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  1. I had no idea this tool existed, but I'm grateful! I've always been so fond of the music in this game - ever since I was a child!
  2. + the amount of people this will take. I would sell my soul for this!
  3. I thought it might be for the hamster, but I have no reason to think the hamster needs a sweater so far, it's happily in the tank in its owner's room. The cats don't seem to need a sweater either. And I haven't seen any mice come out of the mouseholes. Maybe eventually something will come up I've still made no headway with the horse's teeth/human competition/tracker tentacle guard. And Dr. Fred won't sign the contract for the monies. And Ben is asking for something lightweight and waterproof, hmmm. You're in a happy place, relax and enjoy!
  4. I absolutely can't stand to dance, but I was dancing when I heard the music start. It's an incredibly rare and profoundly awesome feeling!
  5. There are many subtle differences only the die-hard fans would be able to pick up on. Some I like, some take some getting used to. Were they needed? Well, I'm sure the decision was made for a good reason and I have faith in that.
  6. Good review, even though I found none of those problems when I played it (and still am playing it, again and again ). But, this quote is true to the word - I cannot thank DF and Tim enough for their love and devotion to this title.
  7. I believe the old sounds are available in the options, but it I agree it doesn't feel quite right playing the new sounds with the old pixels.
  8. At first I wanted to say that they could open a kickstarter... but then I remembered that it's not their IP. But again, if they worked with Double Fine and Ron Gilbert they could. I actually approached them about the time of release of Grim Fandango and they stated that they specifically wanted that independence. They also said that progress has not ceased as I asked. I share your fears, I *really* want this project to finish.
  9. Tim has said time and time again that the only way MM could get a proper redoing would be if Ron Gilbert gets involved. I would absolutely love MM to be done exactly in the style of DOTT, but the sad reality is that without Ron this won't ever happen. Tim has also stated that all the time spent working on a sequel basically is taken away the possibility of other work being done, and there's a grave potential of not living up to what the fans truly loved about their beloved games - and such he's not particularly keen. Again, I would love these games in the style of DOTT and DOTT:RE, but the possibility is zilch.
  10. I'm rather curious if any achievements were added to MM.
  11. I do remember reading somewhere that the version included includes all the uncensored content, but it's essentially the enhanced version otherwise. Could somebody from DF confirm?
  12. All the other verbs are words of action. You want an evil verb? Try mind-control, shoot, or shrink-ray...
  13. I've got so much hype for this one, and not as much for Full Throttle, but it's still a lot!
  14. It has been stated that Linux and Mac versions will be made available shortly after release, but no date has been given as yet.
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