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  1. Just completed the game! Fantastic work, guys! Think this might be the best remaster yet! To be completely honest, I didn't play Full Throttle in my teenage years as much as I did some of the other LucasArts games, so my memories of it aren't as strong or cemented into my brain as DoTT was. Therefore, I was able to look at the game more on its' own terms. And it's a great game! Feels very… Fury Road actually. Since it's Nitpickers Corner, a couple of nitpicks/comments I noticed: - The cutting to black screens in between the closeups took me out of the moment sometimes. I noticed this less in DoTT because there were less closeups, but here it kind of distracts from the pacing when we have to see a black screen between each shot. - The clouds don't move in the remastered version! Seems strange that this feature only exists in classic mode. - Music looping didn't seem to be on! Particularly early on in the game, the music in the bar/Maureen's house would stop after playing and not loop. - KUDOS on recreating the 3D scenes from scratch! (?) These look wonderful in Remastered mode! - The controller shaking during the bike action scenes was a very nice addition. (I played the PS4 version.) - One time when I got knocked off my bike by a Cavefish after the shot of Ben on the group, my game froze on a black screen and I had to reload an earlier save point. - I got stuck in a walkable area on the "exploding ground." I walked upwards and to the left (about 2/3 down from the top of the screen) and couldn't walk Ben away from the area, nor double click away from the screen. - The animation on the projectionist woman was great! Comparing it to Classic Mode, I really liked the way she was designed and animated here. Weird point to focus on, I know ( ) but she seemed to stand out somehow. - I had to turn on subtitles during the chase scene at the end (when Ben was on the back of Rip's truck) as Ben's voice got drowned in the mix far too much. Can't remember if this was an issue in the original game too, but I wouldn't have minded seeing that fixed. - Also, was it my imagination or was the closeup of the "Can't Beat A Corley" image that Ripburger grips at the end redrawn into something else? I remember being able to read "Can't Beat A Corley" clearer before. Maybe I imagined this one, though! - Is "In Memory of Roy Conrad" in the credits new to this release? That was a nice touch. Might've been good to mention Hamilton Camp as well, who passed away in recent years too. Overall, very very well done, guys! I REALLY hope this remaster isn't the last one. It occurred to me upon finishing the game that this may be the last LucasArts remaster we ever get. Here's hoping you guys get the chance to remaster Curse of Monkey Island!
  2. Hello, Double Fine! So, I just finished Day of the Tentacle: Remastered for PS4. Overall, long story short, loved it, guys! You did such a great job with the remaster of this. Being as obsessed with the game as I was back in the day, I was able to play it all through in one day and I still remembered each puzzle. Still, was very much fun to revisit the game in a different light! I had some reservations about the HD art, but in game, honestly, I thought it looked beautiful to see the game in HD. It looks exactly as I remembered it, and switching back to the pixel-ised art really made me realise how much of an upgrade it actually is. I did notice one or two "oversights" with the art (i.e. the black foreground art in Red Edison's lab doesn't extend all the way to the edge of the screen), but nothing even remotely close to the visual oversights and shortcuts found in the Monkey Island Special Editions. Of the three SCUMM SE's, this is probably the best looking of them all. And that's saying a lot given that it's probably the smallest "stylistic" upgrade, since it's very faithful to the original art, and a testament to how good the art was in the original game to begin with. The music in the game is outstanding as it always was, but I really do wish we could've had live instruments in the remaster. Such a shame as I feel like this would've been the ideal time to see it, and now I think the chance for one is lost forever. I understand budgets and I understand time constraints, but if there was only one shot at upgrading this game, I would've hoped this game would've followed suit like the Monkey Island SE's did. The game's music had to be re-programmed anyway to adapt it from MIDI to digital, so I just would've hoped for some live orchestrations in there. That being said, though, the game does sound nice. The synthesised instruments still do the job, and now I've got the soundtrack stuck in my head, I just feel like live instruments would've really elevated the audio experience further. The audio quality of everything else was absolutely spot on. Loved hearing the voice acting sound as crisp and clear as other modern titles, and the new sound effects compliment the HD nicely. I actually would rather have HD quality sounds that sort of match the originals than low quality duplicate sounds that bring the overall quality down. In fact, one sound effect seemed to be left in (the "Dingaling!" sound when Dwayne gets his letter and the vacuum appears in the basement) and it actually stood out as being low quality. Wouldn't have minded seeing that one replaced. A completely geeky and minor thing, by the way, I noticed alternate takes of the lines "I said come down from there at once!" from the guard Tentacle, and Purple's "I'll be back, and next time, the world… shall be mine". Not a problem at all, it was cool to hear (could have maybe even done with hearing a few more!) Everything else seemed to be identical to the takes in the game. Kudos to the team for being able to locate them! (Also, when Bernard reads Nurse Edna the manual, her following lines seemed to drop back to low quality.) The commentary and art galleries were excellent to hear and see. I would've liked a little more commentary interspersed in there, but what we got was very interesting and insightful (I found about 15-20 mins worth). And the art gallery really highlights how great the art in the original game was to begin with. I did have a few niggles. Most of them minor but one or two that could maybe be fixed in an update, or could perhaps be quality checked for Full Throttle. First a couple of bugs (I played the PS4 version): - The music in the mansion foyer in the past (and George Washington's music) sometimes only played half the instruments, strangely. i.e. Washington's theme played the instrument and drums playing "Yankee Doodle", but not the rest of the instruments. I get the feeling there are two files of the orchestration that are supposed to play alongside each other, but only one of them did. - Two or three times, the music disappeared in the mansion foyer in the future. I had to exit the room and re-enter for it to begin. - After getting punched in the basement in the future, the music stopped for about 30 seconds to 1 minute, then started again out of nowhere. Also, the audio looping was a problem. It kind of broke the illusion to have the music randomly stop and pick up again a second later. I know it might not be fixable, but I would've hoped that there was a workaround. Can't remember any specific times when the music wasn't on queue, it all seemed in the right place for the most part, but the music gaps, while not a game breaker, did kind of make me think "ehhh" when they happened. Only final niggle was the loading times. I think it mostly had to do with when Concept Art was unlocked, but after Laverne said goodbye to Ted, I was stuck on that screen for about 30 seconds. Again, with a HD game, I guess it's kind of unavoidable, but again, kind of puts a damper on it a bit. But anyway, all nitpicks in the grand scheme of things! But to sum everything up, playing Day of the Tentacle: Remastered made me feel like I did ten years ago when I played the game for the first time. Loved rediscovering an old favourite in a new light and I can't wait to see what you guys do with Full Throttle! Honestly, I wouldn't be against you guys picking up Monkey Island 3 and 4 after this and giving them similar remaster treatments to Tentacle and Grim respectively. I know Tim Schafer didn't work directly on those projects, but I really have faith that you guys could pull them off and bring them back after seeing how well Grim and Tentacle were handled. Right now, only Monkey Island 1, 2 and Tales are available to "modern" gamers, so with the gap in the series there, I would really be hopeful that those other two games could make a comeback. So overall, thank you so much to Double Fine for handling the game with such care and love, and for bringing this game back into the spotlight as it deserves to be. Good luck with Full Throttle! -WendellFinkwinkle
  3. http://www.gog.com/game/day_of_the_tentacle_remastered March 22nd!!
  4. Yeah, I saw that, but "revoiced" music? Does that mean they've just changed the instrumentation on the MIDIs, or they've actually rerecorded with live instruments? DOTT has such a damn good soundtrack, and is really one of the last not get a live instruments upgrade. Maybe they've kept it MIDI, but reworked the instruments to sound like they're being played live.
  5. Will the games' music be re-recorded along the same lines as this performance? (Minus the few bum notes, of course!)
  6. A little trick to fake a bit more detail is by just adding some texture to the image (open the image in a new tab to see it at full size): While I am generally happy with the HD visuals, I can't really deny that some of the backgrounds look a little… unfocused and clean. And something as simple as a grain filter such as Laserschwerts' above really works wonders on the detail. Keep up the great work, guys, great to see that you guys are keeping an eye on the forums for our feedback. I think a grain filter such as above on the top of the backgrounds would be definitely worth adding. Can't wait to see how the music is handled. Is it being re-recorded digitally?
  7. First off, thank you so much for doing this, guys. DoTT was always one of my favourite LucasArts games and I'm so happy that it's been chosen for a remake. Behind Maniac Mansion, I'd say this was the one with the strongest chance of getting remade. Anyways, here are my initial thoughts... - Right at the top. A digital soundtrack. This needs to happen so badly as the soundtrack currently only exists in MIDI. If there was ever a time to do it, it's with this release. I'll be so disappointed if we don't get an orchestral DoTT score out of this release. - 1080p art in the same (or better) vain as the Monkey Island Special Editions. - Developer commentary with Tim Schafer (and others?). - Instead of switching to and from classic mode, how about DoTT: Classic Mode contained in Ed's computer in addition to (or instead of) Maniac Mansion? - Verb-coin interface ala Monkey Island 2: Special Edition. Very nice update to the verb grid and lent itself well to consoles. - Gameplay fills the widescreen without the original verb grid at the bottom of the screen (ala MI: Special Editions). We can switch between the other two playable characters using the L1 or R1 buttons on consoles. - Same voice acting clips from the original game. If the uncompressed voice files exist, you could make use of them here. DO NOT re-dub the dialogue even if no better quality audio exists. - Do not update the game's content to new audiences. It's a classic adventure game and the basic gameplay and storyline should be preserved as such. Thanks a lot, guys!
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