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  1. Master Teacher/Trainer: You get this achievement for appointing level 10 trainer to a crucible. Master Scientist: Having one sagewright guild with 3 characters with intuition 10+ Ultimate household: Have a regent + partner coupled that are both level 10. I like Flopped a Set from Selke, but would split them up maybe in 3 for cabers/alchemists/hunters a like. Overkill: Deal 100+ damage with a single hit. Domino Effect: Cause 3 enemies to be stunned with single knock-back effect.
  2. Blunderbuss was what I thought of with that description, but I like Blunderbuster better personally But they use bows... sounds cool though. It feels like it, short range more damage. I know they use bows but I thought it might be funny to call them Blunders (or Blunderbuster for that matter) as a reference to blunderbusses.
  3. You mentionned that the "Bees" makes killing bulwarks easy, but it's apparently a bug. In a future version, I fear the alchemists will be left without their main weapon for bulwark-killing. I like the alchemists as well, as a concept, but I feel I can do more with a single Hunter than with 2 alchemists, in regular missions, when you have plenty of time to make your moves, and take your shots. In the final battle, however, I suppose my 5-alchemists team will shine, but that is still to see. I was unaware of it being a bug. Does that mean the initial damage shouldn't go through bulwark shields? If that is so, it is still useful for damaging bulwarks for 16 damage in their own turn (as is acid for 6 extra).
  4. My reason? ApexHawk is right. It is gorgeous. Have you seen the the moai like statues? AWESOME
  5. I agree with most of the things listed here. I actually hadn't thought about it, but the point you bring up about Standards showing xp per day being weird: I kind of agree with that. Maybe it should be listed differently. Like how many days it takes for 100 xp or maybe xp gained per month/year or something. I also think relics need a little tweaking, because now relics>alternate weapons (which is a shame, cuz I like the alternate weapons). I think differently on this subject though, I think it would be cool if alternate weapons have the possibility to become relics. Also the idea of the creator giving a personality to the relic seems a cool option to me. I start a lot of sentences with I, shame on me.
  6. My favorite one is definetly the one with the orangy ground and the stone statues. Man I love that map
  7. I am not gonna promote alchemists in too big of a post here, but let me say that they are my favorite class. The most interesting class because they give me the option to build each alchemist very differently (melee focussed, tank focussed, ranged focussed) by suplementing their traits with 2 different items. I really really disagree with bullwarks being the worst enemy of the alchemist, I like alchemists because they are so good at dealing with bullwarks. If you want to read more about my opinion on alchemists and other classes: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/15555/P25/
  8. I like some of the ones already listed and thought of some others: Alchemist / Caberjack - an Alchemist that uses knockback bombs and is more melee focused. Disrupter/Displacer seems good Alchemist / Hunter - an Alchemist that uses heavily damaging precision single tile bombs. Stinger Caberjack / Hunter - a sneaky Caberjack that can stealth around the map! ! I like Shadowjack as well Caberjack / Alchemist - a Caberjack that uses flask explosions on the tip of his Caber. Shocktrooper Hunter / Alchemist - a Hunter that can shoot flasks with his crossbow. Mortar/Mine-thrower Hunter / Caberjack - a Hunter that’s all about getting point blank shots and fighting from close® range than normal. Vanguard/Blunders (because of blunderbuss)
  9. It is good to know you guys are keeping an eye out and read through the forums. Thank you for making this already great game! (already my favorite game of the year) I'm glad you took the time to post this Brad, I think we as growing community appreciate it that we are being noticed. I only hope we can help a little bit by giving feedback and generating discussions. Keep up the good work!
  10. There is a whole topic where the forum brainstormed on Team MC's request. Hopefully some more from it, and elsewhere, make it in. (old brainstorm topic: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/15015) Smiles That topic seems to have a lot of cool and interesting nicknames I didn't know about, no need for us to add anymore then
  11. I feel this has potential. Personally I would like this better: Class ability: Hobbling Shot Level 2 Ability - Follow up Shot Level 4 Ability - Stealth / Shoot n Scoot Level 6 Ability - Honed Hearing / Put it Down Level 8 Ability - Dead Eye / Flarrow Level 10 Ability Chalk One Up This way you have stealth at level 4, and If you want to be the damage dealing backline you can take shoot n scoot instead of stealth to still have some ability to catch up or get out of danger while still attacking. Honed Hearing is still good at level 6 and Put it down becomes mostly relevant later game anyway (and is still good level 6). Flarrow vs Dead Eye seems like an interesting choice as well, keeping chalk one up as a strong level 10 ability.
  12. Simosso

    Stun Slam

    Actually I think charge does do almost the same thing. In that as long as you're quite close to an enemy you can reposition yourself before charging it (including from behind). I think the only difference is current knockback can be used from in the white (2 action point) area so you can move closer to nearby enemies to do a knockback. Kinda difficult to explain without diagrams, but essentially what I mean is: Knockback: At short range, you can knockback from any angle. At medium range you can knockback at any angle as long as you can move to it. Charge: At short range, you can knockback from any angle (by moving then activating charge). At medium - long range, you can knockback but only in the direction you are running in. It's different, but not that much. It's a trade-off (longer range, in exchange for precision at greater distances), but I'd argue an interesting one. Maybe there's something that can be done to save stun slam, but right now I can't think of anything that would make it a good alternative to Charge. What I could see is giving the taunt level 1 (which also needs some upgrade) and removing the standard stun altogether. Giving caberjacks their first stun with charge on an earlier level because they are indeed kind of simular. The mobility that charge adds makes it too good for level 1 I feel though. I would rather lose the standard stun in favor of an earlier charge than just deleting a tweaked stun slam from the skill tree. I am more inclined to favor a lowered Stun Slam as it is instead of the very powerful charge ability though.
  13. Simosso

    Stun Slam

    I really really like the idea of Shockwave Slam! I am, as ApexHawk, opposed to the idea of just dropping Stun Slam altogether (seems like extra work for DF to make new abilities where they have some interesting ones they can tweak a little). The charge ability is currently, except for the level 10 ability, probably the best caberjack ability out there. Lowering it in the skill tree feels weird since it is sooo good. I don't know if this Shockwave Slam works in the massive chalice setting, but I feel that it might? That said it probably will still be hard to get into the proper spot for a good Shockwave Slam as it is. Though it would be way more worth it
  14. Simosso

    Stun Slam

    As I said, I totally agree. So I came up with an idea that might improve Stun Slam and I want to hear your thoughts. Maybe even increasing the area of the slam to 2 tiles around the unit instead of 1, atop of the added double move plus stun slam improvement (but this might be too good?).
  15. @ApexHawk and others: It is good to hear/see that alchemists get the love that they deserve. It wasn't a long time ago that they got heavy critisism and imo undeservedly so. @Potato Shave: You only take hunters when forced to? That is probably the first time I heard that which means the hunter nerve really had an impact. I still like playing with one hunter for his invisibility helps immensly with positioning of your other troops. I would suggest trying flarrow sometimes, it feels better to me than hobbling shot as I mentioned.
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