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  1. I hope the same developers that did the monkey island special editions takes on DOTT special edition since they did a good job although they messed up guybrush and made him look like the later games version instead of small and stumpy. Was it double fine that did them remasters or not? If not why didnt they? If doublefine is just doing what they did with grim as in adding so little and not bothering to redraw it all in hd like monkey island special edition games were remastered then i feel for what will happen to DOTT as it might just be a upres with pixelated artifacted art that hasnt been redone and wont look any better in a higher res like 1080p and maybe add shadows and retouch the music and voice overs. If so i would be disappointed like i was with grim as i wanted all new hd art tho the exact same just cleaner. But we didnt get it.
  2. I dunno the budget or time allowance for it but i have to admit that the remaster of gearboxs acquired ip Homeworld which has 2 games looks alot more remastered than grim fandango. They had similar time frames too. I wonder why they didnt redo all the art in hd including cutscenes and backgrounds. GBX did for homeworld and it is a faithful remaster so just the gfx were updated to modern standards and bug fixes from the old versions. Why couldn't Doublefine do a full remaster with grim? Gbx had a very small team too. Mainly tho regardless of the comparison of remastering between games. I like the hd versions of the characters even tho i wish they remodeled them so they looked better with higher poly counts and fixed the bodies and animations i.e glottis arm in the garage for example clips through parts and etc. I like the new audio its great. Lighting is nice too. Rest of it is stock, the backgrounds wernt redone in hd the cutscenes which were suppose to be better looking cos of modern codecs etc still dont look very good as in pixelation and banding. I mean some videos are 1 meg. I cant call that uncompressed with a good codec and rerendered from 16bit to 32bit. Even if they didnt redo the backgrounds they could have fixed the artifacts and pixelation on all the rooms. To me it feels like a minimalistic remaster not a full remaster and not spending enough to redo what needed to be done. Also the save games. I wish it autosaved which i think it used to before but doesnt now, i was in petrified forest i was engrossed into it and ended up getting to the part where you start life in a casino. The custscene crashed and duno if i cba to replayed all that i just done. I love grim as much as anyone but im gona nitpick as i feel i need to. Sorry for the vent but im a big fan of the game and just am a little disgruntled with what we got and now the bugs are coming up.
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