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  1. I've not seen it at Shady's, and according to this article you actually do find it via collected pieces: "Once Sackboy is made available, you won't be able to immediately equip the costume; you'll first need to collect four hidden pieces to put it together." http://www.gamespot.com/articles/ps4-and-ps3-getting-costume-quest-2-with-exclusive/1100-6423168/ DF is even advertising the Sackboy costume on its *front page* still!
  2. So is the Sackboy costume that was promised and heavily promoted during launch just not coming out at all? I haven't been able to get a response from DF at all in regards to what happened to it. I understand things can come up, but it seems incredibly lame to promote something heavily and then fail to deliver and refuse to comment on it. I mean, it wasn't why I bought the game but it *was* why I bought the game on a Sony system. I stopped playing halfway through because I don't expect to play it twice, but I really want to play with the Sackboy costume. So I've just been kind of waiting around, the game half completed, waiting for the special costume that was promised us *at launch*. Just kind of a bummer, I love DF but the lack of any kind of response or communication around it is really putting a damper on my appreciation for them.