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  1. Hey guys Dott is and always will be my favorite game of all time. I'm just curious about the progress. Update me please
  2. I think the game was originally perfect and instead of what I want to see I'll provide you guys with an option for the remake. I think adding too much detail might take away from the original, but I think if the remake was 2d in a 3d world, where everything is made to look specifically 2d, like in paper Mario, ( )It would be a cool effect and offer a way to make the game fit smoother for this generation of players. Just an idea but wouldn't mind feedback
  3. I'm giddy with excitement!!! I truly can't wait for this, the ability for the people I know to enjoy this game and learn what a real game is. I makes me jump for joy, and all you double fine folks over at double fine should be proud that you are given the ability to turn a truly perfect game into a game that has a chance to live on!
  4. I used to tell people DOTT was my favourite game of all time. Soon I will show them why
  5. I'm so stoked for the special edition, anyone have an idea or estimate for a release date?
  6. Legend of kyrandia 2 hand of fate, space quest 4 and teen agent I think were all fantastic....but not as good as DOTT
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