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  1. Thank's for the information, I have now made an informed purchase. The questions I raised in this thread are still important to other buyers though and I suggest finding a way to get that out to the public at large, so the people like me who held off, until they got fed up waiting for the information they were looking for before buying to become available. Honestly there was a week in there where I forgot the game even existed, any longer and I might have forgotten about it completely.
  2. OK this is really irritating me. I've scoured the internet, and Apparently this is a question that no one on Earth has ever asked. Should I get Costume Quest 2 for the PS3 or the PS4? Whats the difference? I have and beat Costume Quest 1 for the PS3, and it's dlc. Are there any bonuses in CQ2 for having done so like so many RPGs give? Are there better Graphics on the 4? I really don't see how or why there would be, but are there? Does either version have glitch or frame rate issues, as they some times do between generations? Why has no one ever Asked this question before? I can't be the only one who played, CQ1 and got a PS4, while keeping the 3 as well?
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