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  1. Secret room

    This is going on for so long now. You guys remember the HL2 Sourcecode leak when it was in development? At this point, I woudn't be surprised if people try to infect Brandons PC. Oh man, once (if) this gets solved this will make whoever does it into an instand internet legend for me.
  2. Secret room

    Nah i dont think brute force is the way to go. I'm still curious if we are supposed to find the pass in the game or in the gamefiles. I remember i printed out the stringtables to read throw em on carrides and stuff like that, but after the first two pages i droped the idea. The chance that I will hit it is pretty low i think. i dont know much about cryptographie. But i will give it another chance for sure.
  3. Secret room

    So did you try to brute force it?
  4. Secret room

    Cool to see some new ideas here. The DDS files? What was that? ALTTP is awesome, i have to take a look at the sprites
  5. Secret room

    So we still didn't got this?
  6. Secret room

    Hmm yeah i thought so, i just put it up here so we don't miss anything. Maybe someone would reconize it and be like "oh yeah thats the old trick, there is an rar archive appended to the file". I just leech on to anything at this point because so far i have found absolutely nothing and i don't want to miss any little detail.
  7. Secret room

    Soooo \common\HacknSlash\Win\Audio\SFX\SFX_Characters.fsb contains Bob_Hell.mp3 which just dosn't fitt there. Listen to it and you will know what i mean. I couldn't find anything in it, except that it says 7.MB around the beginning of the file. Do you guys think that has to mean something or is it just a coincidence?
  8. Secret room

    I went through pretty much everysoundfile now and sadly couldn't find anything. I would have bet my ass that there would be an sstv in there somewhere. Just like RedLeader allready thought, but Bob's Song is just plain 56k noises, SSTV sounds different. To get the soundfiles use Luigi Auriemmas fsbext and the given password DFm3t4lFTW FMOD Studio can't open them. Note that some files won't play in VLC or WMP, use Audacity for example to play them back. By the way, would be awesome if we could get Luigi to take a look at this. This guy is like the game-reversing-god.
  9. Secret room

    So i managed to extract the mp3's out of the FSB files. Going throw them will take some time. Are we allowed to post these game-files here? I could pack them into an rar-archive if anyone wants to take a look at them. //Edit: Hmm okay so ReverbTemplates.fsb contains a file called Reverb_Trigger_Stub.mp3 which is a voice saying "Looks like the mail hasn't arrived yet". I don't think that's what we are looking for, i just want to have it saved on the forums here, just in case...
  10. Secret room

    just to keep you guys updated: I'm kind of tearing the game files apart right now. There is also nothing in the resources of the binary hidden that looks like a password. Just went throw the Icon-resource and i guess i'm pretty much done with the binary by now. Guess the next logical step would be decompiling the fsbanks with the found password. does anyone know how to do that?
  11. Secret room

    After the research of SmashManiac, Netrix, etc. I'm pretty sure we are supposed to find the password and not break the encryption in some way. I don't realy know much about encryption so i'm the wrong one for this stuff anyways. But i tryed my luck, maybe i would get a lucky punch on this one. So the usal reversing stuff: nothing in ntfs's alternate data stream. while looking at the binarys strings i found this one: DFm3t4lFTW turns out it's a string used in brutal legend and costume quest (both by double fine) to encrypt(?) the *.FSB files, which seem to be soundfiles used by FMOD. other then that the strings don't seem to be the right way, but i'll keep going throw it.
  12. Secret room

    did you guys stumple upon anything new?