched to a maximum field-of-view, and sometimes given other VR features like head-tracking. I should be getting my own Rift in the near future, and VorpX will be launching an update that allows for user-created game profiles, so you can bet I'm eager to use it on as many of my favorite developers' games as possible. What out of Double Fine's existing catalogue do YOU think would be well-suited to VR conversion? What would YOU like to see?
  11. @epic - regarding the 1 vs 100 thing.. that's a curious way of thinking when we're talking about an individual's artistic rights. This issue was never put up for public vote (as far as I'm aware?) it was the artists' right to make the decision based on what they think was best. 1,000,000 people wanting something doesn't make a difference if exactly 0 of those people have a say in the matter to begin with. In fact, if there WERE 100x as many people arguing to leave in the sexually suggestive content as there were complaining about it, then you CANNOT reasonably claim the change was made due to "pressure by SJWs" or whatever; If "caving in to pressure" was the motive, it would have been FAR EASIER to side with the group that is 100x larger. A developer taking a stance against overwhelming opposition to do what they think is right? That shows commendable bravery and respect. I wish more developers would take a stance against these people and make the games they want to make instead of pandering to the demands of angry gamer dudes.
  12. Guuuuuys, don't you know it's ONLY Freedom of Speech and Artistic Rights when you do something that's intentionally offensive or sexual? If you do something that's respectful to other human beings or in good taste YOU'RE JUST BEING MANIPULATED BY SJJWJs because what kind of person would ever willingly do such a thing? Sarcasm aside, I have long believed that any shooter game can be improved 10-fold by removing the characters' weapon models and having them make "pew pew" sounds with their mouths instead. The delicious meta of a pretend-PRETEND-gun fight. :9
  13. Yeah, I'm pretty curious what the gameplay will entail (Even though I don't have a playstation anyways. Oops). I had a chuckle when it got the rabbits and deer and they were all head-flop circle-strafing around. Is that crucial to the gameplay?
  14. I wonder how much this one will have in common with the 'Rock Band VR' that was announced for the Rift?
  15. Awww yeah, Zombie Vikings is half off on Steam for the week! Perfect timing, as I'm having a few coworkers over to hang out tonight and I've been wanting to get this game ever since they played it on a Double Fine stream not too long ago.. (Also picked up Apotheon for just a few bucks. Don't know anything about it other than it's an action game with a greek-pottery-art visual style and it looks neat)
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