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  1. Grim Fandango Remastered was made possible by taking the original engine codebase (written in C) and modifying it compile on modern systems for both 32-bit & 64-bit environments. A cross-platform wrapper was added to allow the original game code to interface with the target platforms, since we had to deal with newer graphics, audio and input APIs. The Lua interpreter was also modified to run in both 32-bit and 64-bit environments so the game could save & load just like it had always been (although old 1998 GF saves and new GFR saves are incompatible). Most of the Lua scripts didn't change, except for very specific cases. Additionally, there was a list of bugs that were fixed and patched into the Lua bytecode.
  2. Hey dr_frolic, The original voice recordings for DotT were only done in English and German. For Full Throttle, the original voice recordings were only for English, French, Italian and German. Other languages were supported through enabling the subtitles which you can do in the Remastered versions through the settings menu. Sorry if this has caused any inconvenience.
  3. The game does support the feature to Cross-Save between PS4 & PSVita. First, you need to have your PSN account set up on both devices. Next, you need to be signed into PSN (+ connected to the internet) when saving your game in a save slot (Autosave counts as well). When connected to PSN, every time you save it will upload a copy to the cloud. Lastly, you can go on a different device (also connected to PSN + the internet) and select [Load Game] through the main menu. The game should appear in the save slot that you had saved previously. Upon loading that slot, it will notify you if you need to download or resolve any conflict with the save slot.
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