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  1. I always buy on release. Hopefully DoubleFine get a worthwhile cheque for putting it on PSN.
  2. Sweet, I want to tell everyone I know who have not played to experience this game. It's a lot easier to convince when free !
  3. I thought the remaster was great. Glad it is preserved now in a great form PS4 / PC. I hope the game was profitable? Maybe similar adventure games in the future. I've never played Full Throttle so I'm looking forward to that one also.
  4. Do a kickstarter for a sequel. I'm sure it would get funded.
  5. Two possible bugs.

  6. Two possible bugs.

    The concept art bug is below. I set up a new user on my PS4. I had trouble trying to erase the current DOTT save data, deleted from app storage data and the cloud but it still remembered it somehow !. Even reinstalled it and it found my save data? Example 1 - Near completion of the game. After the ending credits, the art gets wiped. Nearing completion, I pause and view the current art (already missing a lot). I then resume the game. After the end credits, back in the menu and all the art is gone. Example 2 - New game shows the first three concept arts vanishing. New user, new game, no load slots. Do the first bit and I see the first auto save. Check My art and it correctly shows 1,2 & 3. (49 and some above get pulled in strangely). Close DOTT application. Reload the autosave and arts 1,2 & 3 are gone.
  7. I've recently completed this excellent remaster. Very impressed and amazed at the final product. I was so happy to play through again and did it without checking a walk through. Now that I've completed it, my artwork seems to have vanished. Has this happened to anyone else? I've also seem to have completed the game without washing the old carriage with Hoagie and causing a storm. I'm sure I did not do this. Ignore this Hoagie thing for now I probably forgot I did it.
  8. Came across this company who do limited runs of games. Would love to get a physical release of DOTT. https://limited-run-games.myshopify.com/
  9. Questions for the DoTT Remastered Team

    I do think you guys can be a bit too picky sometimes. Overall I am really pleased with how the art turned out. It was how I remembered it in my head. Only thing that has really stood out was Bernard's big nose. Good effort ShyguyXXL. I do prefer the hair on the Remastered. It seems a bit too nerdy, even for Bernard. The stair case stepping is too sharp, cut with a set square.
  10. I have an audio bug on PS4. I was walking around Present time upstairs, when I came back down a noise was looping. I've captured a video. 90_YayotfoE
  11. Hope there's more. I love these documentaries guys ! LjF4eMrYfG0
  12. New Previews

    KGjKBMvhaL0 IGN xFVoIVfmXaA Eb3irZScXcs
  13. Questions for the DoTT Remastered Team

    Now that this is pretty much complete, any chance of a peek at the Singapore version assets. For history purposes . No doubt Double Fines is the best but I would love to see what may have happened.
  14. It would be a mistake to add in animation. I would say the animation in DOTT is better than this new game. -oBUqNJpuFs
  15. I like the animation how it is. Not everything has smooth animation. Check out them new Guilty Gear japanese fighting games, they are like a slide show. I'm glad Double Fine are keeping it as close to the original as possible.