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  1. Well, if they do release a second Psychonauts, I'm sure it will be well worth the wait. I personally hope Dart gets more of an appearance. (Is that how it's spelled?(I think it has accents(of course it may not)))
  2. I wonder if ole' Walt is upset with where Disney is going?
  3. Is it free? I'm quite partial to stuff that's free
  4. Hello! I've no idea if someone has already posted something like this, buuuuuuuut what are the programs used for making the comics? I think it would be fun to make one so does anyone have any idea. Bonus points if someone can give me a Mac equivalent of those programs! Cheers
  5. I dunno, but I guess if double fine doesn't add Rob Halfords glam metal incarnation, I'm sure that their next game will blow my mind but if they do I hope it's free, buying Microsoft points is expensive
  6. Yeah, possibly adding Lionwhyte would also enable some majorly awesome 4-stage (stage) battles! Then adding all four slots for characters filled under each faction, totally epic battles would ensue!!!
  7. Now, I'm not complaining (I freaking love this game) but I've gotten bored with the multiplayer mode for one reason: the lack of glam metal. So does anyone else think lionwhyte should be a multiplayer character? Oh, great and powerful Double Fine, hear my prayers...
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