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  1. I'll start by saying how much I'm enjoying the game so far, and will continue to enjoy it even if none of my suggestions come to anything. I should also say I have only really followed development closely in the last couple of months and have only logged about 10 hours so far (year 180 of my first play through). Even so, I have some UI suggestions that I believe will enhance the user experience. Perhaps some of these have already been brought up or are under consideration (in fact, at least one of them makes reference to another thread). 1. Keyboard shortcuts. I expect some more are coming, but one in particular that I would love to see is when selecting a hero (for vanguard, regency, relic, etc.), to use up/down to cycle between characters (rather than having to scroll and click on them. 2. Hero relationships (siblings, spouse, parents, children) UI. As currently implemented, you have to click on the sigil to see basic information (e.g. name, level, age), and then click Info to go to that hero. What I would find much more intuitive and efficient is to mouseover for basic details, then click to take you to that hero's details. I feel as though this would make it easier to navigate the family tree, making it easier to feel invested in the family. 2a. I would also find it useful that when I click through to a hero in this way, that I go to the same "tab" of information about that hero that I was looking at on the other hero 2b. I feel as though the siblings should be sorted by age in this view (perhaps they are, though I feel I have noticed at least once that they were not). It might also be helpful to have a placeholder for the currently selected hero in this ordering of siblings to indicate at a glance where they are among their siblings 3. I'm loving the relic indicator on the sigil, and I think there is an opportunity for more indicators (within reason). I saw this brought up here (http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/15855/), but not expanded upon much. I think the most important would be to indicate regents/standards/partners, though adding bars or symbols to indicate number of battles/kills might be interesting/useful too. In particular, I would find this most useful in the family tree view. 4. Sagewright should keep its sigil. I fully realize this is much more than a simple UI change, and I'm afraid I missed the discussion about why the sagewright's sigil is cleared out when they are inducted, but I have multiple times been curious to know what family a sagewright came from. Particularly this has occurred when they were a partner at one point in their life, and so have many children. Putting it another way, I feel as though when the sigil is cleared, I lose information about the person, which breaks my engagement with the characters. More generally, if there is some other way of viewing the family tree that is in the works, that may negate the need for some of the suggestions I've made, but I suspect that tweaking the existing infrastructure is a more reasonable near-term goal than adding completely new family tree functionality.
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