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  1. I Love Massive Chalice! And i Love Nintendo Switch! Any way we can get Massive Chalice on the switch? love ya
  2. Oh ok cool. I had never researched the time fist in any of my other save games. (thought it was pretty useless) so i never found out exactly what it does. p.s Brutal iron mode = Impossible.
  3. In the pervious Battle with the Candace, I wanted to get the time fist achievement. So i hit this Ramcap after i already hit him with a posion bomb, thinking where ever it is going "its gonna die". Cleared the whole stage but no Ramcap or Achievement... "weird" But i continue the game. Next encounter (the one you see below) Only should have Cradles, wrinklers and Lapes. Then this guy shows up after the first turn.
  4. The Ness Clan is in almost all my games. Found the Clan on random and couldn't see myself not using them. So simple and i believe it to be the only snail sigil i've seen.
  5. Murch No. 9 strikes again. Had a Sagewright live to 175. Enter a epic battle against some withers and gained 20 more years till she passed away from old age on the battle field.
  6. Nice uh? oh and can't wait for tomorrow n_n
  7. Thanks so much!! I was wondering what was up with the colors.
  8. Nevermind. Y'all just adding them now. got it =)
  9. Logged on to Steam this morning and noticed there is a Achievement. "Keep defending" is the name and to gain said achievement you must Defend your First Keep. Is this just a test? I am a Achievement junkie so please tell me whats going on because Im jonesing for achievements.
  10. Congarts Brad! So looking forward to the final game. Gonna be amazing. Also can't wait to chill on my couch, drink a beer and play this with my xbox controller. =D oh oh last but not least the Steam Achievements, those are gonna be awesome. Could we get a list of them maybe?
  11. Upon playing one of the most hated class of this game (blastcapper), i found one of the coolest things. I fear it might be a bug but one of the coolest bugs yet. When equiped with the Ramcap Caber and performing the...main skill? (it has no name i guess) but the AOE attack. The enemy which you hit will shoot forward but come right back...like a boomerang.
  12. "Upon death, a Cradle will spawn three seeds". Best tip ever.
  13. This is a great idea, But where would the room be? Where the chalice sits in the middle or would you have kepts and sagewrights have their own room? I would like it to be where the chalice sits (in my option) because when clicking on the chalice, i only see two options "resreach and heros". Adding something like the "Hall of Heros" would be awesome!!
  14. Oh snaps, that could be it. she did have "Murch's No. 9". But to live to 259 is crazy!! That person must have stayed with you for your entire game.
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