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  1. Thank you. That was very helpful. Concerning though. I have a friend who is quite into tactical combat however the 'fogginess' when it comes to bloodlines and breeding means I probably won't recommend it to him. Right now the randomness and lack of information is detracting from my experience. Personally speaking I think I'd prefer things to be a little more controllable, with maybe the battles buffed slightly to compensate for better results with bloodlines over time. Right now I have too many groan moments when it comes to breeding and when you couple that with the totally random outcomes of the scripted events, I find myself raging at the timeline as much as I'm cheering my heroes in combat. The balance feels off. Alternatively better in-game indications of the outcomes of pairings might help with the existing system. Some way of indicating the various traits and likely weights for them appearing in a pairings children. Also things such as the ability to get an overview of a heroes siblings traits instead of having to individually bring the info up for each one would be appreciated. Mind you this is only my opinion and I am aware the game is still in beta. Hence the enquiries and feedback.
  2. 1) When a child is adopted into a family, are it traits magically selected from it's adopted parents? If not and it brings it's own; considering how sibling traits can influence regents offspring, adopting would bring a grave risk of polluting a bloodline? 2) Has anyone notice an instance where a regent has a half sister/brother and her offspring has a trait appear from the siblings non genetically related parent? Example: Mary's parents are Jack and Jill. Mary's sister is Maude who's parents are Jack and Jenny. (Jack remarried after Jill died) Maude has the quick trait that she inherited from Jenny's line. Quick does not exist is Mary's line. Mary has a child with the quick trait due to the way siblings can influence breeding. I'm seeing some anomalies in bloodlines that I'm trying to understand.
  3. One thing that may be worth some thought is less siblings for starting heroes. Often starting pair get hobbled due to poor traits from siblings overpowering the better traits you selected for. I'm still finding recessives seem to have too big an impact on bloodlines and the balance of traits overall seems to be slanted to favour the negative or irrelevant traits for a class. Starting heroes should have at least one appropriate trait that indicates why they are in that class.
  4. No I don't think so. I'm not looking for perfect, I'm just looking for viable. The propensity I'm seeing for negative traits and personalities coupled with the breeding issues is not so much a challenge but a burden that detracts from the early game experience. A new player that dives in and fails their first few attempts will either quit or more likely do some research and try again. If they then find that the game balance seems counter to their expectations frustration sets in. When you reroll the start over twenty times and see heroes presented to you time and time again with traits that are counter to their chosen profession it's it's not comical it's illogical. "Dude your a caberjack, why the heck are you and your siblings all puny, unfit intellectuals?" I wish I had more time to reroll the start 100 times and spreadsheet the starting heroes.
  5. Not trying to be negative just reporting my experience but I'm starting to get annoyed. Just quit my last play through. Two Hunter bloodlines with good fertility and acceptable traits failed to breed sustainably. Minimal losses in combat supplemented and by a recruitment within the first 20-30 years. So I sat down and just restarted over 20 times and checked the line-up each time ... Wasn't pretty. Again negative traits and personality issues outweighed the good markedly every time. Particularly annoying that so very often the starting heroes had traits that were counter to their chosen class. Puny Caberjacks, clumsy Hunters were far too common. It feels wrong as well. If these heroes have a class they were suited to you would expect them to at least have an affinity to their calling. I don't have an issue with randomness in fact it is essential to be able to work towards breeding out bad traits and getting viable bloodlines but I kinda expect that each hero should have at least one or two starting perks that play true to the class they are playing. Again, I'm not trying to min/max but I seriously only found one line-up that had one hero that had promise for a starting bloodline. I know folks have had better luck than me but sorry it truly feels off now.
  6. I don't think RNG is the issue it feels like something is broken. I played a couple of time to get a feel for things then checked out some posts for info and a couple of videos but I am personally getting quite frustrated with the bloodlines. It seems to be skewed with far too many negative traits. Once I had an idea of where I needed to focus, I attempted over a dozen restarts but I'm finding it extremely hard to get viable bloodlines. Marrying heroes with high fertility (and often the bountiful trait) is not resulting in enough usable offspring. I'm taking care to chose desirable traits and even checking siblings for undesirable recessives but I'm an just not getting the progression I need. Time and time again I end up with either not enough heroes or heroes that are lacking the traits I bred for. - I'm not trying to min max I'm just looking for workable bloodlines. - I can handle the combat even against the bulwarks with careful micromanagement. - I'm doing one research for additional heroes early in the game to bolster my roster and give me additional partner choices for my regents. - I'm keeping to 2 or 3 keeps then adding a guild. I really like the concept but the bloodline are doing my head in. Maybe it's just been a string of bad luck but sit down and restart the game a bunch of times look at your starting roster, their traits and their siblings traits. The balance seems off and even when you do get a good starting pair (traits wise) they struggle to perpetuate. Right now frustration and 'not fun' are what I'm feeling and the only thing keeping me going are the fresh concept and obvious potential.
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