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  1. For me it is difficult to decide which one is my favorite (even though I chose Meche to represent me here). All of the characters have some pretty strong personality traits that make them so special. For instance, I love how Glottis is so innocent, Lupe is so vivid, Salvador is so decided, Eva is so sarcastic, Domino is so ambitious, Nick is so arrogant, and even Lola seems so sweet... I like all of the characters for a single reason: they are unique.
  2. Oh, I see... I didn't know we could talk to Max before the kiss. So this change things. Maybe Max was just trying to impress Olivia with the cat thing. There was an accident, and Olivia was just waiting for a sign to start officially dating Max. She didn't want to look like a gold digger, so the accident was a perfect excuse for her to start dating a wealthy man. He made a surprise, it didn't work out, but she accepted him anyway. Sounds like a plan to me...
  3. For me the passage of time was always in relation to this huge mural right above the saving boxes that begins to gain some light as the game progresses.
  4. Manny talks to Maximino after seeing Olivia kissing Nick. He knows Olivia is not faitful to Max, so he was being sarcastic. I don't know how he says this line in English, but in Portuguese it is a tone of voice of someone saying something like "yeah, you are her boyfriend, but everybody knows she's cheating on you, so I'm quite surprised you're still on this track."
  5. I think what you said about the differences between Broken Age and Grim Fandango are totally accurate and I feel the exact same way as you when the puzzles are too difficult. The first time I played Grim Fandango was in 1999. Back then I didn't have internet or anything to help me when I was stuck. I remember my frustration with El Marrow and I even stopped playing for a couple of months. So I found a magazine that had some tips like the one I gave you, it helped a lot! Grim Fandango has some very intelligent puzzles and now that I finished it thousands of times, I feel a connection that I've never felt with a game before. For me every one of the characters is like a friend of mine, the places are so remarkable... I love this game and I hope you have a magical experience like I had back in the old days. If you need help, I'll be here And thank you for sharing your experience with the game so far.
  6. Just a little tip to make things simple: a pigeon is eating bread and its beak accidentally popped a balloon... What do you think is gonna happen?
  7. Yeah, you're right... I have no more ideas about how to ignore this plot hole. But I still love the game so much. It's a masterpiece with a little flaw.
  8. The background sure looks very nice, but I don't know... Something's missing. I think it looks too polished, Grim Fandango has more of a cartoonish look.
  9. I had the same thought yesterday. Toto knew Naranja was there, he was talking to Velasco the whole time. It is indeed a plot hole since the first version of the game. I tried to pretend that Toto was talking with someone else when I saw him on the phone the second time... It was the only "logical" solution for me.
  10. And this is one more thing I didn't know about. I had to check on YouTube hahaha
  11. I'm not a fan of tank controls, I'm a fan of achievements. I just want to complete the achievement and then play with the new and magnificent point and click. I'm sure I'm gonna love it too.
  12. I couldn't agree more. I don't think there's something more to develop in the storyline. "Nobody knows what's gonna happen at the end of the line"... And nobody needs to know. It's a perfect ending. Maybe a philosofical one too. I'm afraid a sequel would spoil it.
  13. I finished Grim Fandango Remastered a few hours ago and I'm so thankful to Steam... The achievement "Me! Me! Me!" was such a discovery for me! hahaha I played this game like a million times when I was a child (and with great difficulty when I was a teen and needed a thousand patches) and I had no clue about the bee's song! I searched online and laughed so hard when I completed the achievement. This game is so amazing that even after so many years, there was still things for me to discover. Now I want to know if I'm the only one that was surprised about one of the achievements...
  14. I just realized that forgot to enable it at first... I played a little bit with the camera option, that's why I didn't get the achievement in the end. I'm gonna try again (I love this game, so it's not a problem haha). Do I have to enable tank controls every time that I start a new game? I'm glad to know that mouse movement is not a problem. I was so paranoid that I unplugged my mouse hahaha Thank you
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