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  1. Did developers have problems with updating it? Double Fine even released it on GOG with special promo, I hope it's not them ignoring GOG now.
  2. Thanks for the update Cheeseness! I'm waiting for the Linux version
  3. Was it updated on GOG? I'm waiting for the Linux version, but delays with updates isn't a good sign.
  4. I tried running Psychonauts recently for the first time, and noticed that Linux version is 32-bit. It's unfortunately affected by the infamous "missing LFS support" bug. I.e. it was built without -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 See here. Is it possible for you to fix it? It's a rather trivial change, and would be a good housekeeping.
  5. Do you consider ever making a sequel to Full Throttle? Previous attempts didn't materialize, but I'd like it quite a lot.
  6. Remaster is great, but what about a sequel?
  7. Will it come out for Linux like your other games?
  8. Thanks, I just want developers to confirm it, since actual campaign doesn't say anything about it.
  9. Thanks. Do you mean you plan to release it on GOG in general, or backers actually would have an option to get their reward (the game) through GOG when it will be released?
  10. I registered on Fig, but couldn't find any way to send a message to developers, so posting it here. I'm interested in backing the game, but I'd rather get the DRM-free version on GOG instead of Humble Bundle. Can you please add GOG as an option? It shouldn't be an issue on their side. Thanks.
  11. Is the soundtrack going to be released on GOG or Bandcamp? And why would Disney (or whoever owns the rights on the music) would suddenly oppose releasing it in FLAC?
  12. New Intel GPUs are much better these days. Not on par with Nvidia and AMD, but enough for middle/low settings of many games.
  13. Do you plan to release any bug fixes for this in the future, or you are done with this game?
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