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  1. I really like the idea of expanding buildings to add new effects. This would most likely end up as expansion pile stuff, but consider it a useful alternative when choosing what to build in game. - Barracks: When this Keep is attacked, the number of enemies faced is reduced by 15% (due to stout soldiers) - Defenses: During Keep attacks, enemies take -1 damage every turn from murder holes. During adjacent territory attack, enemy numbers have a chance to be dwindled. - Mine: 15% chance of incurring a surprise Cadence attack. +25% to research speed - (Not So) Massive Chalice: Your villagers constructed a monument to the Chalice. It doesn't have any super powers, but it reduces Cadence levels over time (50 years = minus 1 Cadence point) - Ward's Lodging: This Keep is now able to take a Hero from another bloodline (age 0-21) to serve as a Ward. While there, the Hero has the chance to gain extra XP, traits, and Hybrid abilities. Just some ideas.
  2. Instead of ghostly heroes, we could have statues of the most famous. Obviously the son who became a Sagewright won't be deemed worthy of a place on honor in the great hall (unfair, sure, but this is a militaristic society). Maybe you can choose to build one for the house and it takes time, removing some of the resources you otherwise would have. That statue in turn buffs the desecndents of the house. Funerals may be on the expansion pile, but death feels very weak in the game right now, especially toward the latter half when you have so many high level children to choose from. And I have talked about the relics before, as well as the visual cues for the heroes. Expansion pile stuff for sure.
  3. I am on board with everything here. Well put, OP.
  4. We'll just say this should go to the Expansion Pile, but I really like the ideas put into this post. I have some thoughts that I've posted around on different threads, but I'm getting ideas from all of you. A big thought I've had is comparing the existence of the Cadence to the Others in Game of Thrones. They are an ancient threat to the people of the other areas, but are focused solely on breaking you first. The game says that the Cadence can only summon enough power to launch attacks every once in a while, but I think we could find something to make it a bit more common. Maybe MAJOR attacks take a while to prepare (ten or more creatures) but minor incursions are common in the border regions. A single Seed or a pair of Ruptures will break through into a village and cause some havoc before disappearing. Remember, heroes live and fight in their own cities while away from the Chalice. They'd be more than capable of defending local towns from such attacks. You wouldn't play this personally, but would see it pop up in the timeline. Young, untrained heroes might not fare well, but once they have some XP under their belt, you wouldn't have to worry about them. In order to make it more strategic, you would appoint WARDENS to those areas that border the Cadence. Similar to Standards, the existence of a Warden improves XP, but Wardens can also fight in the great battles every few years. Wardens can also be replaced, or be turned into Regents. You could put together teams of young heroes on the borders, and they would fight together and earn XP (at a lower rate than larger battles) and earn traits from working together.
  5. No Can Defend Your Caberjack will never miss or get a glancing blow. When this Hero is below 20% health, their attack strength is doubled. Dodge This Your Hunter will never miss a shot when adjacent to a Cadence. Shots at this range have a higher chance to Critically Hit It's Alive Your Alchemist has a chance to start a battle with a special flask. This flask can revive a downed hero, or awaken a dead Cadence to fight on your side. Can't Touch This Your hero has evaded so many melee attacks, they now have a permanent +25% to evasion. Broad Side of a Barn You're hero has evaded so many ranged attacks, they will never be hit by normal ranged attacks (splash damage still counts)
  6. Family Hunt Requires a family with at least 4 children to trigger. The regent approaches and request permission to take the family on a hunt for a rare Cadence (a large, super charged version of a Cadence). If you accept, it sends you to the battlefield. You have a limited number of turns before this Cadence type escapes. Defeating it earns a bonus trait for the house (Outdoorsy - bonus to Intuition and ability to detect enemies in the area) as well as a massive XP boost. Failure raises Cadence levels. Hatfields A blood feud starts between two Houses. You can attempt to repair a number of ways, but failure will have serious consequences. A major consequence is the Blood Feud trait permanently attached to both houses. They will not be allowed to marry for several generations. If you send them into battle together, they receive penalties to all traits when within 5 moves of each other, but receive bonuses when they witness the other die. Red Wedding Requires families with the Blood Feud trait. If you wait three generations and marry these families together, there is a chance that the union will repair all bad blood. But, if fate decides, you will hear of a Red Wedding. Every direct blood relative is killed off for one side. The Ancient Master One of your heroes' families tells the story of an Ancient Master living high in the mountains. They wish to bring him to the Crucible to aid in training new heroes. The quest is perilous and can only be managed by a Level 6 or higher. Quest takes 10 years and has a chance to reward an NPC Hero at level 11 (that's right, 11). This hero cannot be used in battle and will immediately assume duties at the Crucible, but provides game changing stat boost if passed on. He will live another 100 years before finally passing. When he dies, he "Disappears into the mists of a nearby lake, never to be seen again."
  7. I would personally like to see some that reflect more on the history of the bloodline itself. X's Bane - If a hero in this house has killed so many of a certain Cadence (15 SEEDs by one hero) then those born of this bloodline have a chance to gain the Bane trait. Grants +5 damage against those types of enemies. Cursed - If a house has lost many sons and daughters to a particular enemy (5 heroes all killed by Bulwarks) then they have a chance to be born with the Cursed trait. That enemy will select them for attack more often, and will gain +5% chance for a critical hit. Survivor - This hero's predecessors always survived battles. This hero has +5 to HP And Stay Down - This hero's predecessors have killed a huge amount of Cadence (over 50). After attacking a Cadence, if it still has less than 10 HP remaining, the hero has a chance to auto-kill the target. Demigod - This hero's bloodline has never been killed in combat. Only activates after a century of survival. Hero has a chance to be born with +15 to accuracy, +5 to dexterity, +2 to Intelligence, and +5 to HP. LT Dan - A member of this hero's family has fought, and died, in every single battle. Being near this hero provides huge stat buffs, but they will draw 100% aggro.
  8. Repetition would be easy enough to avoid. You write a simple code that compares the proposed combination of words against those already used. If X=Y then it randomizes again. You could even have it so that, after a battle, you can rename it if you want. Maybe you'd want to name the battle after a fallen hero: (Custer's Last Stand)
  9. This is a quick thought, and I think it will make fighting and losing heroes a lot more fun, as well as serve to build upon the legends of your surviving bloodlines. In X-COM, all missions were given operation titles. IE: Operation Endless Jester, Operation Swift Viper, etc. Battles in MC should be given the same treatment. Think about Game of Thrones. The names of the battles make them sound all the more epic. "Battle of the Bells." "Battle of the Blackwater" "The Doom" It could be a randomly generated title that would be rather easy to code, and it would be an awesome addition. Imagine looking through your bloodline of an ancient house, reading through the battles they'd won. House Flesh Reaper. Lord Tywin fought at the Battle of Two Fields, slaying seven Cradles before falling to a Bulwark.
  10. This is an idea I've since the game was first announced, and I doubt it can be added before launch. Still, maybe as an expansion or in the sequel. In the beginning of the game, we are told that normal people can't take even a single hit from a Cadence. This is to explain why we can't send massive armies or normal folk up against them. Well, just because they won't all survive doesn't mean they wouldn't try. What did people do before heroes emerged to save the day? Obviously they fought and paid for every victory with many deaths. In the later stages of the game, you have keeps of mighty houses, but they can fall because you didn't send 5 heroes to the battlefield. What about the other twenty heroes I have in my roster, not to mention the thousands of citizens in my realm? I think it should be an option to field an army of normal folk and have a hero take the lead. Their chances of success would depend on research you've conducted into armor, as well as the leadership capabilities of that hero. It would not be as good a chance as sending your 5 best to the zone, but could at least give them a fighting chance. If the attack goes very poorly, Cadence levels would increase as the surviving families feel even more helpless. If they should survive, maybe you discover that one of them is a hero? You could also have townsfolk as an option for battles, but you would get five for each hero slot. They have 1 HP and low attacks, but a high evasion.
  11. I really like the visual style of MC. I think the devs did a great job finding a balance between cartoonish and serious. However, there are some flaws in this design that take away from the overall experience. Like everyone else, I can't help but compare to X-COM. The main difference is that in X-COM, I ended up caring for my soldiers. I knew their names better than I knew Dr. Vahlen's or CO Brandon's. Colonel So-and-So was a friend as well as a powerful asset, and losing him meant the loss of a key player in the end of the world. A part of that came from the ability to customize his appearance. In MC, your heroes end up all looking the same, with very little differences in their faces. More than that, they die before you have a chance to get attached, either from old age or the odd Cadence-related injury. I think adding some level of customization would help the game in leaps and bounds. In X-COM, you can customize the armor style as well as the items equipped. Obviously the colors in MC come from houses, but imagine being able to try three or four different styles per armor class? Or have hats and hoods for Hunters, and full face covers for Caberjacks. How about Keeps? I honestly can't remember who lives where because everything looks the same. What if each house had a different style Keep? And a different style throne? I get tired of seeing the same four-pronged chair in each castle. Differences there would add a huge layer of detail to the game. Relics could get a much needed boost as well. Imagine if, as they leveled up, they grew more intricate and special. Think about the weapons in Fable. As you used them, they took on an appearance that reflected your choices as a hero. Isn't that what's happening here as well? Throw on some gilding and gems and let's get fancy. Lastly, let's pretend for a minute that razors existed in whatever time period MC is set. Can we choose our own hair styles? Maybe even had a family-preferred haircut. Perhaps the Drakkens can't grow beards, and the Eolsa's go bald at a young age. This is a lot to ask, but let's consider the benefits of giving players more ownership in the game.
  12. I'm hoping for some GoT-style nicknames to emerge once more polish is put into the game. "The Hound," "The SeedSlayer," "Rupture's Bane." There's plenty of room for improvement here.
  13. I'm having a similar issue. I have a brand new MacBook Pro with a quad-core i7. There should be no reason for slow down, but I still get a chunky framerate during the game. It isn't exclusive to battles, either. It can happen when appointing a new regent, or when selecting heroes for a mission.
  14. Just recently, Double Fine released the launch trailer for MC using some in-game footage and brief VO. While this is a fairly effective way to get the point of the game across, it fails to invoke the spirit of the title. MC is supposed to be Game of Thrones brought into the realm of video games. Here is my suggestion for a more powerful and evocative Launch Trailer. For ambiance, put on "Centuries" by Fall Out Boy for the soundtrack. The style would be 2D animation ala Banner Saga FADE IN: Music rises and we drop down through thick canopy to a dark and gloomy forest. A group of young boys and girls flee for their lives, pursued by unseen beasts. The children stop at the edge of a cliff and turn to face their attackers. A cluster of SEEDS emerge, and they look absolutely terrifying. One of the children, a YOUNG BOY with blonde hair and bright blue eyes, grabs a STICK from the ground and prepares to fight. ON THE FACES of the frightened children, we see splinters and sprays of blood in the foreground as they watch the carnage. CUT BACK to the blonde-haired boy, who has single-handedly slain the SEEDS. He holds the heavy stick in his hand with reverence. CUT TO: EXT. THE CHALICE. The boy is raised on the shoulders of the TOWNSFOLK and brought to the Chalice. A beam of golden light shines on him. A banner rises in the background: the boy's bloodline begins. EXT. WORLD MAP. We see Keeps rising from the ground, along with small towns and other structures. The banner of the blonde-haired boy rises over a keep. We zoom in to... INT. KEEP. The young boy is now a regent, and has grown into a formidable young man. He plays with an infant while his wife watches on. Suddenly, they turn and look out the window. The horns are blowing. The Cadence return! INT. ARMORY. The blonde man armors up, strapping on a chest plate that bears his banner. He picks up a heavy club, which has been made with pieces of the original STICK. EXT. BATTLEFIELD. The blond man fights off SEEDS and LAPSES. He is nearly killed by a RUPTURE, but a nearby Hunter takes it out. The Hunter is a fierce woman with black hair. Her banner is green and gold and hangs off her like a cape. EXT. BATTLEFIELD 2 The field has changed somewhat. More bodies litter the ground, and the heroes seem older. The blonde man now has a beard and several scars. He fights alongside the Hunter, but seems overwhelmed. Just as a horde of Seeds close in, two young men dive into the battle wielding Cabers. They have the same blonde hair and blue eyes as their father, and wear his banner on their backs. INT. KEEP. At this point, the Bridge of the song is playing "We've been here forever..." An aged hero lay on his deathbed, surrounded by family. Children and grandchildren attend their patriarch's final moments. He closes his blue eyes with a smile. An ATTENDANT picks ups a gorgeously adorned CABER--the Relic passed down for generations--and carries it from the room. INT. HALLWAY. The attendant walks down the hallway carrying the Caber past the portraits of fallen regents. Starting with the original hero, we follow his lineage down and down the hall until we must have seen 20 or more. As the Bridge ends into the Chorus, we SLAM STOP on a final hero. This young man possesses his ancestors eyes and blonde hair, but is tall and broad and strong. He is the product of generations of heroes, and will carry the banner to the final fight. He takes the Caber and charges toward the screen. EXT. BATTLEFIELD. The blonde hero wails on the Cadence, shattering a BULWARK and sending it flying into a group of SEEDS. Another hero, a descendent of the Hunter, leaps into the air and looses a shower of arrows into a group of RUPTURES, causing them to explode in a massive cloud of gas and juice. The blonde hero turns just as a TWITCHER delivers a powerful haymaker. The hero flies though a wall, rolling to a stop atop a hill. He is helped to his feet by other heroes, and they look out on the approaching CADENCE ARMY with fear. A sea of monsters approach, ready to wipe humanity from the realm. The heroes all share a look, raise their weapons and charge. TITLE CARD: Massive Chalice. And done.
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