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  1. I picked this game up two days ago. I've been watching the teamstreams, but holding off buying so I wouldn't burn out on the idea before it's fleshed out enough and/or pay for another half-finished abandongame. The hybrids patch seemed proved too tempting to wait any longer, and 11 hours in I haven't regretted it for a second. Here's some feedback and impressions. Impressions: The game is beautiful. I hadn't really realized this from watching the streams, but everything from the world map to the different battle scenarios are breathtakingly vibrant and lively. I came in ready to min-max and focus on the long game plan right from the first years, but instead I got swept away by exploring the world. I laughed at the bickering of the chalice. I got surprised by the intelligence of the cadence the first time a minion ambushed me by hiding behind a rock, or got me into a trap by luring me into the range of another pack. Could anyone tire of seeing the acid spread after a rupture is killed? I was going to learn the mechanics and abuse the system but the overview map turned into a pause screen between battles. I built keeps and put my mortals in them to breed, without paying too much attention to the ones that died or what classes they had. Their experience will live on, I can use them all. Even when I started to run out of suitable mates for my regents I pushed on. I almost came to admire the cadence (except wrinklers, they can go drown in the chalice) and I watched in glee when they invaded the cold and dead halls of my sagewright's guild and murdered the only slow, asthmatic and infertile resident who spawned on the other side of the map surrounded by enemies. It wasn't before around year 160 when there hadn't been any timeline activity for a while that I realized that all the people in my keeps where either too old to have children or incapable of it due to being of the same sex. Time to restart. I'm much more careful the second time around, caring more about XP and ability to produce offspring and letting some less desirable traits go through for the sake of preserving the bloodlines. My expendables are thriving. They all seem to want to be hunters this time around, but I just found a caberjack after a battle which I'll use to grow more diversity. This time I will stay vigilant against my cadence brother, and I'll happily kill all the minions he sends at me if it means keeping mine alive. Feedback (sorry if any of these has been brought up before, I'm new to these forums): Difficulty balancing I haven't experienced the endgame yet... but so far in my playstyle the difficulty seems to be mostly stacked up front, with a little hump when cradles starts appearing before they can't one-shot guys as easily any more with the targeted shot. I'm not sure what to suggest to do about this, but it gave at least me a major restart whiplash going from cruising through the halfway+ battles back to the early game. Quicker restarts I wish I could skip more of the new game animations, but I assume some of these might be newly added and that's why they work as they do at the moment? Suggestions: - Make the first chalice discussion skippable, or add player conversation options that might affect the start situation (similar to, or bigger than, the random events) - Make the first keep battle skippable. All the other battle maps are much more beautiful (in my opinion) and the keeps are mostly interesting later when/if they get attacked. Bump up the starting XP if this is needed to get the bloodlines off to a good start. Select regent interface Is there a way to go back on your regent selection? This information probably is available if you dig for it, but I at least ended up having to adopt the policy of always saving before doing one of these due to the number of times where I'd choose someone with the best traits only to find out there was no mate who could produce offspring. Suggestion: Either show the number of available mates with a chance of producing children, or at least a warning when there is none. Battle music Is the battle music a bit buggy? It worked on the tutorial map of the first game, but then already on the second battle I thought I was in some enormous map since it never started and I kept assuming that had to mean that more than half the enemies was left. Can't recall hearing it ever since either (although I had to start playing muted pretty soon due to family reasons, so this is based on about 5 battles and might just be me not paying attention). Enemy spotted This might be mostly my stupidity, but I took the "enemy spotted" text next to a revealed mob to mean that they saw me and didn't use stealth for a long time since I didn't see the point if they always spotted me anyway. It seems clear enough that something new appears when the camera pans over, the text seemed so redundant that I assumed it meant something else even if it's pretty obvious in retrospect what's going on. Suggestion: Display "enemy spotted" as a battle cry for the player unit that comes into range instead of next to the mobs that are already shown by camera movement. Line of sight versus attack range Suggestion: Could there be an icon indicating that a mob is in range of attack from a particular square, similar to the in-view icon? It took a while to get a sense for when hunters would be in range to shoot, and not just have line of sight. Optimist / Pessimist It might be a playstyle thing, but I can't say hit chance percentages actually affect my tactical decision at all. Actual reduced or increased hit chances would affect who I bring to a battle, but after starting the battle I use the units I have in the same way wether they say they have 45% hit chance or 95%... one attack at a time, focus fire, leave crowd controllable enemy(ies) for last in case of misses and some control is needed. Schrödinger's attackrolls basically. Suggestion: What if some traits were'nt so bad by themselves, but they could have extra effects in combination with another one? For example if someone was a pessimist and a flincher there would be a risk that the nerves let him down and he fails an attack... on the other hand optimist and flincher means a less reduced evation penalty since he doesn't think they'll hit him anyway. Conclusion: I love this game, and I'd feel satisfied even if all development mysteriously stopped right now... looking forward to more updates and streams though. Thanks for showing that early access and crowdfunding actually can be done right! @Brad: your smile could make any day brighter !
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