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  1. About Regents: I feel you should be able to pass leadership down to a direct descendant that is of age. Too many times have I had the perfect breeder heir and had to wait 40-60 years before they could ascend, leaving them well past their prime.
  2. I agree. Micromanaging Armor and Skills for every generation is annoying. One thing I would like is to have a prompt asking "Would you like to equip the Relic now?" after it is inherited. Because its the same model as the default weapon and its at least 3 clicks just to look at equipment let alone change it, I often forget to check if its equipped (25% of the time its not). Inheriting equipment sounds like a great idea. I mean since the actual equipment (currently) costs nothing beyond research, there is no reason not to have characters equip Best In Slot items. Granted BIS is subjective as far as Weapons and Items go (Armor is 9/10 a no-brainer), using the Reagent as a template sounds like an excellent solution. Please think about this.
  3. Alchemist / Caberjack - an Alchemist that uses knockback bombs and is more melee focused. No idea... yet. Alchemist / Hunter - an Alchemist that uses heavily damaging precision single tile bombs. Demolisher Caberjack / Hunter - a sneaky Caberjack that can stealth around the map! ! Sapper Caberjack / Alchemist - a Caberjack that uses flask explosions on the tip of his Caber. No idea... yet. Hunter / Alchemist - a Hunter that can shoot flasks with his crossbow. Farcast(er) or Artificier Hunter / Caberjack - a Hunter that’s all about getting point blank shots and fighting from close® range than normal. Duelist
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