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  1. Agreed. Traits and personality are as much a part of ones environment as their genetics. However, environment affecting the next generation is seen primarily in XP bonuses and a little in the parts of themselves that trainers pass down. If levels had less of an impact and research or training was more about establishing the culture and technology your heroes were raised in it would add depth to the kingdom management and make the progression curve less punishing to the unlucky/less skilled and less rewarding for the lucky/more skilled. This would be a fairly significant amount of work though. -------- As for general difficulty I found the game to be incredibly easy with some class options and annoying but still easy with others. My first play through I just ran 5 hunters, fights were trivial and the lack of variance in enemy behavior in regard to hunter behavior made it somewhat boring as well. I've read that flarrow is getting some attention, which is good, however they still offer the most versatility, the safest fighting, the most mobility and the highest damage output (due to follow up and pit it down). As JFarceur mentioned I could take a single hunter into many battles and win, which I did a few times, and a few other times I took multiple but only used one so he got all the kill XP, do this to a young hero with good traits and he gets a level or two above the rest of your group and is wonderful to place as a trainer. If I had the opportunity I'd move a lot of their abilities more toward support as the basic rules of the game already give them so much power. So a lot of the difficulty now is just player recognition of the lack of balance in the game currently.
  2. Accuracy can be (intentionally) wrong on heroes with the Optimistic or Pessimistic personalities. I accounted for those, in that I didn't use heroes with those personality aspects when testing. We are, but at one point I started marking it down to account for my bias. It was quite noticeable at ~50% miss where I missed over 75% of the time on 81 attacks. That sample size is low, and I'd have to do more testing but with other reports of RNG issues it might be more than an anomaly.
  3. The RNG feels very off in combat, so it would not surprise me if it was off here as well. In combat 50% miss chance seems to be much closer to 80% and 20-% seems much closer to 0%.
  4. Not sure what happened with your alchemists and caber keeps. That might of just been bad luck, I never had that problem. Who are you choosing as regents? I always picked my youngest of the class I wanted with decent traits and personality. This gave them the longest time for reproduction. This would often mean 15-20. Try: 1 Keep 2 Crucible 3 Steady Hander 4 Keep 5 Recruit/Viel Armor 6 Recruit/Viel Armor You said you didn't lose anyone in combat for the first 60 years, what caused you to lose people after that? And how many did you lose? What squad are you bringing into fight? Also if you are having significant XP problems have one fairly young character kill as much as you can get them to and then throw them in the crucible. You should be able to get at least a 3rd or 4th level character in the crucible by the time it is ready.
  5. Try building your first crucible second or third. Either after the first keep or a keep and an item. Also, and this further suggests you might want more hunters, do your best to avoid getting hit. You can move back and fire in the same turn, bring units with increased sight or leave a stealthed hunter ahead of the group and shoot from far away so units can't reach and hit you in 1 turn (just make sure the enemy pathing won't walk by them to reveal them). Yeah, this is as much a reason to stick to fewer classes as the cost to upgrade multiple. The more you have of a particular type the less you have to worry about the luck of the inheritance, put the poor children with bad genes in your guild use the others. Upgrade armor early, and another reason that Hunters stand out is that veil armor is so incredibly good and accessible very early in the game.
  6. I was giving advice on how to more easily overcome the challenges of the game, not increase the breadth of the experience. If you want to play the game optimally or are having some problems you will want to specialize in a class. This will of course decrease the variety of the experience, but it is currently the right option for making the games challenges easier to overcome.
  7. Can you give more details on what you are having difficulty with specifically? I would say 3 keeps is to many, I've never built more than two. Getting your crucible up quickly is really valuable so that you can stay ahead on XP. XP in this game is a light positive feedback system, the more XP you have the more you can give to the next generation with the crucible, so getting one early will have gains you see through the entire game. At the end of my first play through all individuals were level 10 when they came of age for the last 75 years or so (but I did have an area that boosted a local crucible). I would also avoid running a team with fairly equal distribution of classes. Many aspects of the system design make specialization the better option. The fewer classes you focus on the fewer weapon and armor you will want to upgrade. The fewer classes you have the more people you have in those classes allowing you to avoid the characters with bad traits and personalities. As two of the enemies you encounter early explode on death specializing in Cabers will make your life a little difficult. While specializing in a class or ignoring one of the 3 will hurt your versatility a little, it will generally make the experience easier. Try running a heavy Hunter squad. Hunter's with Veil armor rarely get hit by bulwarks, they are also ideal for taking them down due to Follow Up and Put It Down (their defensive ability doesn't trigger till after follow up). Hitting things is one of the most important part of any TBS so make sure to research the Steady Hander early, and you probably want it on nearly everyone. There is no time limit in combat, and taking lots of turns doesn't seem to have any negative effect. So be sure to scout ahead with stealthed hunters and be sure everyone is in position before you let the next group of enemies see you. Another benefit to ranged units is that you can easily keep each group of enemies separate and often even pull out some enemies in a group without aggroing the entire group.
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