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  1. Since the itch.io offer is over. Does somebody know if the game even requires steam to run (if not using the workshop or achievements of course)?
  2. Really? Just finished the game and was so hoping to have the possibility to pick this great song as my reward in the jukebox. There are a few Gone Jackals songs in the Jukebox but this is missing. Were there legal reasons to exclude this or is there a secret way to unlock it?
  3. I can confirm this - it's live on GOG. All this waiting and now everything is on time. That's really something!
  4. Hopefully they don't forget to update the GOG version since it already takes a bit longer until GOG releases new updates (because they have to do it manually).
  5. Oh man, really, not even Microsoft supports XP since like a year now anymore! You need a linux partition anyway for internet if you don't want to use windows 7 or 8! I would recommend Xubuntu 14.04 LTS or Lubuntu 14.04 LTS (= Long Term Support, supported until the next LTS Version), they are for free, "flavours" of the higly stable and user friendly ubuntu, easy to install, they are like SUPER light and you can try them first on a live cd ... and grim is for linux. Or try elemantary OS. It is awesome looking! But more mac like. But it is a very light OS aswell. And my absolut favorite Linux on any Pc really. Really, if you want to keep XP that is your choice, but really NO ONE have - any - reason to support you into using it, AT ALL. It is plain insecure still using it! You shouldn't even be in this forum or ANYWHERE in the internet with XP! It is risky! You are naked in the internet, for making a Lord of the Ring - quote! Cause there is NO Security support anymore for it AT ALL. Really. Get over it! Edit: You still have to check if the current "ubuntu flavour" you favor is based on the required Ubuntu Version 14.04! So ... Kubuntu, the most XP like ubutnu is out of the game at the moment. And that means you would have to wait for Elementary OS Freya (that is still not final yet) if you like that one. But Xubuntu is quite nice. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xubuntu And Lubuntu is from an OS point of view as light as it ever gets! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lubuntu (looks kinda like win 95 or 98 really beside it is the really latest and very secure linux kernel) If you don't want to use any windows from vista on, you have to double boot XP with Linux and - only- use the internet with linux, honestly! Maybe you should get over the fact that there are some people out there who prefer to use an OS they actually like regardless of the so called "risks". I am not naive and MS systems or software never were that secure (I even used IE a long time befor I finally switched to FF just because it was faster and more compatible - not because of the additional security. I don't really need that much security because I don't do online banking or such. And why shouldn't I post in forums like this while being on an unsecure system? Oh yes, someone could steal my username and post in my name - if he has fun in doing so I have no problem with it. I have two HDDs and on one runs XP on the other Win7 so I have the choice. Every time I end up with XP because I like it more. That is my choice and I do you no harm in doing so so you gain nothing from trying to change my mind. But the real question unfortunately you have not answered and the questions starts with "If I am running Win7" so this is a question you should want to answer. So I am still waiting for an answer to the question if it is enough when I have 4GB RAM installed or if I do need tpo have 4GB available to use (meaning I'd have installed more then 4GB total). If it is not enough I could not run the game anyway - on WinXP OR Win7 - that is why I was asking. And if you read my last posting carefullyyou'll see that I regret that the devs did not support OLDER SYSTEMS I am not speaking of Windows XP here but older computers in general. It is sad. In every other forum I am posting people just answering questions and I answer theirs. I am here in this forum for just a few days but all I heard was "Don't use XP" which did not help me at all.
  6. So the game does not support XP. Not officially and at the moment not at all. I think it was a wrong decision from the devs not to support older systems as well but I cannot change it. But there is still one question left which imo has not really be answered for me so I will phrase it in a way everybody should understand where my problem lies: The game requirements are 4GB. It is not mentioned if you'd also need to have those full 4GB available or if it is enough if you have them installed. As I told before I once experienced a game with requirements of 4GB RAM not running on my rig with 4GB installed because the OS takes a big part of the installed memory away. If I use Windows 7 (64GB) w/ 4GB INSTALLED and a GeForce GTX650Ti w/ 1GB RAM on an Intel Core2Duo @3Ghz could I run this game?
  7. I know of the limitations of WinXP (32Bit) hat was why I asked the question in the first place. However it is not true that any aplication would be able to use more than 3GB of RAM without adding the /3GB flag which ist not officially supported and has extreme issues. So - If you have WinXP and a game requires 3GB this could mean that you'll only be able to run it with this flag - making it possible that the game crashes. I've just experienced this with Dreamfall Chapters having installed 4GB of RAM and running out of memory. With the parameter the game crashes before launch. And now to answering the question (I really don't know why it has to be asked again everytime I write that I use WinXP) why I am using WinXP: 1) I LOVE it. I have Win7 on my second HDD and I only use it for the few games that requires it (multi boot). I hate the Win7 explorer, I hate the search function I hate that it downscales not so good as WinXP does (at least with my hardware this is the case), I hate that you are not able to turn off some of the notifications in the tray, I hate that the whole interface for me is a constant searching where to find what because it is not well thought out in my opinion, I hate the stupid search function which does not work the way I expect it to work. And yes, since I have Win7 on my other HDD I have tried it quite a bit and every time I return to WinXP as my main system. It does however have a better optimized memory management and HDD access. 2) I have many old games and nearly all of them still run on WinXP - not so with Win7. 3) Your comparision with Win 2.1. does not really work. The earlier versions of Win were nothing more then a user interface for MS-DOS so they were not really an OS at all. Other than this - just live and let live. I like WinXP you like Win7 - some even liked Vista. I am just asking if the game supports this OS or not - I don't think I have offended anybody with this question. Enough OT: The question remains: If I have installed 4GB on my system and run XP (for whatever reason) will I be able to run GF?
  8. Greg, any idea whether there's something fundamentally preventing it from running on WinXP, or whether it's just not listed because you don't offer any official support for it? I'd like to add this to the question: IF it really does run on XP AND requires 4GB does that mean that you have to have 4GB of RAM installed or 4GB of RAM usuable only for the game. Since XP (32Bit) normally does not adress more then 2GB this would be a big problem (which I have experienced running another game lately which also stated to run on XP and did only need 3GB - out of memory crashes a lot).
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