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  1. Oh no it only appeared when it had a page that said "which product do you want to add the moudle to?" if you get my drift - it isn't visible in the main account page it just says "Licence viewing is currently disabled due to high server load, and will return shortly." The funny thing is there are only 9,765,625 possible combinations of voucher codes. They have sold 70,962. The average price paid is more than $11 so I'd say it's safe to assume at least half the purchases have included the module, which would be in total at least 106,443 voucher codes given out. Simple maths (9,765,625/106,443) that's 1 per 91 possible codes - so if you started randomly entering digits into the Voucher Redemption Box you have a 1 in 91 chance of entering a valid voucher and receiving a message saying either "do you want to redeem the voucher" or "the voucher has already been redeemed" and a 90 in 91 chance of receiving the message "invalid voucher code". That doesn't seem like very good security to me! Perhaps they weren't expecting 71,000+ people to buy the bundle, but surely you should have a more "unique" and less prone to abuse code system!! I doubt people would actually be motivated to rort the system when the license is only $6, and it's freaking humble-bundle, but people could still be making honest errors by manually typing in the wrong code and then activating somebody else's copy. I think they should have a system less prone to user-error!
  2. I was able to see my license code when I entered the Android Export Module voucher.
  3. Well that's certainly a possibility and it would be a really smart move of them to give away these licenses so cheap if that's their plan, since it means they can up-sell to customers at a later stage. Of course they can also up-sell the other export modules to people that will need them later as well, I suspect a lot of people are going to buy those Modules when they need them (let's be honest, there's no point in buying them until you actually develop a game you might want to release on one of those platforms). I suspect they're planning on making money from Module sales from the Humble customers instead of bringing out some major new version that isn't free - after all they'd know exactly how well those Modules sell as it is. Thanks for your other post by the way!
  4. I haven't seen the terms of the license, as I understand it you get the current version of GM Pro for life (same as if you paid the full $150), plus updates to that version. I don't know whether a new "major version" would be free or not, there's no mention of this as far as I can see on YoYo.
  5. I used my mobile number - same number listed on my blog. By the way - what's the program like? Easy to use, difficult, requires a long learning curve? I'm looking forward to seeing what can be done with it for sure!
  6. Yeah I still haven't been able to redeem the Android Module. And "Licence viewing is currently disabled due to high server load, and will return shortly." So I don't even know my licence key either. But I don't mind having to wait a few days, it's not like I have some great game in mind to create. On the up side you can download any of the games in the bundle and play them right away. 10 Second Ninja for example is $10 on Steam so even if you bought the $6 bundle just for that one game you'd be saving money! Same thing with Stealth Bastard Deluxe.
  7. A developer's dream. Pay $12 and get the Android Export Module as well. Also includes up to 12 games and their source codes. What a crazy, crazy deal! Link: https://www.humblebundle.com/weekly valid for 3 more days. GameMaker Pro normally costs $150 and the Android Export Module is $300 more. So that's a $450 value before the value of the included games themselves. A 97% discount off the full price - that's crazy! Check out the Youtube comments, lol. RUiSf_iAjxg I've already bought mine! I might yet make a game one day.
  8. Yeah, well that was Lucasarts' fault for not releasing an updated version that ran on newer systems. Imagine how much revenue they would have lost from people who wanted to buy the game in the mid 00's!
  9. The complaint Nintendo had against GBA4iOS pertained only to linking to ROMs. Nintendo tried to shut down zsnes and snes9x don't forget. The idea to deliberately not support it is flawed, in my opinion. After all they support "Grim Fandango Deluxe", which is a mod which it can be argued contains the intellectual property of Lucasarts (now Disney), whereas ResidualVM does not contain their intellectual property.
  10. ResidualVM is not a problem for DF or Disney, it's just an open-source interpreter. Although I do remember the days where emulators were frowned upon by most companies, but it didn't affect their success. RVM has allowed the game to retain a user-base. Apple is WAY greedier than Microsoft, why do you think they created "apps" that have to be exclusively licensed by them for the iPhone? Or the in-app purchases that specifically target those vulnerable to addictive/gambling disorder (exactly the same way EGM's operate)? For proof read this article written by an ex-Microsoft employee in 2001 which specifically describes how operant conditioning can be used to shape a player's behaviour in order to get them to do what you want them to do (i.e. pay for in-app purchases). Or to quote directly: "There are numerous other things that influence players, but the basic patterns of consequences and rewards form the framework which enable all the rest. By understanding the fundamental patterns that underlie how players respond to what we ask of them, we can design games to bring out the kind of player we want." Oh and Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for everyone except enterprise customers who has Windows 7, 8 or 8.1. Windows XP is mothballed - support has ended. If you are unfortunate enough to be running Vista, than a later version will improve system performance significantly. There's no reason to design the game to run on OS's older than Windows 7. But with that said, I tend to agree with Open Gl 3.3 because even with Win 7/8/8.1 you still need a compatible graphics card, and if you happen to have a card that only supports 3.1 you can't run the game.
  11. Yes I have, and I agree with you about the background characters in the Blue Casket. That's a very small complaint, but yes I think they should have been re-rendered and superimposed back onto the background to better match the 3D models in the room. I think the videos look fine. Nice to see most of the MPEG artefacts gone.
  12. Okay, and that's where your argument ends. GFR isn't a remake, it's still the same game (that took 3 years to create), but with some improvements/enhancements; and finally ported to systems other than PC. For the most part the videos were re-encoded from the original renders at much higher quality and artefact-free. Are you just looking for things to complain about? So what? Academy ratio was the only valid form of theatrical exhibition up to the 1950's, at which time widescreen was invented. And in the 1980-1990's all PC monitors were 4:3. Tbh, imho you're just looking for things to criticise in this version.
  13. Yes, plenty of people. Yesterday I tested the game on a Pentium 2x 2.2 GHz computer to no avail since the graphics card I put in to test it with (a 2009 GeForce card) doesn't support OpenGL 3.3. So yeah, can't launch the game at all to switch to software rendering on that system. As I mentioned, people who don't own the original game (unlike you and I) would benefit if they find themselves unable to launch and run the remastered version. MI:SE is another kettle of fish entirely. They added voicework done pretty well, and a decent updated soundtrack, but graphics that were outsourced to another company that had no idea how to retain the style of the original. Bill Tiller said that he would have liked the opportunity to have worked on the background for MI:SE but wasn't given the chance. Then, when the game was released, they didn't give users the option to play the game with the old graphics designed by Purcell et al. and the newly done sound-work. FYI, I can confirm that the system I mentioned above plays MI:SE just fine.
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