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  1. People that won brutal (iron or not) should explain the various choices they did, I hate deeply this game, but I love its combats and after a Hard win I'm looking for reason to replay the game. I don't see any interesting alternative strategy approach than what I do, a chosen class mix replay doesn't work with mixed classes system (I made final with not a single class I like facepalm, still it was the right choice with 5 relics and all heroes level 10 without to mention a large choice of level 10 heroes. I usually hate hardest difficulties in games but I wonder if it's not my last chance to replay the game. Except that Brutal seems not well tuned yet.
  2. Ok perhaps, that's alien for me, but ok. :-) What would really add flavor to the game is to create a genetic base when creating a Bloodline, like some points to spend in negative and positive stuff, having some influence throughout the Bloodlines generations. And then you could browse the available Bloodlines to choose one at your feeling and later when added to the game create some Bloodlines on that base.
  3. I did it. You need 5 keeps (3 alchemists, 1 hunter, 1 caberjack). No what you did is just a subset, and to do it really on that base you have to give up use heroes of 2 guilds, it's non sense, it just can't mimic the Schools play mode.
  4. I'll give an example to prove it's quite different. I want play the game around three classes build, Alchemist, Alchemist/Caberjack, Alchemist/Hunter. What you suggest won't really allow it. Schools play mode I suggest will allow it.
  5. Ok different opinion, I disagree it's the same than what I suggest. You are implicitly explaining that it's already possible but deeper with current play mode, I don't agree.
  6. Nice OP, I would only temper about the "necessity" to recruit heroes, it's too much a choice, not really a necessity. For me it's fine that the player will learn it through a lost. In Normal play mode (have start a new game wince last patch adding difficulty levels) I don't consider it so vital and prefer delay that sort of decision. If you have high fertility opportunities among your first roster it's certainly an excellent choice to favorize it in top priority and then most probably will save do any recruits. In my opinion (but it's too late because of a too close release) such game needs integrate in game all the rules and highlight well all the key possibilities. Tooltips, highlights, info buttons and panels, UI organized to put in front key possibilities, and so on. The problem of tutorial is to be heavy, not fun, not well integrated to the gameplay, and often they destroy the fun of the game beginning which is a key element of any game. Most players will skip most panels or will half read most of them, and so on. Perhaps the tutorial of MC is light but at least it is well integrated and well merged to the gameplay so fun. I haven't yet start a new game since last patch so I don't know the new version but I think it should be kept light.
  7. I don't remember have that much confusing with the introduction, but as already quoted, when you have seen it multiple time and moreover if you have seen the end, perhaps it changes the vision. For me it's been quickly clear that the Chalice is speaking directly to the player, and there's no Avatar unlike in a game like Ultima 7. Yeah there's some joke of the chalice voices about the non full clarity of your situation in the game but I don't remember to had troubles with the whole.
  8. I quoted that with last two updates there's keys additions small or big that fill the main holes of the game beside the 4 points you quote. But there's one element I'm surprised to not have seen included in release, it's an improvement about analyzing the kingdom when there's an event. During invasion events I noticed the right click was added (or better implemented) to switch information on a region. Also you can go at palace and check many stuff through the heroes list. But it's much less cool than what you can do when there's no event. I don't see at all the point of blocking all the good interface when there's an invasion event. Firstly buildings not attacked should be viewable fully, keeps/cruicibles/sagewrights. And if a building is attacked then something like Ctrl click should allow check fully the building. If you try start the time run a message warn you so I think it's fine that an invasion event isn't too much distinctive than standard kingdom management. For the general events it's even worse in current state. The game should allow pause the event and check fully the kingdom. On right the event icon would flash, and try run time line would bring back the event panel to force a choice.
  9. I already posted about this topic in Steam forum but an unfinished exchange with a dev let me frustrated so I try my luck here. The mixed classes mode is fine as the main play mode. It pushes the players to use many classes and not control a lot the choice of classes beside choose play with only one class. It's fine and clearly the best to have the most diversity. But for me replay curiosity can be leaded a lot by builds experiment. And it means mainly to play with a thematic class mix. I think it would be great to have a second play mode, schools instead of keeps. Schools link class choice more to education than to genetic and it makes sense. Schools are managed by a bloodline as Keeps but at creation the regent choose a class that the School will learn to all child of the bloodline. To manage any potential problem with relics the regent could only choose one of the three classes that have the same main class than the regent. For example, An Archer/Alchemist regent creates a school and choose the class learned among Archer, Archer/Alchemist or Archer/Caberjack. If he choose Archer/Caberjack all child of the bloodline will learn that class. For sure a third play mode would be possible with Keeps and Schools, but my suggestion is more about a Schools mode. The point of this alternate play mode is less for first plays than for more replays to allow replay with thematic builds setup on base of a choice of some school class types.
  10. That's bizarre how I don't get at all what the interest to create bloodlines. It's just a blazon, a name and a sentence. It's nice there's a diversity but it's such a small detail. I wonder what's wrong with me. :-)
  11. I agree that change the size could involve problems, but some visual change would have been quite better. At least psychologically it will create the feeling of more diversity.
  12. That would be amazing He should get the title "autodidact" :-) In my current play I have that case, I choose provide a old high level partner, it's like regency, and he should provide the training.
  13. Past level 8 or since level 8 Standards are required and in case you have a standard boost it's even impressive. I usually try get at least 2 Crucibles, it seems weaker for managing the traits influences but it's rather significant for xp and level up.
  14. The topic is back in past so should be closed. But as it isn't closed I'll post anyway, let say it's for MC2. :-) First point is the level domination, there's no choice but put in priority the level up. Nothing can match from far, not the traits, not the research. I'm not sure there's any links to do with the research but it's linked to the traits/personality. The current (relative) problem of the game is the unbalance between level up and traits improvements and personality improvements. That last two don't match from far to the first. The second has a persistence when the last is quite volatile and difficult to control; but more to exploit when you have the ability to do so. The result of those unbalances is there's not alternate choices so no strategic choices. The error is probably to have follow a classical RPG design. In classical RPG it's all the point, level up and through level up to improve. For MC the sources of improvement are: - XP with training from parents and trainers, from combats, rarely from some events but this is minor. - Traits with Bloodlines, sort of genetics rules, and marriages and children. - Personalty with influences from parents and trainers, rarely from some events and it's more or less major but not really under player control. - Research through sage guilds. - Fertility through increasing the number of actives and choices and ensure the streaming of generations. Currently: - Research is very separated because sages haven't a that big influence so will never or very rarely interfere with the other elements that will be the priority. - Fertility is totally dominant up to a point you have enough guilds to ensure a streaming of generations to then be able use a good fertility level. More over at this point the genetics will ensure you an overall increased fertility level because previously it was you constant first choice. - XP involving level up is so major that other elements won't interfere and if you make them interfere you get less overall efficiency. - Traits, it's just the second element after XP and it's one you control gradually through the bloodline. So it's second element not interfering with level up which is too important, nor with research because sages aren't enough significant, and not with personality because you don't have a long term control on it. - Personality, you don't really have a long term controls on it and it's just to exploit the context at its best. And it's still secondary because it won't guaranty anything for future only for the life duration of current standards. And before any standards from parents. So you have overall 5 elements to controls but no choice about that: Fertility (until later in the game)> XP and level up > Traits > Personality > Sages Their will be choices if fertility had an alternate option, if level up wasn't a requirement, if really traits and personalities was concurrent elements of development of Bloodlines, if sages and influence of research and research itself was important enough to be concurrent of the other elements of the game. No way I suggest change MC in that way, but from a theoretical point of view, some tracks: - Sage system need be developed and more important and influent for research, make it clear to players and then this would allow make it concurrent so as a choice. - If sage and research can take a more important role then research should allow be concurrent to other elements (fertility/level up/traits/personality). - Fertility should have adoption be a stronger concurrent, and then research allowing adoption would be a concurrent of fertility. And again concurrency means choices. - Levels need either be removed either be reached differently than through XP. An idea perhaps crazy (and totally draft) is no levels, just traits/perks/skills (or choices of skills)/personality. So one xp level up doesn't give you one more level but let you choose among traits/perks/skills you attach to a Bloodline, eventually only for the character and new generations. This would allow make more concurrent various ways to get more traits/perks/skills/personality. - HP increase, ToHit increase, and damages increase wouldn't be get through levels but through traits/perks/skills. - Number of traits need be increased and some traits would have levels that could be increased through different ways. - Traits with levels would have a genetic variation only for a range like for example to not allow brutal HP decrease from a character to another in the same Bloodline. - Traits sources : Bloodlines with marriages and genetic, XP Level up allowing attach traits Characters then to Bloodline, Some traits key levels would allow attach the trait to the Bloodline. For example Body Building traits level 1 and 2 require go through character marriage and bloodline, when at level 3 the character teach the technical to the Bloodline and is applied to new generations without marriage. Body Building trait would be for example HP increase. Research would allow search traits nation wide like genetic manipulation. For example research Body Building trait increase would apply increase of one level of the traits for each bloodline. - Skills won't fit the mixed class design, but instead would build a flexible class design, you design each class of each Bloodline along the play. To allows some flexibility the classes skills would be by pair and at first combat you would choose one for each pair of the class you designed. - Skills sources : Research unlocking choices of skills, XP allows level up and unlock choices of skills for example after two characters of the bloodline achieved the unlock through XP level up. - Traits and personality should be more concurrent in term of management. They are in term of effects but not from player control point of view. - Personality should have links with Bloodline traditions managed differently than pure marriage and genetic. Personality needs more persistence and long term control by the player. Well ok that's more than enough, and once more it's clearly not for MC. :-)
  15. You never played ADOM? You should if clarify rule is your wish, and I'd be curious to know if you really resist check a bit the guide. And I don't think any game will ever be as abstruse not even ADOM2 (ADOM II: Legends of Ancardia). A more graphical version of ADOM is coming, don't except something not indie but at least it won't be just ascii. I understand your point and for some games mainly based on mechanisms more than on strategical designs, decipher the rules can be an important part of the gameplay. But myself I feel MC pushed it too far, some key rules should be better explained even if not with all the details. All of that seems plenty good ideas and it looks quite feasible for the current game and gameplay.
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