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  1. I "read" you "JFarceur, however; I think all the Hunter class problems would sort themselves out with higher damage and accuracy. I worked really hard (too hard) to get a Trickshot with both Quick and Nimble and he did ok until the adv Twitches.
  2. My suggestions for Cadence improvements are as follows. Advanced seeds should hit substantially harder OR be impossible to hit with ranged objects "adv slippery". Like in the 10-15 range with Bone armor. Advanced Lapses should either have Eagle Eye or be able to have increased movement. Advanced Ruptures should have a ton of movement since they have no other attack or maybe make the acid apply a "sickly" to the character hit. Advanced Bulwarks should have a 80 hit points, otherwise they are fine, and I hate them so ... yeah Advanced Wrinklers are great, maybe better sight like Eagle eye. Advanced Twitchers should have a special attack that operates like log jam. Cradles....well I think Cradles are both overpowered and easy to kill. In that the Cradle seems especially vulnerable to melee attacks, maybe adjusting the armor rating upwards could improve their difficultly. Also the AI on them is a little weird. In several plays they could have easily killed a weakened vanguard member but instead produced a seed. Overall I think there should be a unique final enemy in the last battle, like a boss if you will, a combination of the Twitcher and the Bulwark or something.
  3. I couldn't agree more. I just completed my second playthrough (after many restarts) and Hunters past the Twitcher/Adv Lapse phase become only scouts. Shadowjacks and Brewalists completely outclass all other classes in overall usefulness THROUGHOUT the game.
  4. As I said in the Hunter thread. I tolerate almost no death. I save a lot, especially in battles where like 40 Twitchers are teleporting your squad into nests of death. I try not to save until year 135, as by then one battle that you lose the future of all Hunters (your good hunter) is unrecoverable.
  5. Question, (sorry if this should be a new topic) How many total wipes or near complete wipes do you allow in a total game (all the way to the endgame). I personally tolerate 0 or 1 death or I restart the battle.
  6. I finally beat the game last night and my team is all stealth, two Shadowjacks, 1 Trickshot, 1 Enforcer 1 Hunter, started the battle in the middle of level 9 with all characters. I hid the entire time lining up the perfect ambush so a shadowjack with the Ramcaber could attack and push you back, then get pelted by arrows with a last shadowjack to bounce you off something to stun you. I love this game, can't wait to see what the next playthrough will bring. I got lucky mid game with some Quick and Quick Learner combinations in the genes and it brought me all the way to the end. I did not lose a single character in the last battle.
  7. Like allow the Trickshots to aim at anything which opens up shooting the tree between two lapses. And give Enforcers more push back with their main skill.
  8. Thanks for the help folks!
  9. I have played this game for (according to Steam) 65 hours, that would be numerous restarts to get a good starting gene, and all dying at 120 years (about). So I am prepared to say I am not a great Massive Chalice player...and with that in mind.... How do you know when a Relic happens? When you find that you have one, do you then forgo the weapon researches because now you have a weapon that can level? Any advice would be helpful.
  10. I often recruit right away, then 2nd keep so I can choose from more applicants for regent.
  11. I gotta say that the Steady Hander is a far better early research tool, than the health vile.
  12. So the patch DID fix the issue. I am happily on year 100 and getting my rear kicked. I love this game and can't wait till I finally get to the endgame!
  13. I just loaded the game up and received another update, perhaps the one you referred to. I am using Steam. I will play tonight to see if the issue still exsists. The version is 0.90b.1.1.762627
  14. I should note that at year 132 I received the patch with the new hybrids and my game quickly died after that. I also have to painfully admit that I have not been able to get past year 132 without running out of heroes. This is so far how every game ends for me, I get to a point where I do not have more than 3 heroes and the Advanced Bulwarks ace my guys hardcore. All of the above is true and yet I truly love this game. Not since Final Fantasy Tactics or Fire Emblem has a game hit for me like this one. You have a great, challenging combat system coupled with a great narrative, and the art direction is unique and lovely. I love the enemies, their quirks and challenges and the genetics part is really revolutionary. My first note is the battle maps, a lot of them are made to benefit the Cadence. Like vast expanses and Bulwarks (hate/love them, so hard to kill), or lots of constricted paths and wrinklers/ruptures. It seems that others have noted that battle maps need to be more diverse. Maybe you could release a map editor and then crowdsource a map-a-thon? Seems like a great way to engage your customers. Also, I don't understand how to get/properly use Relics as I find out I have them after I have a new weapon (Thorn Bow, ect.) I wish getting one would be a bigger event ingame, harder to ignore. Lastly, I find that the first 100 years is the key to the entire game. In that first century you need to have built 3 keeps (at least) 1 Sage Guild, and a Citadel along with researching new heroes and weapons/armor and steady hander. I think this is where the true difficulty in the game is. I just started a game with the new hybrids and I got an eleven year old squad member that made my Mac crash everytime I tried to move her. I will restart and play as far as I can with the new patch material and post in this thread another walkthrough experience. Hope this was helpful to the forum.
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