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  1. What Brutal Legend really needs is funding and--once again--enthusiasm by Tim Schafer, not another developer. Brutal Legend is a masterpiece because of Double Fine and Schafer's creativity.
  2. Or to let 'em cheat by having extra fans, and exceeding the limit count on their units.
  3. To me, a custom multiplayer AI would be exciting. It can certainly be made much challenging if such altering of the game is even possible.
  4. So I used an interesting tool named Double Fine Explorer and played around in the audio files of the game. There I found a file, USEnglish_Streaming.fsb, which contains lots of voices, if not all of them, that are heard in the game, but I don't think if all of them actually are. I have played lots of multiplayer, and it was interesting to find some character voices (specially battle nuns, Doviculus, Grave Diggers, etc) saying things I had never heard from them. Now, are these some new features dedicated to the PC version of the game (since I have played a lot more on PS3 than PC), or am I just totally wrong about everything?
  5. The Oculus of the Lost, an item found in motor forges, can help you find all items including the location of Lightning Plugs. In case you don't have the DLC for the game, check out these helpful map guides published here. Also, you have to complete all hunting missions (kill a sufficient number of animals) to unlock those concept arts. And for the remaining unlocked songs, you will need to compete certain missions in the game play.
  6. I watched videos of people playing multiplayer tournaments a long time ago, and was excited to post a topic here and invite others to make a new series of matches between players. I haven't been a member in Double Fine Forums very long, and don't know how the tournaments were set up, but having another one on this Christmas holidays would be totally awesome.
  7. If you're interested in Multiplayer, then you need to play--and someone to play with.
  8. Anyone plays anymore? It's been a long time since I've had a good game. I'd be glad to know more people who still play. PSN: dudy35 Steam: TheRockGod35
  9. It was me who added you dude; I'm not sure if anyone who adds somebody else on PlayStation Network is called a hacker. I was thinking of the name Brutal Legender! It suits my attitude more.
  10. I'll add you. PSN: dudy35
  11. I'd like to battle you on my home console--PlayStation; That should be fun. Send a message and we'll schedule a time to Rock! I'm usually available every afternoon and over the weekends. Psn: dudy35 Steam: TheRockGod35
  12. Yeah, definitely good games; we gotta play more often. I unfortunately am not used to playing on PC; it doesn't feel like playing unless the controller is vibrating. I feel the game is also so slow; and the animation looks somewhat different. I'm pretty sure we can have battles with better performances on PS3.
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